Process Driven

President Trump recently criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s inability to repeal Obamacare on Twitter, and McConnell’s response said a lot about what’s wrong with the current state of American politics.

In the Old Testament, God chose Abram to become the patriarch of a great nation of His chosen people who were to serve as an example to all peoples to lead them to Him. Abram demonstrated his faith in God by choosing to follow Him, and his faith was credited to him by God. The Israelites eventually misunderstood God’s intention to remain pure as an example to mean that remaining pure was the path to their salvation. God gave the law to Israel to reveal their sin and point to the need for a Savior, but the Israelites once again misunderstood God’s intention by attempting to follow the law as the path to their salvation.

Paul pointed out to the Galatians who were being led astray by Judaizers insisting that these Gentiles become circumcised and follow the law before they could become Christians that Abraham had found favor with God because of his faith, not because he had followed the law which came some 430 years after Abraham’s time. Paul’s rebuke to the Galatians laid out logically why following the law was merely an attempt by the Judaizers to seduce the Gentiles into believing that they could save themselves instead of having faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ as God revealed through Christ.

We do the same foolish thing today by believing those who preach to us that we must attend church, offer our tithes, and eliminate sin from our lives as if we had the power to save ourselves instead of merely recognizing we need Christ as our Savior and having faith in Him as our Savior. There are certainly good reasons to attend church, offer our tithes, and eliminate sin from our lives, but these aren’t the things that find favor with God and save us from eternal damnation. Faith alone in God is the key to our salvation, but we too often lose our focus on this point to become focused on the processes of religion in a foolish attempt to save ourselves.

President Trump rightly criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for failing to repeal Obamacare despite having had seven years to prepare for it and campaigning constantly to Americans that this would be the first order of business whenever Republicans regained control of government. President Trump stands ready to sign a repeal of Obamacare just as he promised in his campaign, yet McConnell has failed to deliver despite his promises. It is appalling to the American people, just as it is appalling to President Trump that Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP leadership failed to plan adequately for the return of Republicans to power. They campaigned on promises to repeal Obamacare, but Republicans never entirely believed Donald Trump would actually win the presidency, and so they blew off the preparation needed to craft an adequate Obamacare repeal and the necessary replacement legislation that would address the problems in health insurance Obamacare sought to exploit.

Let’s consider this for a moment. For seven years, Republicans have groused about Obamacare pointing out its numerous flaws, its socialist undertones, and its destructive ability to undermine the high quality of the American healthcare sector. As Republican politicians have become more intimately familiar with the arcane details of healthcare and health insurance from their focus on the flaws of Obamacare, so too have the American people. We recognized back in 2009 that Obamacare was a bad deal given our experience with other government-run entities such as the driver’s license bureau, but there was nothing we could do since Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House. Our only hope for salvation from Obamacare lay with the Supreme Court which dashed our hopes when Chief Justice John Roberts abandoned conservatives to rule that the Obamacare “fee” really was a tax, but that there was never a constitutional problem with it being called a tax in the first place. Refusing to give up, we went to work with the intention of electing Republicans as an effective opposition to the agenda of the Obama administration, but we’ve met with disappointment at practically every turn.

After seven years of Obamacare being the national topic of conversation ad nauseam, Republicans finally regained control of Congress and the White House after Americans soured on the failed policies of the Obama administration and refused to elect Crooked Hillary to a third Obama term. All those show votes previously taken by congressional Republicrats knowing they had no chance of becoming law were now for real, and they couldn’t close the deal. House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to push through a repeal that essentially left Obamacare in place, but was thwarted by Jim Jordan and the House Freedom Caucus. After twisting arms with no success, Ryan was forced to delay the vote to substitute a cleaner repeal that found limited favor with the House Freedom Caucus, but still fell short of the clean-slate full repeal promised to voters.

Senate Republicans wasted no time watering down the House bill, but still lacked the votes to pass, forcing McConnell to delay the vote for more arm twisting. The final vote failed when Senate Republicrats Dishonorable John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski traitorously sided with the Democrats to lamely save the Republican establishment from helping President Trump accomplish a campaign promise. So, after seven years of promises to repeal Obamacare as the basis of their imploring Americans to elect more Republicans and return them to power, the Republican establishment betrayed the voters to spite President Trump and protect their carefully fabricated political machine.

McConnell’s retort to President Trump’s Twitter criticism was that Trump was a political novice who didn’t understand the process and the time it took to get legislation through this process. What McConnell was really saying was that President Trump didn’t understand that career politicians like McConnell had constructed a political process impervious to his assaults and that could refuse to advance his agenda to protect their grasp on power. McConnell has the power to shut President Trump down to restore fidelity to the process he and other Republicrats have built in collusion with the Democrats.

In reality, President Trump understands exceedingly well this political process including how career politicians like McConnell have built it to protect their power at the expense of the American people. Oh, and we Americans also understand this which is why we purposely elected Donald Trump president so he could set about dismantling this process! This is the point that escapes McConnell and the other career politicians scheming to shut down President Trump’s agenda in the hopes that he will become frustrated enough to resign or be limited to one term until life can get back to normal for them. We Americans have become wise to their game and intend that life will never get back to their version of normal. We elected Donald Trump to ensure that McConnell and his ilk don’t get their way at our expense.

The Founding Fathers intended the Senate to be a brake on the inflamed passions of the people. Senators were expected to carefully deliberate House legislation more closely reflecting the passions of the moment to refine it into an acceptable compromise which would stand the tests of both time and scrutiny by the Supreme Court. The Founders never intended the Senate to become an obstacle to the passage of legislation nor did they intend for Senators to focus more on the legislative process than the legislation under consideration. It is one thing to remove egregious portions of legislation to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans, and quite another to become so focused on the arcane rules of the legislative process as to lose sight of the need to pass legislation addressing an egregious assault on the constitutional rights of Americans.

Mitch McConnell and the other career politicians infesting DC are so inwardly focused on their precious political process that they have failed to take into account the frustrations of Americans watching them selling out the working class to a globalist elite intent on increasing their profits at the expense of these working class Americans. Globalism to us means watching our manufacturing base being exported to other countries, seeing increased wage pressure from millions of illegal immigrants willing to work for low wages for the jobs remaining, and the insulting attitude of leftists accusing us of hatred for expressing our frustrations at this rigged game. They not only want to screw us over, but they have the audacity to expect us to like it at the same time!

Focusing on the purity of the political process is no more going to save Mitch McConnell and his ilk than focusing on cleanliness or the law was ever going to save the Old Testament Jews. What it does do is reveal to Americans that McConnell and the establishment Republicans are just as much out of touch with Americans with their process driven attitude as the Democrats with their lame attempts to force acceptance of Islam on Judeo-Christian America.

President Trump revealed to Americans the corruption of the biased media and its use of fake news propaganda to sway public opinion. He then revealed to Americans the insidious power of the intelligence agencies and their Deep State attempts to undermine his presidency. And now, after exposing establishment Republicrats as the real obstacle to draining the political swamp of DC, President Trump is revealing to Americans just how out of touch these career politicians are with the electorate and the details of how they plan to obstruct his agenda. Given President Trump’s ability to withstand previous attempts to bring him down, Mitch McConnell and the other Republicrats should be sweating the 2018 primaries as conservatives prepare for their defeat by backing actual conservatives more interested in serving the people than in serving the political process.

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