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The Smoking Gun

The release of an email by the White House in which former advisor Ben Rhodes explicitly told Susan Rice to push the fabricated talking point that an obscure YouTube video critical of Islam was responsible for an attack on the … Continue reading

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Media Diversion

Of the plethora of scandals in which the Obama administration is embroiled, the media is focused mainly on the NSA surveillance and the hunt for Edward Snowden who leaked classified information in revealing what is essentially a non-event. 

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Golden Opportunity

John Boehner has been handed a golden opportunity to shut down President Obama’s second term agenda served on a silver platter in the form of numerous administration scandals requiring House investigations. 

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Even More Scandal Revelations

As if the Benghazi cover up heating up from whistleblower testimony this week and the IRS scandal involving the deliberate targeting of TEA Party and other conservative groups accidently revealed Friday were not enough, today we learn that the Justice … Continue reading

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Benghazi Heats Up

The whistleblowers are revealing the real story of the Benghazi terrorist attack and the details of the White House cover up, and the White House press corps is revolting against Jay Carney’s lame explanations for rewriting the CIA intelligence reports. 

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