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Pathetic Embarrassment

In their attempts to derail the inevitable confirmation of imminently qualified jurist Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats have become a pathetic embarrassment by elevating the low-class antics of street protest to the Senate chambers. Advertisements

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Erosion of Independence

As we pause to celebrate Independence Day, let us lament the loss of our liberty at the hands of the collective.

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The Iranian Bomb

Despite numerous dire warnings and as entirely expected, the fanatical Iranian regime probably already has a functioning nuclear weapon it is prepared to test at such a time that is most convenient for its propaganda purposes, and we’re doomed to … Continue reading

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Death of a Thousand Cuts

Those Americans concerned about President Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution who are waiting for Obama to commit an act so egregiously unconstitutional that it will rally Americans to come out against him in force are doomed to disappointment as Obama … Continue reading

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Burning Down the House

The American political climate has become a lot less civil due to the fact that progressives are willing to literally burn down the house to get their way in the belief that enacting their agenda is more important than the … Continue reading

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Change the Narrative

Conservatives will continue to be vilified by the media acting in its role as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, so we should stop feeling guilty about our conservatism and start being ourselves instead of adopting the losing … Continue reading

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The Spoiled Brat

In threatening the Supreme Court over their pending decision on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), President Obama is once again showing himself to be a spoiled brat not getting his way and threatening … Continue reading

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