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Religion and Politics

In Matthew 22:21, Jesus answered the Pharisees by exhorting them to “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” to delineate a separation of the secular world of government from the … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

The regressive adherence to identity politics has progressed to the point where the demands of lefty groups are coming into conflict with one another, and the entire exercise has destroyed the civil discourse of American society as desperate snowflakes become … Continue reading

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Calling Out Iran

By refusing to recertify the atrocious Iran nuclear deal, President Trump called out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism while refusing to be bullied by threats from the Iranian leadership, and he dumped another mess in the lap of Congress … Continue reading

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Process Driven

President Trump recently criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s inability to repeal Obamacare on Twitter, and McConnell’s response said a lot about what’s wrong with the current state of American politics.

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Social Entropy

We are witnessing the decline of that great experiment in government launched by the Founding Fathers with the Constitution intended to maximize the personal liberty of Americans so that they might more readily realize their ambitions without the entanglement of … Continue reading

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Deep State Praetorian Guard

Much like the ancient Roman Praetorian Guard went from serving the personal protection needs of the emperor to becoming the arbiters of Roman imperial power to serve their own interests, the American Deep State has morphed from serving the needs … Continue reading

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Financial Responsibility

It has become a frequent government spectacle that fiscally irresponsible Big Government Democrats and establishment Republicans decry gloom and doom whenever fiscally responsible conservatives demand that the government live within its means by reducing the automatic spending increases mandated by … Continue reading

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