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Unhinged Lefty Anarchists

The traditional spring festival day of celebration occurring on May 1 was appropriated by the communists and socialists in the late 19th century as an International Workers Day commemorating the Haymarket affair in Chicago to ostensibly celebrate workers, but it … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

Saturday’s event in Charlottesville, Virginia was shameful on several levels, especially that aspect where Virginia churches allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the left in their drive to abridge free speech in America.

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The Hate Crimes Hoax

Given that hate is an emotion, the creation of hate crimes is an unconstitutional attempt to legislate thoughts by the left through a cleverly designed hoax which sets up conservatives to face legal retribution for daring to challenge their regressive … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Along with all the conservative euphoria over Donald Trump’s win has come the inevitable practice of fantasizing about the vast array of possibilities available to roll back the destructive progressive agenda advanced unconstitutionally by the Obama administration, all made possible … Continue reading

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Stolen Sovereignty

The Founders’ original intent to create a federal government with just barely enough power to defend the country from foreign invasion and resolve disputes between the states has evolved into a tyrannical government behemoth that imposes its will upon the … Continue reading

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Presidential Power

While the media is busily biased presenting the dire consequences of a Donald Trump presidency and all the power he could wield in rolling back the progressive gains of the Obama administration even as President Obama has constantly lamented his … Continue reading

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Erosion of Independence

As we pause to celebrate Independence Day, let us lament the loss of our liberty at the hands of the collective.

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