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The Diversity Scam

Progressives have been pushing the lie for decades that diversity is the reason for America’s success as justification for its multicultural agenda to abolish national borders for the importation of Democrat voters and third-world workers as a precursor to their … Continue reading

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Shut It Down

Playing to his conservative base at the Phoenix rally, President Trump threatened to shut down the government unless funding is included by Congress to build the border wall he campaigned on, and with the recent departure of Steve Bannon, widely … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

Saturday’s event in Charlottesville, Virginia was shameful on several levels, especially that aspect where Virginia churches allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the left in their drive to abridge free speech in America.

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Social Entropy

We are witnessing the decline of that great experiment in government launched by the Founding Fathers with the Constitution intended to maximize the personal liberty of Americans so that they might more readily realize their ambitions without the entanglement of … Continue reading

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Olympic Illusions

Despite the inspiring stories of multiple medal winners Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky representing the United States, the 2016 Rio Olympics has lost much of its luster as the pinnacle of sport due to the widespread doping scandals erupting in … Continue reading

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America has had enough of the progressive assault on men in general and white men in particular that has demoralized the country and adversely impacted minorities in the left’s zeal to punish white men for all their imagined sins.

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Religion and Tolerance

The leftists are browbeating Americans into accepting Islam as a peaceful religion on the same level as Christianity by misusing the Christian principle of tolerance against us. 

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