The Pharisees Stand Accused

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at prominent liberals such as Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, along with the left being forced to confront Bill Clinton’s past through Juanita Broaddrick’s unrelenting campaign to make the public aware of Clinton raping her when he was Attorney General of Arkansas, has the Pharisees of the left standing accused of the very crimes of which they’ve always so condemned conservatives in mock fits of moral outrage. Continue reading

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Identity Politics

The regressive adherence to identity politics has progressed to the point where the demands of lefty groups are coming into conflict with one another, and the entire exercise has destroyed the civil discourse of American society as desperate snowflakes become unhinged and lash out violently towards conservatives after having absorbed the identity politics dogma of the Democrats. Continue reading

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What Goes Around

Democrat dirty tricks intended to smear Donald Trump are coming back to haunt the DNC and Hillary Clinton as proof is finally uncovered revealing that the DNC and Clinton conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, but the real question is why the media is finally allowing this information to reach the public in the first place. Continue reading

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Coming Apart at the Seams

The European Union is coming apart at the seams as Europeans across the continent flock to independence movements and conservative parties frustrated by European establishment demands for open borders and unlimited immigration which is overwhelming the social fabric with Muslims unwilling to assimilate and spiking crime rates. Continue reading

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Calling Out Iran

By refusing to recertify the atrocious Iran nuclear deal, President Trump called out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism while refusing to be bullied by threats from the Iranian leadership, and he dumped another mess in the lap of Congress to once again highlight the inability and unwillingness of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment to address another Obama administration failure. Continue reading

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During their drive to force Americans into accepting lefty political posturing as part of their viewing experience, the NFL ran headfirst into President Trump who forced a fumble and gained possession of the ball in a badly flawed play that resulted in a turnover. Continue reading

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Dreamers & Schemers

On this Columbus Day, let us give a nod to the dreamers and schemers of history such as Chris who managed to convince others to back their counterintuitive ideas which have led to great discoveries and advancements in mankind’s standard of living. Continue reading

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