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Short Round

By continuing to naively utilize the diplomatic playbook developed by his grandfather, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un displays a fundamental misunderstanding of President Trump’s disruptive approach to politics and a suicidal ignorance of his resolve to protect America. Advertisements

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China, Inc.

The current perceived economic threat posed by China, Inc. parallels that of another Asian economic powerhouse from the 1980s known as Japan, Inc.

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By withdrawing American leadership around the globe, President Obama has purposely undermined geopolitical stability and created multiple global flashpoints threatening to erupt into war.

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Black Friday

Yesterday’s stunning stock market drop signals that the looming world financial crisis everyone has predicted for months has finally arrived with a vengeance.

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Keystone Kops Ax Pipeline

In a stunning announcement, the Obama Administration has rejected the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline route and doomed Americans to paying higher gasoline prices. 

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The China Syndrome

America’s technological lead is melting down as its innovations are increasingly transferred to China as the cost of doing business.

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