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RINOs on the Bayou

Leave it to Louisiana to pass a law so breathtakingly ridiculous that it boggles the mind contemplating its twisted logic and leaves it as the butt of late-night comedians’ jokes.  Advertisements

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Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

In a display of profound pro-choice hypocrisy, the same liberals who adamantly insist that it’s a woman’s right to choose when it comes to abortion and ending a human life, also insist that the government has the right to prevent … Continue reading

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

For America to recover, the federal government must stop treating American businessmen as criminals and start trusting us again. 

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Change the Debate

Over the last thirty years, information delivery has undergone a revolutionary transformation in both its mechanism and speed, leading to novel access methods and the demise of traditional media. However, the format for presidential debates has remained essentially unchanged for … Continue reading

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The Wealth Effect

Economists have devoted much study to the phenomenon of the wealth effect and its influence on consumer behavior as a component of the business cycle. Like all idealistic youth, the protesters currently occupying Wall Street have little understanding of the … Continue reading

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Defense Spending

The Defense budget is always liberals’ first choice for spending cuts when difficult choices have to be made. Instead of emulating Greece and refusing to acknowledge the obvious unsustainability of entitlement spending, American politicians should be learning from Europe’s mistakes, … Continue reading

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