Blue Snowflakes

Finally, after billions of dollars, countless political attack ads, and the tireless efforts of liberal pundits clamoring to convince Americans that Democrats were going to sweep Congress in a blue wave of tsunami proportions, the long-awaited and much-hyped midterm election cycle is over with voters failing to deliver the left’s much-ballyhooed blue wave as the results resembled more of a blue trickle, thus leaving lefty snowflakes coming out of this election cycle a shade of disappointed blue. Continue reading

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Socialist, Where Were You?

Socialist, you who loves to denigrate wealth while condescendingly utilizing technology made possible by the high standard of living achieved under the free enterprise system rewarding the hard work of entrepreneurs, where were you when these entrepreneurs, in relative obscurity, were creating technological marvels and increasing our standard of living? Continue reading

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The Left is Evil

With its embrace of unregulated open borders immigration, gender confusion, racial animosity, class warfare, soul destroying socialism, and abortion infanticide, the radical progressive left has adopted the agenda of Satan to sow chaos and disorder in the world in pursuit of its own selfish goal of amassing power to redefine the world in its image. Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gate

America is beset with barbarians at the gate as radical socialist Democrats manipulate the electorate with dreams of retaking Congress to realize the snowflake dreams of removing the Trump administration like it never even happened, while thousands of paid Honduran and Guatemalan immigrants financed by George Soros as part of his open borders initiative slowly make their way through Central America towards our unprotected border. Continue reading

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Big Data

Never has our liberty been more threatened than with the rise of big data companies which track our every movement and collect vast troves of data detailing our every decision in order to build highly accurate models with the ability to predict our behavior better than we can ourselves.

Continue reading

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Eve of Destruction

With the confirmation and swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the radical socialist left has unleashed a giant temper tantrum indicating their intention to escalate opposition to the Trump administration and Trump supporters to the point of violent confrontation as America teeters on the eve of destruction. Continue reading

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Fall Season

There’s a crispness to the air that suggests the fall season is upon us with its promise of warm family holiday gatherings and the building excitement to Christmas celebrations as the crops are harvested and we turn from the warm summer sun to bundle up and enjoy all manner of pumpkin infused beverages while shutting out the endless distractions of worldly matters to focus on family and the things that truly matter in life. Continue reading

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