Restoring American Exceptionalism

President Trump’s actions this week from nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, to reading the riot act to the Pecksniffian members of NATO, to admonishing British Prime Minister Theresa May over her Brexit sellout have made us proud to be Americans after eight years of Obama administration dithering and weakness.

It has been a whirlwind week for President Trump. On Monday, he nominated Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh from the DC Court of Appeals as the replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy who is retiring from the Supreme Court. In true showman’s fashion, President Trump built up the announcement of his choice for the Court until the nation’s attention was focused on his Monday night event. Anticipation ran so high that liberal snowflakes began their obstructionist campaign with dire warnings against an as-yet unnamed nominee in a ridiculous display of liberal hysteria. With Kavanaugh’s nomination, President Trump continues keeping his promise to nominate constitutional conservatives from his vetted list to the delight of Americans not used to political leaders keeping their word. Predictably on cue, the anarchical left went ballistic with much wailing and gnashing of teeth lamenting how Kavanaugh’s nomination heralded the apocalypse in sensationalized appeals dripping with frightful language. According to the left, women were going to die in the streets because Kavanaugh’s vote would outlaw their cherished abortion with the repeal of Roe. The hyperbole was so over the top that most Americans just ignored it coming on top of the lunatic ranting of Maxine Waters and others urging the radical left to take to the streets in a violent uprising.

Constitutional conservatives cheered Kavanaugh’s nomination because his ascendance to the Supreme Court has the potential to give conservatives a solid majority and finally end the judicial activism so long practiced by the liberal wing of the Court. Going back to the Court of Earl Warren in the 1950s, liberals have held enough sway to turn the Court away from its traditional role as constitutional interpreter of the laws to one of judicial activism discovering new rights where none had existed before while ignoring the original intent of the founders to be umpires calling balls and strikes. Liberals began focusing their attention on the Court during FDR’s administration when the Supreme Court began striking down the various components of his New Deal socialization. Ironically, it was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who elevated California Governor Earl Warren to the bench as Chief Justice followed by liberal Democrat William Brennan, both of whom Eisenhower referred to as “the two biggest mistakes” of his presidency. Along with the New Deal liberals appointed by FDR and Truman, the Warren Court set about reshaping the judicial landscape for generations.

It has been a long, hard slog for conservatives to finally regain a majority on the Court solid enough to turn back the liberal judicial activism which has wrought havoc on our nation and its laws. Establishment Republican President George H.W. Bush wasted an opportunity to nominate a conservative to the Court preferring instead to nominate obscure jurist David Souter, who turned out to be more liberal than anyone could imagine, just to secure a nomination. Even conservative stalwart Ronald Reagan only managed two conservative Justices out of his four nominations to the Court during his presidency. President Trump has made it all too clear that he is a fighter who intends to go to the mat defending conservative nominees to the Court and isn’t interested in merely achieving a Senate confirmation win.

With Senate control, Brett Kavanaugh should have no problem being confirmed by a Senate where several Democrats in the minority are fighting for their political lives this election year in states Trump carried handily. Back in the day, then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that Democrats would come to one day regret triggering the nuclear option of rewriting Senate rules requiring 60 votes for cloture on presidential nominations to one of a simple majority so as to force through the Obama administration’s liberal judicial picks. With Kavanaugh’s nomination to replace Court swing vote Anthony Kennedy, that day has come much to the chagrin of Democrats scrambling to uncover any trick they can think of to stop the inevitable demise of their control of the Supreme Court. Red-state Democrats Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and Joe Manchin in West Virginia all voted to confirm previous nominee Neil Gorsuch and face intense pressure to confirm Kavanaugh as their reelection chances hang in the balance.

The hysteria over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was quickly replaced in the news cycle as Trump left on Tuesday for Europe to attend the NATO summit, meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May, and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As if this wasn’t enough distraction from the Kavanaugh nomination, the anticipated appearance of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok in a joint hearing before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees resulted in enough fireworks to seize control of the news cycle for a couple of days.

