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Stacked Deck

The progressive Democrats have stitched together a coalition of disparate voting blocs coalesced around the common theme of victimhood with a card for each to be played either to excuse their outrageous behavior, or to silence critics of their outrageous … Continue reading

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Conservative Campaign Message

Conservatives face the messaging obstacle of explaining abstract concepts that do not lend themselves well to our sound bite media culture, and we must emulate marketing agencies to creatively translate our ideas into clever taglines easily understood and remembered by … Continue reading

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The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sowed discord in the Ukraine destabilizing the political situation with his hand-picked acolyte Viktor Yanukovych installed as president, and has seized the opportunity to invade the Crimean Peninsula with designs to reabsorb it into the … Continue reading

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Being Black Is No Excuse

President Barack Obama‚Äôs election has ushered in an age of unprecedented entitlement mentality in the black community which is especially prevalent among black politicians who took his election as a cue that the laws no longer applied to them all … Continue reading

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