Elder Brother Intolerance

With their incessant demands to upend society through constitutional misinterpretation, lefties have shredded the social fabric and destroyed civil discourse leaving Americans at the throats of one another while liberals practice intolerance for free speech in a type of elder brother intolerance against conservatives now winning the cultural war. Continue reading

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The Next Civil War

Whenever we Southerners come out to defend Confederate monuments as part of our heritage while referring to the Civil War as a conflict over states’ rights, liberals love to bash us over the head with charges of racism and obfuscate the issue with claims that we’re merely longing for the days of slavery, but when historians 150 years from now write about the coming civil conflict where liberal states like California defied the federal government over their right to declare themselves sanctuary states, will the conflict be remembered as one of states’ rights, or one of liberals pushing illegal immigration to dilute the voice of American voters? Continue reading

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Doing Something

In the wake of tragedies committed by deranged individuals giving vent to their inner evil, a favored refrain from the gun control crowd is the spurious charge that we need to do something, the utterance of which encompasses the twin implications first, that nothing has already been done, and second, that there exists something magical which can be done to eliminate evil. Continue reading

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Trump Got Rolled

After tenaciously focusing on the last stopgap spending measure to humiliate Chuckie Schumer and the Democrats who got nothing out of their shutdown stunt but negative publicity, President Trump took his eye off the ball and wasted the opportunity to bring real discipline to the budget process by ignoring this next looming budget deadline, thus allowing Schumer to conspire with the establishment Republicans to pass a last-minute omnibus spending bill that fully funded the Deep State and humiliate President Trump who had no choice but to sign it to prevent being cast as the man responsible for shutting down the government this time. Continue reading

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See Something, Say Something, Do Nothing

Tacitly admitting their inability to protect Americans from deadly attacks, whether they be from Islamic terrorists or the mentally unhinged, government and law enforcement officials began a campaign to turn America into a version of East Germany with Americans informants acting as a home grown version of the Stasi reporting suspicious details about their fellow Americans under the guise of improving public safety. Continue reading

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Aggressive Diplomacy

For decades, the hardline aggressive diplomacy marking America’s stance in the Cold War has been steadily eroded until it has become nothing more than a flaccid exercise in apology in the childish hope that other nations would suddenly come to love America if she only demonstrated humility with the result that America’s political establishment has lost the ability to present an aggressive stance towards an aggressive foe and is shocked that President Trump is bringing North Korea to heel with his aggressiveness. Continue reading

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Cultural Appeasement

In the wake of a tragedy, we once again see the left piously demand companies disassociate themselves from a group having nothing to do with the actual tragic event in a fit of opportunism seeking to politically exploit the tragedy to advance its agenda of destruction, and even worse, we once again watch many of these targeted companies obsequiously cave to their demands having learned nothing from past applications of the left’s politics of cultural appeasement. Continue reading

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