In Memoriam Nostri Milites Ruina

As we enjoy the long weekend of this Memorial Day spending time with family, soaking in the scenic beauty of this great country, taking advantage of a sale to do some much needed shopping, or just relaxing from the stresses of life, let us pause to reflect on the memory of those who have paid the ultimate price in far off lands so that we have the opportunity to enjoy our freedom and this holiday weekend. Continue reading

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Venezuela Implodes

Despite its vast natural resources and abundant wealth potential, Venezuela is imploding from the authoritarian socialism imposed upon it by corrupt former President Hugo Chavez and continued by his successor former Vice President Nicolas Maduro who seized power after Chavez’s death from cancer in 2013. Continue reading

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Get Trump!

A die hard portion of the Republican establishment has joined forces with the progressive Democrats and their media acolytes to launch a full scale offensive on Donald Trump to destroy his candidacy in support of their anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their first tactic is the distraction of demanding Trump release his tax returns with the implication that something sinister is afoot in his refusal. Continue reading

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American Nationalism

Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination riding a wave of American nationalism that has developed as a backlash to the progressive policy of globalism built upon bad trade deals, open borders, and the intentional destruction of American exceptionalism that has left America less free, less wealthy, and more vulnerable.  Continue reading

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Climate Inquisition

In a stunning display of their intolerance, the progressive left has launched a campaign against anyone daring to challenge its orthodoxy on the global/climate warming/change hoax it continues to perpetrate in the advancement of its incremental assault on American liberty. Continue reading

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Shell Game

America is run by two huge corporations – the RNC and the DNC – funded by wealthy elites and multinational corporations whose interests they protect while giving voters the illusion that they actually have a say in their own government in a giant shell game assisted by a complicit media feeding Americans a carefully crafted narrative that perpetrates the illusion. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Is a Lie

Progressives have foisted the lie of multiculturalism upon the West not to elevate the acceptance of lesser cultures, but to depress the culture of Western Civilization down to the level of these lesser cultures. Continue reading

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