And Ye Shall Be As Gods

In the Garden of Eden, Satan did tempt Eve to disobey God and eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge with the promise that she would be as a god, and Eve did eat of the forbidden fruit and did also cause Adam to disobey God and eat of the forbidden fruit, but they became aware of their sin and hid themselves from God and covered themselves with fig leaves to hide their shame. Continue reading

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Social Entropy

We are witnessing the decline of that great experiment in government launched by the Founding Fathers with the Constitution intended to maximize the personal liberty of Americans so that they might more readily realize their ambitions without the entanglement of excessive government intervention, and this decline is inevitable unless Americans decide to drastically alter the course upon which we find ourselves. Continue reading

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Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

The anarchists who’ve descended upon Hamburg, Germany to protest the free enterprise system they derisively label as “capitalism” give nary a thought to the fact that the hotels in which they stay, the clothes they wear to their protest marches, and the food they eat were all made available to them through the efforts of entrepreneurs working in the free enterprise system. Continue reading

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Taxation With Representation

As we celebrate the founding of our country this Fourth of July, let us take a moment to reflect back on the historic struggle undertaken by the Founders against impossible odds to secure our liberty, and let us also contemplate how little our present circumstances have changed from those of the colonists who rallied around the slogan of “No Taxation without Representation” as we certainly have plenty of taxation with representation. Continue reading

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Hate Crimes Censorship

Hate crimes laws are nothing more than censorship applied to Americans to stymie debate on controversial agenda items of the left such as Islamic terrorism and open borders. Continue reading

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Deep State Praetorian Guard

Much like the ancient Roman Praetorian Guard went from serving the personal protection needs of the emperor to becoming the arbiters of Roman imperial power to serve their own interests, the American Deep State has morphed from serving the needs of the country to protecting its own power through the selection of leaders favorable to its interests. Continue reading

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Leftist Anarchy

The recent attack by a disgruntled radical leftist on Republican congressmen practicing for the annual congressional baseball game highlights the insanity of the left and the attitude of leftists to resort to violence when their radical agenda is rejected by the people. Continue reading

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