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With its failure to repeal Obamacare despite being controlled by the GOP, President Trump has revealed Congress to be an obstacle to his promise to Make America Great Again leaving Americans with no doubt that establishment Republicans in Congress are colluding with regressive Democrats to expand government and wondering what to do next.

The rise of an obscure Chicago community organizer from Illinois state senator to United States Senator from Illinois to President of the United States shocked conservative Americans whose worst fears were realized when Barack Obama launched an aggressive agenda promoting radical regressive policies to the detriment of the country. Heartland Americans recoiled from President Obama’s radical agenda so at odds with their sense of morality and conservatism which was aided by a Congress controlled by likeminded radically regressive Democrats. Americans launched the Tea Party movement, held rallies to protest the massive deficit spending undertaken by the Obama administration, and threw themselves into working for the election of Republicans to retake Congress in the hopes of putting the brakes on the radical regressive agenda of the Democrats.

Their tireless efforts resulted in the election of enough Republicans in 2010 to retake the House whereupon conservatives began hoping for a concerted opposition to the Obama administration. The establishment GOP leadership wasted no time demanding that Tea Party movement members shut up and allow them to handle legislative matters. Newly minted House Speaker John Boehner began acquiescing to Democrats with the excuse that Democrats controlled the Senate and would defeat legislative fights not carefully chosen to maximize political benefit. The only problem was that there never seemed to be a legislative fight worth the effort of House Republicans to wage against Democrats. Tea Party conservatives geared up for 2012 to once again tirelessly work for Republicans, managing to hold the House while losing some ground in the Senate.

This time, Tea Party demands for a voice were met with derisive opposition from the establishment GOP leadership who accused Tea Party conservatives of costing the GOP victories in several Senate elections with their inflexible demands for adherence to conservative principles. Establishment GOP candidates Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Todd Akin of Missouri were recast as Tea Party candidates despite their careers holding elected office as Republicans, and the Tea Party was threatened with open hostility by the establishment GOP leadership despite their work for Republicans in the election.

2014 saw the Tea Party back several candidates who defeated establishment Republicans and went on to win election despite opposition from the establishment GOP leadership spiteful at being handed defeats by these upstart conservatives with little political experience. Tom Cotton from Arkansas and Joni Ernst from Iowa were among the class of Republicans elected with Tea Party support in 2014 which saw the Senate return to Republican control for the first time since 2007. Once again, the establishment GOP leadership showed its disdain to Tea Party conservatives who worked to ensure Congress returned to Republican control. Conservatives expecting the GOP-controlled Congress to form an impressive opposition to the radical regressive agenda of the Obama administration were quickly disappointed as House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acquiesced to President Obama’s demands with the weak excuse that they lacked a sufficient majority to thwart Obama’s anticipated vetoes. Instead of forming a strong opposition to resist the Obama administration, Boehner and McConnell weakly knuckled under believing the biased media reports that they would end up being embarrassed to the detriment of the GOP should they attempt anything resembling opposition to President Obama.

During this time, multiple show votes were taken by the House to repeal Obamacare with the knowledge that the Senate under Democrat Harry Reid would never allow them to reach the Senate floor. After the GOP won control of the Senate in 2014, they managed to pass a single Obamacare repeal after much wrangling on the part of conservative leaders outside of Congress, and well aware that it was doomed to a veto by President Obama.

Fed up at being sold out by the timid establishment GOP leadership controlling Congress, Tea Party conservatives wasted no time rejecting one handpicked establishment presidential candidate after another and throwing their support behind businessman Donald J. Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries. Jeb Bush, handpicked and backed as the establishment GOP candidate, was shown the door in record time as conservatives refused to attend his rallies or vote for him in the primaries. Tea Party conservatives instantly gravitated to Trump with his bold talk of immigration reform that highlighted an issue the establishment GOP leadership was working to bury from public view and which reflected exactly what was on the minds of millions of Americans. Stunned and irritated, the establishment GOP leadership vowed to oppose Trump and formed the Never Trump movement which saw prominent Republicans claiming to be conservative do the unthinkable by opposing their party’s own nominee in favor of Hillary Clinton who had stolen the Democrat nomination from radical socialist Bernie Sanders in a continuation of her long history of scandal.

Candidate Trump attracted thousands of Americans to sold-out venues wherever he appeared, and echoed the sentiments of millions of working class Americans left behind by the radical regressive policies of Democrats and the Obama administration and left without a voice by both political parties. It had become clear to these Americans that the regressive Democrats and establishment Republicans were colluding to force a globalist agenda upon them to their detriment for the benefit of wealthy corporatists. Donald Trump was their only hope of stopping this political treachery and sending the message that Americans were as mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore.