Prior to President Trump’s arrival for the NATO summit, European Council President Donald Tusk issued a veiled threat warning President Trump to tread lightly with the remarks “Dear America, appreciate your allies. After all, you don’t have that many.” Ignoring the EU’s empty threat, President Trump unloaded on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for his plan to require member nations to reach their 2% of GDP target spending goals by 2024 by stating that he expected NATO countries to reach this target by 2019. President Trump lambasted the delinquency of NATO countries that have spent decades enjoying the protection America has funded by providing around 25% of the NATO budget. While those on the left prefer to obfuscate the situation with claims that President Trump is mischaracterizing NATO’s mission when he refers to America providing protection to NATO members from Russia, the reality is that NATO was organized to protect Europe from the Soviet Union during the Cold War despite its vague mission statement proclaiming mutual defense of any member by all members. After World War II, the only threat Europe faced was the Soviet Union launching a tank attack through the Fulda Gap, so protests by the left are disingenuous at best.

In addition, President Trump pointed out to the shocked NATO representatives that Germany was partnered with Russia in building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to supply Russian natural gas to Germany a deal which Trump characterized by stating that “Germany is totally controlled by Russia cause they are getting 60 to 70 percent of their energy from Russia” and that with this deal “Germany is a captive of Russia.” President Trump is right to be incensed at European leaders who rely upon the generosity of the United States in funding NATO for their protection from Russia while cutting energy deals with Russia that increases Russian control over their destiny. President Trump also pointed out that the European Union takes advantage of the U.S. with unfair trading practices while relying upon America’s generous protection.

It’s been a long time since an American leader spoke the cold honest truth to European leaders who have long ago forgotten the sacrifice America made saving the continent from despotism in two world wars. President Trump minced no words brutally reminding NATO members the reality of their situation. For all of their aspirations to unite in the European Union to overtake America as the world’s lone superpower, European leaders have been unable to seal the deal as EU member nations such as Great Britain seek to exit a political alliance which has proven itself not in the best interests of its members or their sovereignty. Americans watching the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO all heap scorn on the U.S. while its members have their hands out seeking American financial assistance were left cheering President Trump’s aggressive diplomacy and blunt talk.

Naturally, America’s lefty snowflakes are beside themselves wailing the demise of the free world as their fear of confrontation has trained them to be fawning mandarins ever seeking the approval of the rest of the world which they fear to upset. President Trump’s performance at the NATO summit has erased years of Obama administration policies seeking to eliminate American exceptionalism around the world by raising our allies’ expectations of American tolerance to the point where they now believe they can walk all over us with no repercussions. President Trump is rebuilding American exceptionalism in the world by reminding the world that America remains on top of the heap despite lefty illusions to the contrary.

From the NATO summit, President Trump traveled to Britain to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May where he lambasted her sellout of the Brexit vote with her soft-Brexit Chequers Plan by reminding her that its adoption would kill any chance of a trade deal with America. May was fully in the Remain camp prior to the Brexit vote and harbors illusions as Prime Minister of softening the Brexit deal in favor of the EU. Her apostasy has already cost her the resignations of Brexit secretary David Davis and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, moves which threaten to bring down her entire government.

Brits voted for Brexit because they recognized the threat to British sovereignty posed by the European Union with its requirements for open borders and unrestricted immigration flows as millions of Muslim immigrants were inundating Europe adding to the influx of Muslims refusing to assimilate with their no go enclaves, insistence on the adoption of sharia law, and increased violent criminal attacks on Europeans for no other reason than not being sufficiently deferent to these Muslim interlopers or just because they could. Hungary and the Czech Republic recognized early the threat from this massive influx of Muslims and took steps to seal their borders with fencing in defiance of the EU which they continue. As a result, they have been largely free from the problems posed by these Muslim immigrants in other nations whose leaders foolishly welcomed them with open arms and generous benefits such as Germany. Reports of Muslim criminal activity is constantly downplayed by the German press while German politicians attempt to con Germans into believing them over their own lying eyes seeing the destruction these Muslim immigrants are causing.

