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Diplomatic Hardball

In contrast to previous administrations who weakly pursued diplomacy with the stench of American apology, President Trump has put the international community on notice that he has no intention of apologizing for American exceptionalism and every intention of negotiating with … Continue reading

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Short Round

By continuing to naively utilize the diplomatic playbook developed by his grandfather, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un displays a fundamental misunderstanding of President Trump’s disruptive approach to politics and a suicidal ignorance of his resolve to protect America.

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China, Inc.

The current perceived economic threat posed by China, Inc. parallels that of another Asian economic powerhouse from the 1980s known as Japan, Inc.

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By withdrawing American leadership around the globe, President Obama has purposely undermined geopolitical stability and created multiple global flashpoints threatening to erupt into war.

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Black Friday

Yesterday’s stunning stock market drop signals that the looming world financial crisis everyone has predicted for months has finally arrived with a vengeance.

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Keystone Kops Ax Pipeline

In a stunning announcement, the Obama Administration has rejected the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline route and doomed Americans to paying higher gasoline prices. 

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The China Syndrome

America’s technological lead is melting down as its innovations are increasingly transferred to China as the cost of doing business.

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