The two major parties have so alienated Americans with their failed promises, overlapping agendas, and outright lies that 2016 is shaping up to be a monumental repudiation of the establishment forces in both parties. Continue reading

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Having It Both Ways

The incident of former Florida State University quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a belligerent woman in a bar highlights the feminist double standard of demanding the perks of equality for women while clinging to the perks of the paternalistic past they claim keeps them in servitude to men. Continue reading

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Erosion of Independence

As we pause to celebrate Independence Day, let us lament the loss of our liberty at the hands of the collective. Continue reading

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Free Trade Fiasco

Free trade is a natural aspect of free enterprise that opens markets to the free exchange of goods and services while lowering consumer prices, but the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other snake oil scams being sold to Congress under the guise of free trade are simply schemes to subsume American sovereignty into a Pacific collective similar to the European Union whereby other countries will have more say over American laws and rights than American elected officials operating under the Constitution. Continue reading

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The Big Lie

The Big Lie is that worldly concept perpetuated by those seeking short-term advantage by any means available, and we are constantly confronted with either choosing the truth or allowing ourselves to be seduced by the Big Lie and surrendering to the forces of darkness which perpetuate the Big Lie for their benefit. Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2015

As we pause to celebrate this Memorial Day, let us remember the sacrifices of those who gave that last full measure of devotion in securing and protecting our liberty, and let us also reflect upon our stewardship of that liberty secured by the Patriots and passed down through successive generations. Continue reading

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The Iranian Bomb

Despite numerous dire warnings and as entirely expected, the fanatical Iranian regime probably already has a functioning nuclear weapon it is prepared to test at such a time that is most convenient for its propaganda purposes, and we’re doomed to relive the threat of nuclear annihilation we faced from the old Soviet Union from a nation whose leaders love the martyrdom of their religion more than they love their children. Continue reading

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