Britain has always been reluctant to fully embrace the concept of the EU and its subversion of member sovereignty by an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels. Britain retained the Pound even as other European countries rushed to convert to the Euro despite dire warnings by the left that Britain would suffer economically for their refusal. History has proven the left wrong as Britain has continued to prosper with its retention of the Pound. Britain’s refusal to fully embrace the globalism of the EU bureaucrats in Brussels with the Brexit vote has earned it the enmity of the continent as the EU seeks to make Brexit as painful as possible for the British as a warning to any other countries toying with the idea of leaving the EU. Hard line Brexit supporters such as Nigel Farage of the UKIP and Boris Johnson have argued for a clean break from the EU and an aggressive British negotiations strategy protective of British interests. They rightly argue that the EU has more to lose than Britain in Brexit negotiations as Britain would be free to negotiate its own trade deals with other countries while excluding the Muslim hordes inundating the EU. For its part, the EU has waged a scare campaign demonizing Brexit with all manner of dire consequences which await the British if they don’t knuckle under and kowtow to the EU. A successful Brexit breakup threatens the viability of the EU as other countries are watching Britain with their own aspirations of leaving.

President Trump’s conveniently timed visit to Britain brought a powerful reminder to those rural Brits who overwhelmingly supported Brexit just exactly what is at stake as May attempts to scuttle Brexit with her soft-Brexit Chequers Plan. London Mayor Sadiq Khan rallied the British left for show demonstrations against President Trump, but Trump is loved in the British heartland where many expressed their support of the president. President Trump reminded the British that May is wasting an opportunity with Brexit by timidly viewing it as a political crisis to be managed. President Trump’s remarks plainly stating the obvious that trade deals with other countries will be impossible, have bolstered British conservatives whose doubts concerning May’s Brexit strategy cause them to fear it doesn’t amount to Brexit.

Next on President Trump’s European itinerary is the long-awaited meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to be held at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland. Lefty snowflakes have called for President Trump to be chaperoned in his meeting with Putin convinced as they are of his involvement in some shadowy Russian collusion conspiracy and that his meeting with Putin is to advance their mutually nefarious interests shielded from the prying eyes of the world. Several contentious issues such as the Russian annexation of Crimea and Russian involvement in the Syrian War are apt to be raised as President Trump has shown little reluctance to soft-shoe around confrontation on this trip. It remains to be seen what comes of this meeting the world has anxiously awaited since President Trump’s election.

So far this week, President Trump has hit a home run with his nomination of constitutional conservative Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, his blunt confrontation of NATO and its recalcitrant ways, and his astute analysis of the Brexit situation British Prime Minister Theresa May has fouled up. Throw in disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s snarky defense of his indefensible actions in his House appearance, and President Trump has had a pretty good week in office. Trump’s base grows stronger as he keeps his promises and unravels the damage done to American exceptionalism by the Obama administration. This was a week President Trump’s supporters all felt proud to be Americans as we watched Trump not so much Make America Great Again as remind the world that America has always been great and continues to do so.

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Death of the Globalists

With Donald Trump’s election as president and success in overcoming the many obstacles placed in his way by both the radical progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans, along with the election of nationalists candidates around the world, the globalist movement began under George H.W. Bush and continued through Barack Obama is in full retreat as a dying movement with establishment Republicans opting to become Democrats rather than face the reality of their rejection by American voters. Continue reading

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Civics and Civility

We Americans have paused this week to celebrate the birth of our country, “a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” as Abraham Lincoln put it in the Gettysburg Address, even as the polarization of our politics threatens to once again rip our nation apart just as it had in Lincoln’s time in a civil war which served as the reason for his famous remarks delivered upon the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg, leaving us to wonder if another president will be forced to wax so eloquently upon the dedication of a future hallowed ground dedicated to the internment of future Americans fighting to preserve our country. Continue reading

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Kennedy Retires

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy finally put all the speculation to rest with the announcement of his retirement from the Supreme Court at the end of July, and radical snowflake heads once again began exploding at the thought of President Trump appointing another dependable conservative justice in the mold of Neil Gorsuch to effectively shift the Supreme Court to a conservative stance focused on the Constitution and the intent of the Founders. Continue reading

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The Diversity Scam

Progressives have been pushing the lie for decades that diversity is the reason for America’s success as justification for its multicultural agenda to abolish national borders for the importation of Democrat voters and third-world workers as a precursor to their goal of diluting the voices of Americans in their march to a world government. Continue reading

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Deep State Whitewash

Released this week to great fanfare, the much-anticipated and long-awaited Inspector General’s report detailing the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal was released this week with both sides claiming vindication from their parsing of its contents, but lost in the shuffle was the tremendous damage the politicized FBI and DOJ has done to both their reputations as America’s premier law enforcement agencies and the idea of impartiality as embodied in the premise of the rule of law upon which America was founded.

