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Religion and Tolerance

The leftists are browbeating Americans into accepting Islam as a peaceful religion on the same level as Christianity by misusing the Christian principle of tolerance against us.  Advertisements

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Marathon Massacre

This week’s terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon is a painful reminder that the complacency we’ve grown accustomed to in the years since 9/11 is unwarranted as terrorism once again visits an American city. 

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Media Blackout on Abortion Horrors

The trial of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell is revealing shocking details of systemic infanticide and the cold indifference of a man preying on susceptible women by endangering their lives in unsanitary conditions while his attorney plays the race card … Continue reading

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Progressive Gun Control

In its zeal to pass gun control, the radical left has politicized mass killing sprees by psychopaths to promote its cause and employed the media to shift the narratives to discover the emotional line that most resonates with Americans while … Continue reading

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