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Battered Wife Syndrome

Conservatives refusing to leave the Republican Party after being repeatedly abused by the establishment leadership exhibit the classic symptoms of battered wife syndrome more afraid of their independence than their abusers.  Advertisements

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Republicans in Congress have lost all credibility with President Obama and must be prepared to hold out indefinitely on the shutdown and debt limit fights if they ever hope to regain any credibility with the president or with their own … Continue reading

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Dropping Out

Americans frustrated at being shut out of the political process by tin-eared party leadership, an election process marred by fraud, and a progressive agenda that subverts the Constitution while robbing our liberty and strangling our economy are dropping out of … Continue reading

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Health Scare Crisis

Despite progressive lies to the contrary, Americans have always had access to health care regardless of their ability to pay, and the primary reason our health care market has become so complicated is government interference through Medicare and Medicaid which … Continue reading

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