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Saving Traditional Marriage

Hearing two cases this week concerning the legal status of traditional marriage between a man and a woman, SCOTUS asked for compelling reasons to protect this institution to the exclusion of homosexual unions.  Advertisements

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Zero Tolerance Policy Zombies

The progressive liberals’ embrace of Zero Tolerance policies has created a class of the living dead who merely exist having to live under constant state supervision due to minor technical violations of the law. 

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Peter Pan

Being liberal means never having to grow up and face reality as one exists in the carefully constructed fantasy world of Neverland where immaturity is allowed to reign supreme. 

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A Principled Stand

This week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took a principled stand, launched into an old fashioned Senate filibuster, and forced the Obama Administration to stop equivocating on the question of armed drone strikes against Americans on American soil. 

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Sequester Letdown

After hyping the sequester mega disaster for weeks to scare Americans into pressuring Congress to cave in to his spending increase demands, President Obama is swiftly backtracking to explain why nothing happened when the sequester kicked in on Friday. 

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