Piqued establishment Republicans aligned themselves against Candidate Trump to implicitly support Hillary Clinton believing her to be the candidate least likely to upset their carefully constructed political scheme of things. The media mobilized a tremendous effort to malign Trump and prop up Hillary despite her scandal-ridden past, inability to connect with voters, and lack of a campaign platform offering anything other than her belief that it was a woman’s turn to be president and she wasn’t Trump. There were dark days prior to the election as the media hyped Hillary as unbeatable and enjoying increasingly double-digit leads, but there were many of us secure in the knowledge that this was all propaganda designed to discourage voters. Surely, we believed, there had to be a vast number of Americans who saw things as we did, that Hillary was a crook and the media was lying. Election Day proved us correct as Trump went on to a stunning upset which left the snowflake radical regressives curled in fetal positions with shattered worldviews.

Donald Trump was elected president, and the Never Trump establishment GOP reached out to the Obama holdovers sprinkled throughout the federal bureaucracy to initiate the Deep State opposition which continues to bedevil President Trump with the leaking of classified information designed to destroy his presidency from within through the steady drip of disinformation. President Trump’s conservative base remains loyal having watched as Candidate Trump revealed to Americans the biased media as the purveyors of fake news and propagandists for the Democrat Party. President Trump has revealed to Americans the treachery of the establishment GOP leadership colluding with the regressive Democrats to oppose Americans hoping for repeal of Obamacare. President Trump continues to call out various groups opposing his agenda and revealing their treachery to Americans.

Americans watching the Republican congressional leadership failing their promise to repeal Obamacare with weak excuses demonstrating more their disdain of conservative Americans than any inability to successfully pass legislation are left wondering what the next move will be in this political chess game. While there are many obstacles facing President Trump such as the biased media and the Deep State, the only obstacle Americans have the power to change is that of Congress. But, how exactly is this to be done? It was the radical regressive agenda of the Democrats which has plunged America into so much trouble, so voting for unrepentant Democrats is not an option, and it is the collusion of treacherous establishment Republicans which is facilitating Democrat opposition to President Trump’s agenda in Congress, so voting for establishment Republicans is not an option either. The only option left to Americans is to vote for Tea Party conservatives opposing establishment Republicans in the 2018 primaries.

The naïve enthusiasm of Tea Party conservatives in 2010 has transformed into a much deeper awareness of media bias and establishment GOP treachery. Once powerful media lies that held the ability to distract and sway conservatives now fall on deaf ears as savvier conservatives ignore biased media pleas in service to the regressive agenda. The authentic conservatism of Senators such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, and Rand Paul stands in stark contrast to those liberal Republicans seeking to disguise themselves as conservatives such as John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. Those candidates backed by the establishment GOP leadership with legislative records betraying their liberal intentions either as incumbents or lesser office holders with political careers in which they hope to advance are recognizable to conservatives as the opposition. 2018 is a time to clean political house by defeating these establishment GOP dinosaurs in the primaries to end their liberal collusion.

I have long argued that it is way past the time for conservatives to rid themselves of the Republican Party and its corrupt establishment leadership. This much was readily apparent in 2012 as the establishment GOP leadership sought to transfer its failures onto Tea Party conservatives and denounce us with open hostility. It is time to form the Tea Party as a strong conservative alternative to the liberal weakness and infidelity of the establishment GOP leadership and remove from ourselves the millstone which the Republican Party has become. A Tea Party would lack the bias that has kept many from joining the Republican Party even as they desert the Democrat Party which no longer reflects their values.

Americans sent a powerful and unmistakable message with the election of Donald Trump, but the political class prefers to ignore that message in the hopes that this is just a fad that will blow over and allow them to get back to business as usual. It is not a fad and it won’t blow over, but it will end up costing these political dinosaurs their offices because they refuse to understand just how angry Americans are at their contemptuous attitude towards us. They do not exist to be served by us, but exist to serve us. This is a lesson which bears repeating often and in no uncertain terms. This lesson is best taught by Americans defeating establishment Republicans in the 2018 primaries with solid Tea Party conservatives. The establishment will trot out their usual lie that defeating incumbent Republicans, regardless of how liberal they are, will hand seats to the Democrats, but Americans have grown much savvier to this lie since President Trump exposed the media as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Short of getting our guns and setting about with grim determination the work of revolution to restore America to the constitutional principles envisioned by the Founding Fathers, the only move we have left is to work with the same grim determination to defeat establishment Republicans in the primaries and weed them out of power. This means every establishment Republican from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan on down until we’re left with those passionate conservatives who have not strayed from the fold. In politics, there is no point to winning just for the sake of winning. There must be a legitimate agenda behind the fight that makes winning worthwhile. Rejecting the failed agenda of globalism with its communist undertones and returning America to the constitutional principles which took it from discovery to the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years is a worthwhile agenda.

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