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Religion and Politics

In Matthew 22:21, Jesus answered the Pharisees by exhorting them to “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” to delineate a separation of the secular world of government from the … Continue reading

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Privacy Lost

The age of social media has ushered in an era where people voluntarily surrender their privacy to shadowy information companies which manipulate their users through a continuous behavioral prediction collection model which allows these companies to package this predictive behavior … Continue reading

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Diplomatic Hardball

In contrast to previous administrations who weakly pursued diplomacy with the stench of American apology, President Trump has put the international community on notice that he has no intention of apologizing for American exceptionalism and every intention of negotiating with … Continue reading

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Unhinged Lefty Anarchists

The traditional spring festival day of celebration occurring on May 1 was appropriated by the communists and socialists in the late 19th century as an International Workers Day commemorating the Haymarket affair in Chicago to ostensibly celebrate workers, but it … Continue reading

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