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Media Diversion

Of the plethora of scandals in which the Obama administration is embroiled, the media is focused mainly on the NSA surveillance and the hunt for Edward Snowden who leaked classified information in revealing what is essentially a non-event.  Advertisements

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Progressive Fatigue

I’m finding it hard to write anything this week as I’m rather tired of watching the progressives continue to destroy America with apparently no way of doing anything to slow the destruction. 

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Energy Independence

Becoming energy independent by developing our shale deposits would allow America to reduce her involvement in the Middle East while stimulating her economy and providing jobs for thousands of Americans. 

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Turning Our Backs on the Government

As it becomes increasingly apparent that our government has abandoned the rule of law, debased our currency, and destroyed our property rights in the progressive shift to expanded government that holds totalitarianism as its logical conclusion, how many of us … Continue reading

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The Road Less Traveled

In their zeal to increase their power to do good, progressives travel down the familiar road toward government expansion and decreasing liberty unleashing the forces of central planning to marshal resources to an arbitrary common goal. 

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