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Accommodating Evil

The Catholic Church accommodated evil in allowing a homosexual subculture to become established and thrive within the church under the protection of church leaders extending all the way up to Pope Francis who has now been accused by Archbishop Carlo … Continue reading

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White Nationalism

The Democrats created identity politics to pit minority groups against whites, thus ensuring that white Americans became the only group it was politically correct to be racist against all while claiming it was impossible for whites to experience racism because … Continue reading

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Losing Our Way

As a society, we in America have strayed precariously far away from the principles of the Founders and are in danger of losing our way to the detriment of our standard of living and way of life.

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The Fourth Estate Whines

The White House press corps has taken offense at President Trump calling them out as purveyors of fake news against the American people with demands that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders apologize to them on behalf of President Trump … Continue reading

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