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Denying the Existence of God

Every action by the progressive liberal left is rooted in an attempt to deny the existence of God which paves the way for promoting the idea that there is no accountability for doing exactly what one feels and allows the … Continue reading

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Political Ambivalence

Americans have become saturated with politics while no candidate has emerged to convince us that they would be able to stop the train wreck Obama has us headed towards. We are distancing ourselves emotionally to prepare for the coming political … Continue reading

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The Question

When contemplating the application of government rules, the overarching and most important consideration of the governing should be whether these rules make the governed more free or less free. 

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Romney Suffers ObamaCare Wrath

Rick Santorum’s stunning upset sweep in yesterday’s primaries might be attributed to concerns of the ObamaCare mandate to cover contraceptives and Romney’s refusal to distance himself from its predecessor, RomeyCare. 

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