In 1995, former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman following a trial sensationalized by the media and breathlessly watched by the public as if it were a popular serial. The not guilty verdict shocked Americans certain that the evidence presented had proved Simpson’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. Despite his acquittal in court, Simpson found that he had been convicted in the court of public opinion as he was shunned afterwards for his actions. Like many before him who have been acquitted at trial for a lack of conclusive evidence recognized by a court but judged guilty by the public whose evidentiary bar is much lower, Simpson found post-acquittal life to be very different as the public removed its premise of a benefit of the doubt.

Along with property rights and sound currency, the rule of law is one of the foundational principles underlying the success of America. Successful enforcement of the rule of law depends on citizens accepting the fact that the laws are equitable and fairly applied to all regardless of their station in society. Citizens accepting of equitable laws equally applied to all will police themselves to a great extent. This is necessary since the police can’t be everywhere at all times, and their presence can be more suitably applied to those areas with higher crime and directed against those who have demonstrated a previous proclivity to crime.

When the citizens of a country determine that their laws are no longer equitable or equally applied, they begin to ignore the law to do as they please seeing others do the same with little or no consequence. California is seeing an increase in property crimes as a result of their decision to release thousands of criminals early as voters were swayed by nonsensical social justice warrior arguments of compassion for the plight of incarcerated criminals. The criminals took this early release law as a sign that Californians were going soft on crime and would be less likely to punish their future criminal activity, which they eagerly began practicing upon release.

High profile cases such as the murder trial of O.J. Simpson are watched by the public both for their drama and for signs that the rich and powerfully connected are treated differently by the criminal justice system. It is for this reason that the criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton storing classified information on a private email server and selling access to her office as Secretary of State without prosecution is so galling to Americans aware that simple mistakes on their part would see them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those who work with classified information are constantly trained in the proper procedures for its handling and are all too aware of the consequences of mishandling classified information. They are also aware that no plausible excuse exists that would exonerate Hillary Clinton’s obvious intentional mishandling of classified information. Hillary didn’t simply make a mistake of leaving a classified document lying on a table; she intentionally had a server set up in her home with her email traffic directed to that server to avoid official State Department information systems and public records requirements for the proper retention of official communications.

Americans have watched as both Democrat and Republican administrations have wasted the prestige President Reagan managed to build up for America as he set about to end the Cold War and restore the American economy. President Reagan inherited a mess from the inept Carter administration responsible for double-digit inflation and stagnant wages domestically, and the destruction of American prestige as a group of Iranian students held hostages from the American embassy while Carter helplessly twiddled his thumbs. Reagan came into office demanding tax cuts and deregulation to stimulate the economy while launching a military buildup which eventually bankrupted the Soviet Union and led to its demise.

Following the example set by the Reagan administration, George H.W. Bush came into office showing great promise for his ability to assemble a coalition of nations to successfully oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, but who ended up fumbling through the purchase of a pair of socks unable to comprehend the technology of a sales scanner which the rest of us took for granted in his lame attempt to address a recession later in his administration. This recession set the stage for serial womanizer Bill Clinton to become president with the tagline “It’s the economy, stupid!” highlighting Bush’s inability to demonstrate an understanding of economics. Clinton set about satisfying his personal pleasure while coasting on the success of the Reagan administration in ending the Cold War and freeing up a significant portion of the defense budget which he redirected to domestic programs.

