Fear and Loathing at the RNC

The establishment GOP leadership fears and loathes Donald Trump not because of their perceived belief that he can’t win the general election, but because of their very real fear that he can win the presidency and thus end their lucrative careers atop the party structure. Continue reading

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Clash of Civilizations

With the recent Muslim attacks in Paris, Europeans have suddenly been shocked into the realization that their political leaders have sold them down the river with their unwavering support of unlimited immigration and open borders all while assuring that Europeans had nothing to fear from these immigrants or reports that radical terrorists were using the refugee influx to evade border security and slip in amongst them. Continue reading

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It’s The Illegal Immigration, Stupid!

Donald Trump is surging in the polls precisely because he is the only candidate with the cajones to address the one issue Americans are livid about in the exact manner in which Americans wish that issue to be addressed, and that is to defy the establishment narrative that illegal immigration is somehow good for America. Continue reading

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The establishment GOP bemoans us TEA Party conservatives and decries our stubborn insistence on adherence to conservative principles, or as they derisively call it, our rigid ideological litmus test, they claim stands in the way of their ability to govern, but this argument is really a diversion from their collusion with the Democrats to enact the evil progressive agenda which is destroying America. Continue reading

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The rioting and general animosity towards whites by inner-city blacks in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are precisely why whites have fled to the suburbs. Continue reading

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Migrant Hordes

Europeans who smugly berated us Americans earlier this year for resisting President Obama’s unlawful attempts to open our southern border and allow in millions of illegal immigrants have found themselves besieged with millions of illegal immigrants overwhelming the capacity of their systems to handle such migrant hordes and have suddenly rediscovered the prudence of closed borders and immigration checkpoints as practical mechanisms to stem the tide of these invading masses. Continue reading

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Press Play

The media is intentionally directing the presidential candidates away from discussion of the serious issues America faces in the hopes that voters distracted by their biased sleight of hand will keep their establishment masters entrenched in power. Continue reading

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