Sending a Message

The left’s recent jihad against a bunch of moldy old Confederate statues no one has paid any attention to for a century has nothing to do with social justice or erasing racism and everything with sending a message to President Trump’s supporters to remind them how little control they actually have.

The Civil War was fought to settle the question of whether states which voluntarily joined the Union had the power to voluntarily leave the Union. The catalyst for this clash of Americans was the issue of slavery and whether it was to be continued and expanded in America or limited in scope and eventually driven out. There were a great many Americans in northern states sympathetic to the issue of slavery as it contributed to the economic base of a lucrative textile industry. Southern cotton raised and gathered on plantations staffed with slaves made its way north to textile mills where it was woven into profitable garments. There were a great many Americans up north not anxious to upset this profitable arrangement.

The philosopher George Santayana reminds us “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The left has labored to erase the teaching of history in schools to leave us ignorant while erasing our history with their propaganda lies so that we will be condemned to repeat it under their control. After the Civil War, Democrats in the South organized the KKK to launch a campaign of intimidation and fear against blacks freed by Republican President Abraham Lincoln to suppress their ability to vote and elect blacks to office. The KKK reached the zenith of its power under the administration of Democrat President Woodrow Wilson who reintroduced segregation in the federal civil service.

Adolf Hitler admired the KKK model created by American Democrats and used it as the basis for the Nazi Party. Instead of white robes, Nazi brown shirts, as members of the Sturmabteilung, marched across Germany assisting Hitler’s rise to power intimidating his political opponents. The KKK aimed its campaign of terror against southern blacks while the Nazis terrorized European Jews as the cause of all the evils which plagued Germany. The formal name of the Nazi Party was the German Socialist Workers Party, and they battled the communists in Germany over the same group of left-wing followers. Hitler and the Nazis were socialists, and fascism was a product of the left, not the right as we are led to believe by American lefty propaganda. After the horrors of the Holocaust became known to the world, the left had to disavow the Nazis and their fascism, which they did by recasting them as a product of the right. The left has conveniently whitewashed the fact that Democrat FDR openly admired Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and Democrat JFK enthusiastically admired Adolf Hitler calling him “a legend” as late as 1945.

Another lie being promoted by the left is that Confederate General Robert E. Lee represents slavery and racism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lee was a man of such high moral integrity that President Lincoln offered him command of the Union Army before Lee turned him down to serve his state of Virginia. Lee detested slavery as a “moral and political evil” and was against secession, yet the left now paints him as the epitome of slavery and secession. The worst part is that Americans ignorant of their own history actually believe these lies, and with the removal of Confederate monuments, they won’t have the chance to learn of this treachery by the left.

The white supremacists battling the Antifa leftists in Charlottesville this past Saturday was nothing more than a repeat of the battles in Germany between the fascists and communists fighting for supremacy over the radical German left. Leaders in Virginia churches allowed themselves to be used as pawns by calling for Virginia Christians to side with the left in this unholy battle to stifle free speech. Christians complain when the left labels them homophobes in an attempt to intimidate them into silence when it comes to defending traditional marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but then rushed to assist the left in their political correctness campaign of terror against free speech against those with an unpopular message.

The left couldn’t care less about these Confederate monuments and hadn’t given them much of a thought prior to the election of Donald Trump as president. The left has attempted to smear President Trump as a closet white supremacist since the campaign, first to motivate their base into voting for Crooked Hillary, and now to delegitimize his presidency. After having neglected them for a century, the left suddenly turned its attention to the removal of Confederate monuments in the aftermath of Trump’s election. Did these Confederate monuments suddenly become racist after sitting there for a century? Yes, according to the left, because Donald Trump is now president and they are invested in smearing him as a white supremacist.

Americans supporting Donald Trump were thrilled to see him elected over Crooked Hillary and relieved that the destructive agenda of the Obama administration would begin to be rolled back. Finally, we sighed, the left was out of power and we could retake America. Democrats were left reeling without power and without a message. Their pathetic attempts to smear President Trump were met with ridicule as he exposed the media as their biased propagandists.

Smoldering over their loss, the left decided to send America and Trump’s supporters a message to demonstrate how much power it still wields and how little power Trump’s supporters really have despite Trump’s election. The left decided to take away something that would upset Americans and do it in a way that would have these Americans helping them do it. Focusing their attention on the removal of Confederate monuments would accomplish two purposes. First, it would demonstrate their power and their continued ability to manipulate public opinion. Second, it would allow the left to erase their shameful past of racial animosity while allowing them to further transfer their racial sins onto conservatives. The way they did it was straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. They froze a target, defined it, and polarized it. They focused on the proliferation of Confederate monuments across the South, redefined them as symbols of racism instead of memorials to the war dead, and polarized them by hiring groups to protest them as hateful. Suddenly, America is being told the lie that Confederate monuments are symbols of racism that must be removed before racial healing can proceed. Incidentally, we were told that racial healing would follow in the wake of Barack Obama’s election as president, but Obama intentionally increased racial strife and led us directly to the present conflict.

The battle in Charlottesville wasn’t about removing a Confederate monument or standing up to hatred. It was a message from the left that it still has its power to upend our lives and manipulate our opinions. It still has the power to reshape America in its image and is merely waiting out President Trump’s time in office. So intense was the left’s barrage in Charlottesville that its media propagandists forced President Trump to issue another statement condemning the white supremacists. This error on President Trump’s part signaled a weakness to the left that it will voraciously exploit going forward. President Trump showed that he isn’t entirely immune from the race card, and he can expect it to be played against him more vigorously in the future.

The right to free speech is a bedrock American principle guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution. One does not have the right to free speech if one cannot speak freely. Political correctness is the left’s campaign of intimidation to create duress and hostility designed to terrorize its critics into self-censorship to perpetuate their lies by having the public see no pushback to its agenda. The Founders knew that the speech most in need of protection was that speech which was the least popular. It’s easy to denounce white supremacists as haters who have no right to speak their opinions, but they are the most in need of protection to speak freely as those who condemn their right to free speech also condemn Americans for supporting Christian principles by labeling them as homophobes, racists, and right-wing extremists. Critics of the left are subjected to the terrorism of political correctness to silence their criticism. They are ostracized, subjected to economic persecution, and violently attacked for their criticism of the radical leftist agenda.

The left sent a message in Charlottesville that it is still here despite President Trump’s election and not to be trifled with. Anyone daring to oppose the left and its Deep State campaign to remove President Trump can expect more of the same as that in Charlottesville. The left used the white supremacists groups, which were products of the left, as the scapegoat to smear conservatives as racist, while using Christians egged on by Virginia church leaders as willing participants in its political correctness campaign of terror to silence free speech.

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