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La Dolce Vita

Without breaking a sweat in life, Barack and Michelle Obama now enjoy the sweet life at the expense of taxpayers.  Advertisements

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When a candidate can’t run on his lousy record, he employs distractions to keep the voters focused on anything but his record. 

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April 19 was the 237th anniversary of the famous “shot heard ‘round the world” fired at Lexington Green when a group of Patriots assembled to confront a contingent of 700 British Regulars intent on seizing military supplies stored at Concord.

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Tax Myths

Americans have caught on to many of the myths surrounding tax policy and are starting to reject the tax narrative promoted by progressive liberals as reality belies this narrative. 

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What Happens in Vegas…

The recent exposure of extravagant GSA spending is further confirmation that our government is too large and out of control. 

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Clear Sailing

Rick Santorum’s withdrawal from the race leaves clear sailing for Mitt Romney to lock up the Republican nomination. 

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Sacrificing the Savior

Today we observe Good Friday as the day Jesus our Savior was sacrificed by a corrupt world too blinded by its own ambition to recognize the Savior for which it had so longed. 

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