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Shut It Down

Playing to his conservative base at the Phoenix rally, President Trump threatened to shut down the government unless funding is included by Congress to build the border wall he campaigned on, and with the recent departure of Steve Bannon, widely … Continue reading

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Sending a Message

The left’s recent jihad against a bunch of moldy old Confederate statues no one has paid any attention to for a century has nothing to do with social justice or erasing racism and everything with sending a message to President … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

Saturday’s event in Charlottesville, Virginia was shameful on several levels, especially that aspect where Virginia churches allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the left in their drive to abridge free speech in America.

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Process Driven

President Trump recently criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s inability to repeal Obamacare on Twitter, and McConnell’s response said a lot about what’s wrong with the current state of American politics.

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Primary Effects

With its failure to repeal Obamacare despite being controlled by the GOP, President Trump has revealed Congress to be an obstacle to his promise to Make America Great Again leaving Americans with no doubt that establishment Republicans in Congress are … Continue reading

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