Mideast Nuclear Arms Race

President Obama’s appeasement of Shiite Iran emboldened their efforts to develop nuclear weapons while the perception of him being a weak leader has created a power vacuum in the region and touched off a nuclear arms race in a part of the world whose inhabitants boldly proclaim their intention to destroy America. Continue reading

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With the announcement by Nancy Pelosi that House Democrats would support John Boehner as Speaker in the event of a conservative coup, there is no longer any hiding the fact that establishment Republicans have betrayed conservatism and conservatives to side with the Democrats in enacting their progressive big government regulatory agenda. Continue reading

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Death of a Thousand Cuts

Those Americans concerned about President Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution who are waiting for Obama to commit an act so egregiously unconstitutional that it will rally Americans to come out against him in force are doomed to disappointment as Obama prefers to accomplish his tyranny in incremental steps that appear reasonable. Continue reading

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Inalienable Rights

The inalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence as the basis for our right to cast off the tyranny of Great Britain to form a government derived from the sovereignty of the people continues to be assaulted by the left with its creation of human rights which intentionally confuse the concept of natural rights derived from our Creator with the left’s ever changing palette of politically derived human rights. Continue reading

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Gun Control Meets Reality

The horrific image of an unarmed French policeman being murdered in cold blood by heavily armed Muslim terrorists as he attempted to surrender while begging for his life put an end to the gun control debate once and for all. Continue reading

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Everything changed when the Democrats were trounced in the midterm elections in ways that are yet to be fully appreciated, but some things sadly remained the same. Continue reading

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The Hell No Party

In throwing Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu under the bus in her desperate attempt to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill to remain a viable candidate in her runoff election against Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy, her fellow Senate Democrats demonstrated conclusively that they are now the Hell No Party placing ideology firmly above loyalty to any of their fellow Democrat Party members. Continue reading

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