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Obama’s Amway Policy

President Obama and his radical progressive socialist cabal seek to apply the lessons of Amway to the debate over taxation and government revenues. 

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Keystone Kops Ax Pipeline

In a stunning announcement, the Obama Administration has rejected the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline route and doomed Americans to paying higher gasoline prices. 

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Pence Rocks the House

Friday evening, conservative Indiana Representative Mike Pence electrified the crowd at the Monroe County Republican Women’s Club Dinner annual fundraiser. 

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Stone Cold Tax Hike

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone is seeking a permanent sales tax increase to fund his growing law enforcement empire at the expense of cash-strapped parish residents struggling to make ends meet. 

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Party Crasher

President Obama’s attempted to remain relevant amid all the hoopla surrounding the Iowa Republican Caucus by holding a teleconference to rally his Hawkeye supporters. Plagued by technical glitches that left viewers with a fuzzy picture, the video feed was a … Continue reading

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The Stealth Tax

Republicans are flirting with the idea of imposing a VAT on Americans to the delight of radical progressives enamored of the European socialist model of big government. 

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