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Turning Around the Economy

Finicky Republican voters are desperately searching for a candidate willing to discuss the details of their plans to turn the economy around and get Americans back to work.  Advertisements

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The Case for Natural Gas

A strong case can be made that natural gas is poised to overtake the electrical generation market rendering the Obama Administration’s assault on coal-fired power plants yet another unnecessary government intrusion into American commerce. 

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Pure Evil

Often, the only explanation for heinous acts is that they are the manifestation of pure evil, and we are left with an inadequate understanding of a senseless crime that haunts us long afterwards. 

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No Free Lunch

The alternative energy crowd is so consumed with the idea of capturing free energy that they are willing to spend any amount of taxpayer money to achieve their goal. 

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Environmental Religion

Environmentalists have twisted protection of the earth into a religion in which creation is worshiped in lieu of the Creator. 

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Animal House

In a case of life imitating art, Congressman Steny Hoyer protested the acting House Speaker’s failure to recognize him before adjournment of the House to prevent his call to take up the payroll tax holiday bill. 

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The Race Card

Black politicians play the race card to shut down any consideration of their poor job performance when it comes under scrutiny, and declare any mention of their inabilities as off-limits. 

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