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It’s All About Control

The progressive left foolishly believes it can control evil men to prevent them from committing evil while completely ignoring the obvious need for these evil men to control themselves and their own evil impulses. Advertisements

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Gun Control Meets Reality

The horrific image of an unarmed French policeman being murdered in cold blood by heavily armed Muslim terrorists as he attempted to surrender while begging for his life put an end to the gun control debate once and for all.

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Progressive Gun Control

In its zeal to pass gun control, the radical left has politicized mass killing sprees by psychopaths to promote its cause and employed the media to shift the narratives to discover the emotional line that most resonates with Americans while … Continue reading

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Gun Control

The shameless left has used the horrendous murder of schoolchildren for the crass political reason of pushing gun control, another issue near and dear to their lefty hearts. 

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