Slaying the Bureaucratic Hydra

President Donald Trump is moving swiftly to keep his campaign promise of regulatory relief for American business despite the efforts of the entrenched bureaucracy, and his latest Executive Order to place regulatory reform task forces inside every federal agency is an inspired move to embed the reformers as moles inside the entrenched bureaucracy. Continue reading

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Organizing for Anarchy

As many of us have warned, former president Barack Obama never had any intention of going quietly into the night after his term in office, and he has returned to his community organizer roots as head of Organizing for Action with its 30,000-plus collection of anarchists controlled from some 250 field offices scattered across the country working to sow chaos as they attempt to thwart President Trump’s efforts to roll back Obama’s radical regressive policies with full-scale riots, resistance, and even bureaucratic subversion to undermine President Trump as head of the Executive Branch. Continue reading

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Never Trumpers Need Not Apply

During the primaries, a prominent group of establishment Republicans formed the Never Trump movement to do everything in their power to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination, then worked to undermine his candidacy against Hillary Clinton in the election, and now many of these same establishment Republicans are rushing to apply for jobs in the Trump administration only to find that President Trump has a long memory and is not tolerant of those who denounced him as unfit for office. Continue reading

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Anarchy in the US

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, the intolerant left has gone into full obstructionist mode in a futile effort to prevent President Trump from carrying out the will of the American people by rolling back President Obama’s radical regressive agenda with their Soros-funded destruction and mayhem casting the Democrats as defenders of the elite globalists responsible for the oppression Trump’s supporters easily understood. Continue reading

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Promise Keeper

By keeping his promise to the American people to radically roll back President Obama’s radical progressive agenda beginning on his first day in office, President Trump has stunned the Washington establishment with his whirlwind pace of Executive Orders, state visits, policy announcements, and congressional schmoozing. Continue reading

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Pussy Power

Controlled as they are by radical lesbian feminazis dedicated to the proposition that all men are created evil and holding the opinion that no man will ever be allowed to come near their dried-up old vaginas, the feminist movement has managed to convince women that they have some sort of mystical pussy power derived from the fact that they possess a vagina. Continue reading

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President Trump

Yesterday, America witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next while millions cheered for a man who has finally heard their pleas and given them a voice as private citizen Donald John Trump took the oath of office and became President Trump. Continue reading

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