Repeal Means Repeal

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy has offered the intransigent Senate leadership an Obamacare replacement bill being sold to the public as a repeal of Obamacare when it actually merely replaces the Obamacare Medicaid portion with state block grants, all while miscalculating that the TEA Party conservative base doesn’t really believe repeal means repeal. Continue reading

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The Red Pill

The recent propensity to violence being unleashed by the radical far left regressives tapping into their inner communist totalitarian under the banner of the Antifa has shocked a significant portion of the less radical left into reassessing their allegiance to a political movement advocating violence to strip the rights that these less radical liberals have used to their benefit in the past with many of them choosing the red pill to check their reality and move to more conservative positions. Continue reading

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Shot Across the Bow

President Trump’s recent pivot towards congressional Democrats to ratify a three-month extension to the debt ceiling signals a shot across the bow of the establishment congressional Republican leadership intent on sabotaging his agenda through procedural intransigence that he will work with whichever group can move legislation forward. Continue reading

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Crisis Opportunity

The waters haven’t even begun receding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey and already big government politicians are calling for the imposition of zoning laws in a city famous for rejecting them at the polls with the implication that the lack of zoning laws was responsible for the devastating flooding accompanying the storm. Continue reading

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Shut It Down

Playing to his conservative base at the Phoenix rally, President Trump threatened to shut down the government unless funding is included by Congress to build the border wall he campaigned on, and with the recent departure of Steve Bannon, widely viewed as protecting conservative interests in the Trump administration, nothing would rally the base more and do as much to calm their anxiety than to fulfill this pledge to shut it down. Continue reading

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Sending a Message

The left’s recent jihad against a bunch of moldy old Confederate statues no one has paid any attention to for a century has nothing to do with social justice or erasing racism and everything with sending a message to President Trump’s supporters to remind them how little control they actually have. Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

Saturday’s event in Charlottesville, Virginia was shameful on several levels, especially that aspect where Virginia churches allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the left in their drive to abridge free speech in America. Continue reading

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