Progressive Polarization

Progressives applying the communist theory of economic contradictions to the social sphere have for decades confounded conservatives who have been unable to articulate an effective strategy to counter progressive polarization built upon emotional appeals which resonate far more effectively with Americans than appeals based on logic and reasoning. Continue reading

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The sad revelation that conservative titan Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer prompted grief among conservatives who have grown accustomed to his witty broadcasts in which he famously ties one half of his brain behind his back to make it fair for liberals, and was met with totally classless expressions of schadenfreude from giggling liberals celebrating the suffering of a man who has caused them endless amounts of grief over the decades. Continue reading

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Democrat Clown Show

Democrats suffered through an excruciating week brought on entirely by their own actions as Monday saw the humiliation of the Iowa Caucus debacle, Tuesday revealed the petulance of Democrats refusing to acknowledge President Trump’s successes benefiting working class Americans during his State of the Union address, and Wednesday’s acquittal in the Senate over the bogus Ukrainian Hoax impeachment charges unveiling the deep seated hatred of Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome as the Democrat clown show marches on. Continue reading

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Foaming at the Mouth

Democrats are in full meltdown mode and foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs as their Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks into overdrive with President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate over the bogus charges stemming from the Ukraine Hoax that has cost taxpayers millions and exposed the hatred of President Trump’s vast array of Deep State enemies, globalist socialists, and establishment Republicans. Continue reading

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Davos Pushback

President Trump’s speech at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland pushed back against the doom and gloom of the globalist crowd seeking to erase nationalism in favor of a global capitalist class by reminding attendees of the blue collar economic boom occurring in America thanks to Trump’s America First policies benefiting working class Americans. Continue reading

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Driving Old Dixie Down

Hoping to erase their past support of slavery and segregation, Democrats have been engaged in a shameful attempt to remove Confederate memorials across the South which Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is hijacking with his newfound support for gun control to shift attention away from his racist college blackface photos and participation in KKK-themed fraternity events. Continue reading

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The Iranians Fess Up

The Iranian leadership finally fessed up today that they had indeed shot down the Ukrainian Airlines passenger jet in their bombastic response to President Trump’s drone strike taking out Major General Qassem Soleimani. Continue reading

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