Unmanageable Government

The federal government has grown to the point where it has become unwieldy and unmanageable as Congress is no longer able to provide sufficient oversight and the Executive Branch contains Deep State elements actually working to undermine the president while bureaucrats waste billions of dollars with no one the wiser and an arrogance suggesting their entitlement to do so. Continue reading

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Deep State Blues

Release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Memo has confirmed what millions of Americans have long suspected and snowflakes have long feared concerning the Deep State effort to undermine President Trump. Continue reading

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Americans Are Dreamers Too

President Trump delivered a passionate and inspiring State of the Union address in which he reached across the aisle inviting Democrats to work with him in addressing the pressing issues of crumbling infrastructure and immigration reform, yet all Democrats could manage was to show their disdain for America and signal their opposition to any initiative backed by the Trump administration. Continue reading

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Dreamer Dilemma

President Trump has proposed a path to citizenship for some 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought here by the Obama administration as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to the consternation of conservatives, but in exchange for fundamental transformation of the immigration system from a family-based admissions system to a merit-based admissions system. Continue reading

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Schumer Shutdown

New York Democrat Senator Charles Schumer’s insistence as Senate Minority Leader on holding the House Continuing Resolution bill hostage over amnesty for the 3.6 million illegal aliens imported by the Obama administration as children under the DACA program rightly earns this unnecessary government closure the colorful moniker of being the “Schumer Shutdown.”

Continue reading

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Shithole Immigrants

Whether he actually said it or not, President Trump is absolutely correct to ask why it’s in America’s best interests to allow immigrants having nothing to offer from shithole countries into America just because they wish to escape their own miserable circumstances. Continue reading

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2018 Outlook

2018 promises to be an outstanding year for conservatives as President Trump’s agenda kicks in to Make America Great Again, but snowflakes are in for a dismal year as their pathetic attempts to smear President Trump unravel and come back to haunt the lefties in the Deep State who orchestrated them. Continue reading

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