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Black and White

Understanding between any two groups is entirely dependent upon the individual relationships that are established between their members. The relationship between black and white America is complex and doesn’t lend itself well to the oversimplification espoused by the media and … Continue reading

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Reasonable Regulation

In his latest pivot to jobs, President Obama says he wants to stimulate job creation, but with the constant release of new regulations under his Administration, his actions belie his rhetoric. 

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The Humility of a Hero

SGT Dakota Meyer received the Congressional Medal of Honor for the daring retrieval of his four dead comrades along with the rescue of 24 Marines and the evacuation of 12 wounded under heavy enemy fire from insurgents despite their request … Continue reading

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Union Thugs and Threats

In an unusual move, The NLRB took the rare step Thursday of obtaining an injunction against the longshoremen’s union in Washington after members stormed a port facility damaging property, dumping grain, and holding guards hostage. 

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Throwing Good Money after Bad

As expected, President Obama is preparing to call for yet another stimulus package in his latest pivot to the jobs issue. 

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In Defense of Liberty

The Founders’ vision of a free people exercising personal responsibility under a minimum set of laws has been corrupted by power-hungry progressives who see government as the answer to all problems in a futile search for utopia. 

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