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Rainy Day

It is prudent advice to set aside a little something for a rainy day. In looting the treasury, President Obama has failed to prepare for the storm sweeping up the East Coast and has nothing set aside to handle the … Continue reading

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Ambush Journalism

In selling their souls to the Democrat Party, American journalists have lost their credibility and become lazy to the point of resorting to ambush journalism in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant to a public that has learned to tune … Continue reading

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The Party of Parasites

The Democrat Party has sold its soul to the entitlement mentality of redistributive politics and become the Party of Parasites in a flawed misunderstanding of the social compact they label as social justice. 

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What Are We Prepared To Do?

The year is 1776. The Continental Congress is leaning toward revolution. Those leading the charge for revolution are asking what we are prepared to do. 

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