In 2000, George W. Bush assumed the presidency promising some effete compassionate conservatism sounding exactly like the liberal sop it was. Bush was quickly sidetracked by the Islamic terrorist threat, which the Clinton administration had pointedly ignored, with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Bush launched the War on Terror, and in a fit of overreaction, created the bureaucratic boondoggle known as the Department of Homeland Security while granting the federal bureaucracy the ability to unconstitutionally spy upon Americans with the Patriot Act. Not many remember that it was Bush who pushed creation of the Medicare Drug entitlement at a time when creation of a new entitlement program wasn’t even on the Democrats’ radar. Bush managed to waste trillions on overseas wars without a coherent strategy to defeat the Islamic terrorist threat all while taking excruciating pains to push political correctness when it came to the Muslim ideology. Bush fought Islamic terrorism on one hand while refusing to condemn the warmongering Muslim ideology on the other in a charade which only served to confuse Americans contemptuous of his nuance.

It took the Obama administration to weaponize the spying powers granted to the intelligence agencies by the Patriot Act and direct them against his political opponents. The Founders warned Americans to never grant the federal government additional powers not explicitly granted by the Constitution. No less than James Madison, author of the Constitution, warned that any power granted to the government would eventually be used against the people and would never be voluntarily returned to the people once granted. Obama spread his progressive acolytes throughout the federal bureaucracy and they wasted no time using the powers at their disposal to harass, intimidate, and silence critics of his administration. Obama acolyte Lois Lerner slow walked TEA Party 501c applications through the IRS to deny them tax-exempt status and render them ineffective during the 2012 and 2014 election cycles. Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute obvious election tampering against Philadelphia thugs who threatened voters outside the polls in 2008, approved the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal which saw Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry murdered with one of the guns the ATF failed to track, and generally overlooked myriad Obama administration scandals while also launching a spying operation upon members of the White House press corps.

FBI Director James Comey directed a cabal of politically biased agents to overlook and excuse criminal activity committed by Hillary Clinton to facilitate her candidacy for president to provide cover for Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her refusal to bring charges against Clinton. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan spied upon the Trump campaign in 2016 to gather opposition research for the Clinton campaign by creating a fake dossier of scandalous innuendo and unproven allegations which they then used to justify FISA Court warrants for wiretaps. Obama administration minions Susan Rice and Samantha Powers set about unmasking Americans caught on tape from these wiretaps and spreading their names throughout the administration to ensure their leakage to the corrupt and biased media.

If not for the election of Donald Trump over scandal-plagued and untrustworthy Hillary Clinton, this Deep State plot to rig the election in Hillary’s favor which morphed into a plot to undermine and destroy the Trump administration would never have come to light. It is for precisely the reason of Hillary’s history of flimsy and unbelievable excuses that Americans shunned her in favor of Trump. Americans are sick to death of the hypocrisy surrounding Hillary and the Obama administration with its progressive minions scattered throughout the federal bureaucracy wreaking havoc at every turn. Americans long ago made up their minds that Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Lynch, Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, and many others are part of a Deep State conspiracy to undermine the Trump administration and bring down Trump as president regardless of any evidence recognized by a court. Americans have seen enough to know this is a crooked scheme perpetrated by progressive Deep State snowflakes unwilling to admit that Americans seek the destruction of any legacy the Obama administration thought it had cemented into place.

Americans expected the partisan witch hunt led by incompetent Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller who was appointed by Deep State partisan Rod Rosenstein to ignore any evidence pointing to criminal behavior on Hillary’s part while exhaustively seeking to force associates of the Trump campaign into untenable legal positions in the hopes of turning them against Trump. After a year of investigation and the expenditure of millions of dollars, Mueller’s partisan witch hunt has uncovered not the first shred of evidence linking the Trump campaign to any Russian campaign collusion while reams of evidence have emerged demonstrating clear links between the Clinton campaign and the Russians.

