It Was Ransom

The State Department finally confirmed that the $400 million payment to Iran was choreographed as a ransom for the release of four American hostages, to which President Obama merely shrugged nonchalantly, and even though Republicans were right in labeling this a ransom payment, it does not change the fact that the establishment GOP leadership is just as duplicitous and corrupt as their Democrat counterparts. Continue reading

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Olympic Illusions

Despite the inspiring stories of multiple medal winners Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky representing the United States, the 2016 Rio Olympics has lost much of its luster as the pinnacle of sport due to the widespread doping scandals erupting in amateur and professional sports over the past several years. Continue reading

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Ransom or Political Smear?

Did President Obama willingly and enthusiastically pay the Iranian government a $400 million ransom for the release of Americans held hostage by Iran and use a past incident to conveniently explain away this treacherous act of funding the very terrorism America and the world is fighting to suppress, or is the Republican establishment attempting to use the incident to smear Obama and inflame their base for political purposes? Continue reading

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Feeling the Bern

In contrast to the mildly contentious GOP convention held earlier this month, this week’s Democrat convention harkened back to 1968 with protesters taking to the streets to denounce the DNC’s manipulation of the primary process denying socialist Bernie Sanders the nomination as his supporters mixed with protesters from various other aggrieved party factions such as Black Lives Matter and Hispanic groups all decrying the corruption rampant at the DNC that is stifling their voices. Continue reading

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About What I Expected

Despite all the bluster of the establishment vaingloriously attempting to derail Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and return to that time when they were firmly in charge of the GOP, the Republican convention went about as I expected with bold opening talk, backroom skullduggery, and delegates who swung into line to jump on the bandwagon realizing the inevitable that Donald Trump is, despite the establishment’s ire, the GOP’s best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton for president, capped off by the last-minute petulant whining of a defeated adversary. Continue reading

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The Internal Struggle

There is an ongoing struggle within Islam between the radicals wanting to emphasize Islam’s beginnings as an ideology of conquest to bolster their control and those moderates who see Islam as a religious ideology with great life teachings. Continue reading

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Denying the Obvious

Donald Trump is surging in popularity with the electorate because the Obama administration, the progressives, and Hillary Clinton continue denying the obvious reality of Islamic terrorism despite the recent attack in Nice, France coming as the next in a long series of Islamic terrorist attacks against the West that is painfully obvious to Americans. Continue reading

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