Devouring Their Own

Now that the Mueller Report has debunked the Russian Collusion Hoax and public opinion has shifted towards belief that the entire episode was created to spy on the Trump campaign, those in the Obama administration responsible for perpetrating this fraud through their criminal conspiracy with members of the Clinton campaign in an effort to rig the election for Hillary are scrambling to point the finger at each other in a futile effort to avoid the looming consequences awaiting them from Trump administration officials determined to prosecute them for their abuse of government power in an effort to restore public confidence in the agencies they’ve so tarnished with their partisan actions. Continue reading

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Rejecting the Establishment

A revolution is underway pitting the establishment political class seeking to manage the slow decline of America against TEA Party conservatives and President Trump seeking to Make America Great Again with the America people rejecting the notion of a managed American decline in favor of rebuilding America through rejection of the socialist policies favored by the establishment political class of swamp creatures which has inhabited DC for the past fifty plus years. Continue reading

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Democrats Digging a Hole

In refusing to drop their fanatical adherence to the Russian collusion hoax fabricated by Hillary Clinton to explain her poor campaign, Democrats and Never Trumpers have outed themselves as lunatics out to get Trump at all costs, even if it means burning down the country in the process, as they continue digging a hole for themselves in the looming 2020 election cycle. Continue reading

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No Party for Old White Men

By finally throwing his hat into the ring for the 2020 Democrat nomination, Joe Biden failed to heed the warnings by those in the party that this is not the year for an old white guy with a checkered past to upset their plans to nominate a woman of color no matter how good his prospects might be at competing viably with President Trump in the general election. Continue reading

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The Decline of European Christianity

The tragic fire which swept through the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris this week serves as a metaphor to illustrate the larger issue of the decline of Christianity in Europe. Continue reading

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Silk Ties That Bind

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the Silk Road Initiative, has ensnared an increasing number of third world countries which have realized too late the treacherous downside to China’s uncharacteristic benevolence as the promise of loans to rebuild infrastructure have turned into demands for sovereign assets in lieu of repayment. Continue reading

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Border Shock

The border emergency that President Trump declared and Democrats denied has reached a point of crisis that not even the most diehard Democrat can plausibly deny with some places seeing over ten thousand illegal immigrants crossing in a single day and far outstripping the ability of Border Patrol agents to accommodate these numbers given their limited resources. Continue reading

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