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Slowly, The Tables Are Turning

The Deep State sought to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy and, failing that, his presidency, but slowly, the tables are turning as multiple investigations continue to reveal absolutely nothing criminal with the Trump campaign while exposing the Deep State members who … Continue reading

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Elder Brother Intolerance

With their incessant demands to upend society through constitutional misinterpretation, lefties have shredded the social fabric and destroyed civil discourse leaving Americans at the throats of one another while liberals practice intolerance for free speech in a type of elder … Continue reading

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The Next Civil War

Whenever we Southerners come out to defend Confederate monuments as part of our heritage while referring to the Civil War as a conflict over states’ rights, liberals love to bash us over the head with charges of racism and obfuscate … Continue reading

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Doing Something

In the wake of tragedies committed by deranged individuals giving vent to their inner evil, a favored refrain from the gun control crowd is the spurious charge that we need to do something, the utterance of which encompasses the twin … Continue reading

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