See Something, Say Something, Do Nothing

Tacitly admitting their inability to protect Americans from deadly attacks, whether they be from Islamic terrorists or the mentally unhinged, government and law enforcement officials began a campaign to turn America into a version of East Germany with Americans informants acting as a home grown version of the Stasi reporting suspicious details about their fellow Americans under the guise of improving public safety. Continue reading

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Aggressive Diplomacy

For decades, the hardline aggressive diplomacy marking America’s stance in the Cold War has been steadily eroded until it has become nothing more than a flaccid exercise in apology in the childish hope that other nations would suddenly come to love America if she only demonstrated humility with the result that America’s political establishment has lost the ability to present an aggressive stance towards an aggressive foe and is shocked that President Trump is bringing North Korea to heel with his aggressiveness. Continue reading

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Cultural Appeasement

In the wake of a tragedy, we once again see the left piously demand companies disassociate themselves from a group having nothing to do with the actual tragic event in a fit of opportunism seeking to politically exploit the tragedy to advance its agenda of destruction, and even worse, we once again watch many of these targeted companies obsequiously cave to their demands having learned nothing from past applications of the left’s politics of cultural appeasement. Continue reading

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A Good and Faithful Servant

America lost its pastor this week as the Reverend Billy Graham was called home to take up his well-deserved place of honor in Heaven. Continue reading

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Neither the Ability nor the Desire

As the truth slowly leaks out about the events surrounding the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it is painfully obvious that government has neither the ability nor the desire to protect us, yet the gun control lobby continues to insist guns are the problem even as they laughably insist that personal protection should be the exclusive province of law enforcement while politicizing high school students to push their false narrative. Continue reading

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for election tampering is vindication for President Trump and his transition team as Mueller indicated that no Americans were ‘knowing participants.’ Continue reading

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Coddling Adolescents

This week’s school shooting in Florida has prompted the usual cries for gun control from the lefty communist crowd seeking to disarm Americans to smooth their path to totalitarian control, but the real problem lies in the left’s decades long obsession with extending adolescence and coddling these grown children far past the time for them to grow up and assume responsibility as adults. Continue reading

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