Hate Crimes Censorship

Hate crimes laws are nothing more than censorship applied to Americans to stymie debate on controversial agenda items of the left such as Islamic terrorism and open borders. Continue reading

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Deep State Praetorian Guard

Much like the ancient Roman Praetorian Guard went from serving the personal protection needs of the emperor to becoming the arbiters of Roman imperial power to serve their own interests, the American Deep State has morphed from serving the needs of the country to protecting its own power through the selection of leaders favorable to its interests. Continue reading

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Leftist Anarchy

The recent attack by a disgruntled radical leftist on Republican congressmen practicing for the annual congressional baseball game highlights the insanity of the left and the attitude of leftists to resort to violence when their radical agenda is rejected by the people. Continue reading

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Terrorism Is Now the Issue

As much as British Prime Minister Teresa May tried to make the recent snap election a referendum on her ability to favorably negotiate Brexit, the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in London crystalized the issue of terrorism as the primary concern of British voters who were not willing to turn Great Britain over to a raving socialist but were wanting to send May a message that she is ignoring the terrorism issue at her own peril. Continue reading

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Financial Responsibility

It has become a frequent government spectacle that fiscally irresponsible Big Government Democrats and establishment Republicans decry gloom and doom whenever fiscally responsible conservatives demand that the government live within its means by reducing the automatic spending increases mandated by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. Continue reading

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Tolerating the Intolerable

It is well past the time that America should stop tolerating the intolerable and refuse to be intimidated any longer by Islamic terrorist front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) working furiously to distract attention away from the Islamic intolerance of America with the phony narrative of American intolerance of Islam. Continue reading

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Erasing History

The erasing of history is a characteristic of leftist totalitarian dictatorships used to reprogram their people much like computer memory is erased prior to reprogramming, and the intolerant left continues its march to erase American history by attacking Southern heritage with the removal of Confederate monuments scattered across the South. Continue reading

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