Stolen Sovereignty

The Founders’ original intent to create a federal government with just barely enough power to defend the country from foreign invasion and resolve disputes between the states has evolved into a tyrannical government behemoth that imposes its will upon the states while completely brushing aside their sovereignty with the complicit backing of an all-powerful federal judiciary in total defiance of the Constitution. Continue reading

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A Great Man

America has been laid waste by ordinary men who call themselves progressive, and so we turn to a great man because we no longer trust ourselves being the ordinary men we are. Continue reading

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Ignoring Reality

The American political establishment, inhabited by the elites who disdain the common clay composing the heartland, continues to ignore the reality that Americans are more acutely aware of their situations than the ignorant intelligentsia is willing to admit. Continue reading

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Presidential Power

While the media is busily biased presenting the dire consequences of a Donald Trump presidency and all the power he could wield in rolling back the progressive gains of the Obama administration even as President Obama has constantly lamented his lack of power to bring about fundamental change on his own, it is worth examining how much power a president has and from where it is derived. Continue reading

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We Deplorables

In a stunning display of elitist arrogance, Hillary Clinton revealed her utter disdain for the vast majority of patriotic, hard-working Americans living in what the left euphemistically refer to as “flyover country” by labeling us as deplorables because we dare to oppose her policies designed to replace American sovereignty with an elitist global governance scheme. Continue reading

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Weekend at Hillary’s

After weeks of hiding behind a veil of secrecy over questions of her health by ignoring, shrugging off, ridiculing, then scolding the media over questions about her health, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was finally forced to acknowledge their candidate has pneumonia when they could no longer hide her fainting spell emerging from the 9/11 Memorial Service in yet another lie designed to conceal the fact that Hillary has suffered a couple of strokes with her collapses indicative of Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs), stroke precursors that cause her to appear as if she’s in her own Weekend at Hillary’s.

Continue reading

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I recently visited the Gettysburg battlefield, and the thought kept recurring to me that those who call for a new civil war to solve grievances against the federal government would do well to make their own visit so they could be struck by the horror of war just as I was. Continue reading

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