About What I Expected

Despite all the bluster of the establishment vaingloriously attempting to derail Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and return to that time when they were firmly in charge of the GOP, the Republican convention went about as I expected with bold opening talk, backroom skullduggery, and delegates who swung into line to jump on the bandwagon realizing the inevitable that Donald Trump is, despite the establishment’s ire, the GOP’s best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton for president, capped off by the last-minute petulant whining of a defeated adversary. Continue reading

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The Internal Struggle

There is an ongoing struggle within Islam between the radicals wanting to emphasize Islam’s beginnings as an ideology of conquest to bolster their control and those moderates who see Islam as a religious ideology with great life teachings. Continue reading

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Denying the Obvious

Donald Trump is surging in popularity with the electorate because the Obama administration, the progressives, and Hillary Clinton continue denying the obvious reality of Islamic terrorism despite the recent attack in Nice, France coming as the next in a long series of Islamic terrorist attacks against the West that is painfully obvious to Americans. Continue reading

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Undermining the Rule of Law

The recent decision by Obama administration officials to recommend no charges against Hillary Clinton for her flagrant violations of national security laws along with the recent targeted attacks against police which have resulted in numerous officer killings underscores the progressive agenda of undermining the rule of law to further destabilize American society. Continue reading

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Globalist Defeat

Globalists suffered a major defeat with Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union despite overwhelming government and media support for the Remain campaign including dire predictions from the wealthy elites concerning economic collapse. Continue reading

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Islamic Terrorist Deniers

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to release edited transcripts of the 911 call Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen’s 911 made during his Pulse nightclub attack is absolutely ridiculous and demonstrates just how unwilling this corrupt administration is to admit that Islamic terrorism exists and is exploding in America from the million Muslims President Obama has ushered into this country. Continue reading

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Like It Never Happened

Progressives have busied themselves demanding the removal of Confederate flags and war memorials which serves the dual purposes of facilitating their historical revisionism and distracting voters from their destructive racial political agenda. Continue reading

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