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Globalist Defeat

Globalists suffered a major defeat with Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union despite overwhelming government and media support for the Remain campaign including dire predictions from the wealthy elites concerning economic collapse. Advertisements

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Islamic Terrorist Deniers

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to release edited transcripts of the 911 call Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen’s 911 made during his Pulse nightclub attack is absolutely ridiculous and demonstrates just how unwilling this corrupt administration is to admit that Islamic … Continue reading

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Like It Never Happened

Progressives have busied themselves demanding the removal of Confederate flags and war memorials which serves the dual purposes of facilitating their historical revisionism and distracting voters from their destructive racial political agenda.

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Diversity is the lie upon which multiculturalism is built by progressives seeking to destabilize America as a pretext to seizing greater control.

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Mainstreaming Evil

The recent dedication ceremony for the Gotthard Base Tunnel constructed through the Swiss Alps included an array of demonic symbology such as a goat man surrounded by dancers cavorting as if in praise and a descending angel in the form … Continue reading

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