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Mideast Holy War

The recent movements by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his political power by rounding up potential rivals in an anti-corruption sweep are indicative of preparations for a war to stop the growing Shiite encirclement of Sunni Saudi … Continue reading

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The Pharisees Stand Accused

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at prominent liberals such as Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, along with the left being forced to confront Bill Clinton’s past through Juanita Broaddrick’s unrelenting campaign to make the … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

The regressive adherence to identity politics has progressed to the point where the demands of lefty groups are coming into conflict with one another, and the entire exercise has destroyed the civil discourse of American society as desperate snowflakes become … Continue reading

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What Goes Around

Democrat dirty tricks intended to smear Donald Trump are coming back to haunt the DNC and Hillary Clinton as proof is finally uncovered revealing that the DNC and Clinton conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, but the real … Continue reading

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