Painfully aware that the partisan Mueller team would not expose the truth, Americans have awaited the conclusion of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation and report detailing his findings as a possible avenue for uncovering the truth and holding accountable those associated with the Deep State. During the course of his investigation, Horowitz has referred several DOJ bureaucrats to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution, leading many to conclude that he would exhibit impartiality in a dogged search for the truth. Thursday’s release of his long-awaited report detailing FBI and DOJ abuses in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server stopped short of attributing blame to several key players or properly condemn their actions. Former FBI Director James Comey was called out for his failure to follow proper FBI procedure and reprimanded for “insubordination” against DOJ officials while also determining no political bias in his actions. The finding of a lack of political bias undercuts the Trump administration claim that Comey’s actions were designed to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her illegal use of a personal email server to conduct official business in violation of secrecy and preservation of official communications laws.

The IG report found several DOJ officials culpable for violating FBI procedures and displaying obvious political bias while handling cases before them. These include Strozk, Page, and McCabe who all exchanged myriad emails detailing their opposition to Trump and desire to obstruct his administration to bring his presidency down. Overall, the IG report cast the FBI and the DOJ in a negative light which has seriously tarnished their reputations as America’s premier law enforcement agencies while also undermining public trust in the rule of law.

Despite its scathing criticism of FBI and DOJ officials in their mishandling of the Clinton email investigation, the IG report effectively exonerates Hillary from further prosecution in its denial of political bias which allows Comey to continue claiming there was no prosecutable case against Clinton. So, we are asked to accept the unbelievable premise that Hillary acted in good faith while merely making a mistake in using a private email server to conduct official business and store classified information, and that her appearance of guilt was created by the serious mistakes committed by a few biased FBI agents failing to follow proper procedure. Once again, Hillary slips through the noose and continues on her merry way having egregiously broken multiple laws while avoiding prosecution due to her political connections and leaving the rest of us incredulous at her ability to flout the laws which we now have to obey instead of choosing to obey. The Clintons remain above the law while others take the fall for their criminal behavior.

Those others will probably include the FBI and DOJ officials singled out in the IG report as having demonstrated political bias which endangered ongoing investigations such as Strozk. Lisa Page resigned some time ago while Comey was infamously fired by President Trump and McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions just prior to his pension eligibility. Beyond losing their jobs in disgrace, they’ll likely never face prosecution for their criminal actions and the whole thing will quietly fade from memory, but will continue leaving a nasty impression on Americans that there exist two sets of laws in this country – one for the wealthy and politically connected, and one for the rest of us. The wealthy and connected use the laws against the rest of us to increase their wealth and power while we suffer under judicial malfeasance in a continued fraying of the social fabric eventually leading to an increased indifference to the laws which are crucial to America’s success.

President Trump has had to fight against the crooked Republican Party, the crooked Democrat Party, the crooked Deep State, and the crooked Mueller witch hunt, and he is absolutely correct in his assessment that “it never ends.” It is a testament to his endurance and ability to fight the good fight that he has managed to make it this far, and we should be encouraging him to continue the fight if we ever hope to rescue this country from the Deep State progressives seeking to create a totalitarian communist dictatorship in service to their dream of a world government.

There are more IG reports to come detailing his investigation into improper mishandling of the Deep State Russian collusion investigation and other DOJ irregularities. Given the tone of this latest IG report, it is unlikely that these future reports will contain any smoking gun bombshells which conclusively identify prosecutable criminal behavior on the part of DOJ and FBI officials. However, this latest report, and those to come, provide enough justification for President Trump to begin cleaning house at the DOJ and FBI to fire Deep State Obama administration minions bent on obstructing his administration in an effort to restore the credibility of our law enforcement agencies and the rule of law itself. A full accountability requires that they also be prosecuted for their criminal behavior to conclusively demonstrate that overt political bias in violation of the Hatch Act by federal bureaucrats will not be tolerated as it inevitably leads to the use of government power against Americans in violation of the Constitution and all that we hold dear as a nation.

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Blue Dreams Die Hard

The giddy euphoria experienced by progressives in the wake of Barack Obama’s election in 2008, viewed as ushering in an historic progressive era which would finally see enactment of the progressive agenda to the detriment of conservatives, has given way to the grim realization by its wealthy proponents that the radical progressive agenda is being rejected across the globe as voters resoundingly reject the march towards communistic totalitarianism promoted under the guise of a unifying, one-world government. Continue reading

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