Be Careful What You Wish For

Along with all the conservative euphoria over Donald Trump’s win has come the inevitable practice of fantasizing about the vast array of possibilities available to roll back the destructive progressive agenda advanced unconstitutionally by the Obama administration, all made possible by Republican control of Congress and some 33 state legislatures, with talk of constitutional amendments at the top of the list. Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Winner

The Never Trumpers, establishment Republicans, and spineless GOP politicians who either swore Donald Trump was an embarrassment to the party who couldn’t win, that they would never accept him even if he did win, or distanced themselves at the least sign of controversy are now falling all over themselves to cozy up with Trump denying for all they’re worth that the ever had a doubt about him because in the end, everybody loves a winner. Continue reading

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Culture Shift

Donald Trump’s election is already causing a major culture shift among Americans whose attitudes are brighter as they impatiently await the ouster of the irrelevant Obama administration, and no greater sign exists of this than the suddenly low ratings of the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead.” Continue reading

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Coddled in an inward looking echo chamber oblivious of the prevailing political sentiment simmering in that portion of America they disdain as “flyover country,” progressives caught unawares and devastated by Donald Trump’s presidential win over their candidate whose myriad flaws they refused to see have melted like snowflakes on a warm spring day into puddles of hysteria unable to cope with an existence they fear to face. Continue reading

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Man Up America

Donald Trump’s election signifies the reemergence of white working class Americans as a powerful political force tired of the endless lecturing by progressives incapable of ever being satisfied by any display of humility on their part, and especially ticked off were white American men sick of being castigated for faux white privilege and for being male in the liberals’ attempts to beat down any ability to resist their progressive onslaught. Continue reading

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Never Had A Doubt

Throughout this grueling campaign season with its twists and turns, I never had a doubt that Donald Trump would win, but the waiting for this moment of vindication has been tremendously frustrating as we’ve endured the smugness of the rich and powerful elite set counting their chickens before they were hatched. Continue reading

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Political Fatigue

Americans inundated for months by a bombastic candidate who must be taken seriously if not literally and a sleazy candidate whose penchant for graft and corruption comes more clearly into focus as her leaked emails are released are suffering from severe political fatigue from which Tuesday’s election probably won’t provide relief. Continue reading

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