Press Play

The media is intentionally directing the presidential candidates away from discussion of the serious issues America faces in the hopes that voters distracted by their biased sleight of hand will keep their establishment masters entrenched in power. Continue reading

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Boehner Reality Check

The sudden resignation of establishment Republican House Speaker John Boehner yesterday reflects the realization that there was no way he could placate conservatives by defunding Planned Parenthood and keep the government open by placating the progressives determined to fund its evil at all costs. Continue reading

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The Anti-Establishment Election

Disgusted by an establishment which has wrecked the country, marginalized the voice of the people, and promoted timid conformity that elevates mediocrity, Americans are showing their disdain by rejecting the handpicked establishment candidates of both parties in favor of outsiders whom they hope will destroy the establishment and introduce a fresh political perspective. Continue reading

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Persecution of Christianity

With the jailing of Rowan County Kentucky Clerk of Court Kim Davis for refusing to compromise her Christian beliefs to issue same sex marriage licenses, the progressive left’s covert war on Christianity is now fully out in the open for all to see. Continue reading

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Eternal Sins

In their war on Christianity, the progressives are committing the eternal and unforgivable sins of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, apostasy in their rejection of Christianity, and heresy in their promotion of secular humanism as its replacement. Continue reading

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Black Friday

Yesterday’s stunning stock market drop signals that the looming world financial crisis everyone has predicted for months has finally arrived with a vengeance. Continue reading

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The Next War

America is already under attack in its next war, and most Americans don’t even realize this fact because they are distracted by the previous and ongoing war against Islamic terrorism. Continue reading

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