Calling Out Iran

By refusing to recertify the atrocious Iran nuclear deal, President Trump called out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism while refusing to be bullied by threats from the Iranian leadership, and he dumped another mess in the lap of Congress to once again highlight the inability and unwillingness of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment to address another Obama administration failure. Continue reading

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During their drive to force Americans into accepting lefty political posturing as part of their viewing experience, the NFL ran headfirst into President Trump who forced a fumble and gained possession of the ball in a badly flawed play that resulted in a turnover. Continue reading

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Dreamers & Schemers

On this Columbus Day, let us give a nod to the dreamers and schemers of history such as Chris who managed to convince others to back their counterintuitive ideas which have led to great discoveries and advancements in mankind’s standard of living. Continue reading

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Psycho Liberal

The deadly shooting spree perpetrated by Stephen Paddock into the Harvest Festival country music concert venue in Las Vegas this week is just the latest example of another snowflake liberal unable to cope with America’s rejection of the regressive agenda becoming unhinged, with the difference being that Paddock’s psychotic meltdown resulted in carnage as he sought to target what he believed to be a conservative crowd to vent his political frustration. Continue reading

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Taking a Knee

There was a time in sports when taking a knee universally meant the team was about to enter into solemn prayer to entreat the Lord for victory on the field, but those days are long past as evident from the shameful disrespect NFL players are displaying towards America by taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest a country in which they are paid millions to play a game. Continue reading

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Musings on the Week of September 23

It has been an interesting week, and I’ve had a few thoughts on the events currently unfolding around the world. Continue reading

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Repeal Means Repeal

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy has offered the intransigent Senate leadership an Obamacare replacement bill being sold to the public as a repeal of Obamacare when it actually merely replaces the Obamacare Medicaid portion with state block grants, all while miscalculating that the TEA Party conservative base doesn’t really believe repeal means repeal. Continue reading

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