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Capital Flight

No matter how much the left promises to expand government entitlements at the expense of the wealthy, there will never be enough money to fund these promises and the wealthy will merely take their wealth elsewhere because they can.  Advertisements

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Capital Risk

By insulating the capital markets from risk, the federal government has rewarded the politically connected and placed taxpayers at risk by guaranteeing unsound financial bets. 

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Capital Punishment

Wealth which shrugged during President Obama’s first term by sitting on the sidelines and awaiting his electoral defeat is now leaving in droves as entrepreneurs hastily sell off businesses prior to the coming fiscal cliff. 

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Post Election Advice

Confusion abounds in the wake of Mitt Romney’s election loss, but that doesn’t stop pundits from across the political spectrum from offering conservatives advice before the results are properly digested. 

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We’re Screwed!

With the reelection of Barack Obama and his radical progressive liberal agenda, America has ceased to be a nation dedicated to the traditional values of hard work to achieve success and instead became a nation of envious freeloaders. 

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