Anatomy of a Smear

Seeing all their nefarious power slipping away with the nomination of conservative jurist Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Democrats and their snowflake acolytes are wailing and gnashing their teeth in a pathetic display of childish petulance unable to stop the inevitable erosion of their control over federal institutions, and now liberal California Senator Diane Feinstein, in a bid to increase her liberal credentials in a party now hijacked by radical communist liberals that looks down on her, pulls her own October surprise by springing a last-minute accuser to throw Kavanaugh’s nomination process into chaos and stall for time hoping that support for Kavanaugh eventually falls away. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Expansions

It was the worst of times, and then it was the better of times as America transitioned from the mediocre, grudging, inwardly focused expansion of the overregulated and overtaxed Obama administration to the heady, enthusiastic, consumer-driven expansion of the Trump administration utilizing its magic wand of deregulation and tax cuts to fuel an exciting economic expansion lifting the boats of all Americans. Continue reading

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Pathetic Embarrassment

In their attempts to derail the inevitable confirmation of imminently qualified jurist Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats have become a pathetic embarrassment by elevating the low-class antics of street protest to the Senate chambers. Continue reading

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Treacherous Biased Media

The release this week of off-the-record comments made by President Trump to Bloomberg journalists concerning sensitive details of the ongoing trade negotiations with Canada and widely disseminated by the biased lefty media goes way beyond merely hurting President Trump in scuttling trade negotiations whose outcome is of great importance to American workers unfairly suffering from past poor trade deals. Continue reading

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Accommodating Evil

The Catholic Church accommodated evil in allowing a homosexual subculture to become established and thrive within the church under the protection of church leaders extending all the way up to Pope Francis who has now been accused by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former Vatican Ambassador to the United States, of being told about the sexual abuse allegations against former Washington, D.C. Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, who resigned last month for corrupting generations of seminarians and priests, leaving the church’s reputation in tatters and sowing doubt in millions. Continue reading

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White Nationalism

The Democrats created identity politics to pit minority groups against whites, thus ensuring that white Americans became the only group it was politically correct to be racist against all while claiming it was impossible for whites to experience racism because of their whiteness, but now Democrats complain that aggrieved white Americans are beginning to push back against their racism to identify with white nationalism dedicated to promoting the interests of whites in the world of Democrat identity politics. Continue reading

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Losing Our Way

As a society, we in America have strayed precariously far away from the principles of the Founders and are in danger of losing our way to the detriment of our standard of living and way of life. Continue reading

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