Climate Inquisition

In a stunning display of their intolerance, the progressive left has launched a campaign against anyone daring to challenge its orthodoxy on the global/climate warming/change hoax it continues to perpetrate in the advancement of its incremental assault on American liberty. Continue reading

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Shell Game

America is run by two huge corporations – the RNC and the DNC – funded by wealthy elites and multinational corporations whose interests they protect while giving voters the illusion that they actually have a say in their own government in a giant shell game assisted by a complicit media feeding Americans a carefully crafted narrative that perpetrates the illusion. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Is a Lie

Progressives have foisted the lie of multiculturalism upon the West not to elevate the acceptance of lesser cultures, but to depress the culture of Western Civilization down to the level of these lesser cultures. Continue reading

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America has had enough of the progressive assault on men in general and white men in particular that has demoralized the country and adversely impacted minorities in the left’s zeal to punish white men for all their imagined sins. Continue reading

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Primary Trends

The liberal media has purposely ignored the seismic chasm in the Democrat Party reflected in the primary results in their quixotic quest to derail the increasing momentum behind Donald Trump. Continue reading

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Upsetting the Media Cart

With his brash style and media acumen, Donald Trump struck a mighty blow against the biased media’s ability to control the election process with his abrupt refusal to participate in the Fox News debates intentionally rigged against him. Continue reading

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New Hampshire Insights

The New Hampshire primaries confirmed without a doubt that Americans are completely done with the corrupt establishment leaderships of both parties! Continue reading

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