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Globalism Hits the Wall

With the Yellow Vest riots in Paris where members of the French working class are protesting against skyrocketing taxes and prices stemming from the Paris Accord global warming scam forced on them by the French elite dedicated to the European … Continue reading

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Restoring American Exceptionalism

President Trump’s actions this week from nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, to reading the riot act to the Pecksniffian members of NATO, to admonishing British Prime Minister Theresa May over her Brexit sellout have made us proud to … Continue reading

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Coming Apart at the Seams

The European Union is coming apart at the seams as Europeans across the continent flock to independence movements and conservative parties frustrated by European establishment demands for open borders and unlimited immigration which is overwhelming the social fabric with Muslims … Continue reading

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Rise of the Populists

With the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, and the shock of two outsiders headed into the final round of the French presidential election, only those who persist in keeping their heads buried in the sand … Continue reading

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Globalist Defeat

Globalists suffered a major defeat with Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union despite overwhelming government and media support for the Remain campaign including dire predictions from the wealthy elites concerning economic collapse.

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Mainstreaming Evil

The recent dedication ceremony for the Gotthard Base Tunnel constructed through the Swiss Alps included an array of demonic symbology such as a goat man surrounded by dancers cavorting as if in praise and a descending angel in the form … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Is a Lie

Progressives have foisted the lie of multiculturalism upon the West not to elevate the acceptance of lesser cultures, but to depress the culture of Western Civilization down to the level of these lesser cultures.

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