La Dolce Vita

Without breaking a sweat in life, Barack and Michelle Obama now enjoy the sweet life at the expense of taxpayers. 

The presidency offers unique perquisites to the officeholder that afford him the ability to function in office without having to worry about mundane matters such as travel, security, housing, or even entertainment. These perks are naturally extended to his family so as to relieve him of the responsibility of pedestrian concerns so he may concentrate on the weightier matters that are unique to the office. Ex presidents often reflect that they were initially excited at the prospect of gaining access to these perks upon entering office only to find that they were insufficient in making up for the tortuous decisions and constant stress one endures as president. The presidency is a grave responsibility that ages its occupants as can be seen in most before and after photos. Presidents enter office expecting to enact grand plans only to discover their ability diluted by events arising from the ambitions of other world leaders with their own schedules and plans.

Barack Obama entered the presidency in 2009 having been fully indoctrinated in progressive liberal Marxism throughout his life and intent on implementing its doctrine upon an America he felt had slighted him in life, despite the fact that he had achieved the pinnacle of American success by becoming the first black to ascend to the presidency. Obama’s life had been carefully planned and mapped out by his ideological enablers, as he was to become the vehicle whereby they could realize their infantile fantasies of destroying American institutions which have served the nation so well over the course of its history. Why so much animosity towards American institutions? Perhaps their lust for power was stifled by these institutions, which is precisely why they had served so well in the past. They were established to temper the quest for power by those who would abuse such power to destroy the liberty of Americans interested in pursuing their lives with minimal intrusion from the state.

The progressive liberal Marxists achieved stunning electoral success in 2008, managing to capture control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government. They proceeded to enact disastrous legislation which has strangled the economy and unnecessarily burdened Americans with high unemployment, high costs, and high government debt which have further eroded the ability of economic recovery. The wasteful stimulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank financial regulation, class warfare rhetoric, and trillion dollar deficits have done nothing to ease the economic burden and much to aggravate it. Meanwhile, alluding to the pressures of office, Obama has taken every opportunity imaginable to vacation on the taxpayer dime as his minions continue to impose their burdensome and destructive agenda upon the American people.

Americans are forced to watch their jobs disappear and endure increasingly frugal vacation opportunities with many of these opportunities disappearing completely while the Obama family enjoys luxurious foreign getaways at expensive hotels in exotic locations surrounded by security teams and all at the expense of taxpayers who have no say in how their hard-earned taxes are spent. Working-class Democrats are starting to resent Obama for indulging his taste for the finer things at their expense. This constituency is joining the ranks of other hard-working Americans who have little sympathy for the complaints of the wealthy be they sports stars with multi-million dollar salaries or the president who campaigned for the job knowing he was expected to work hard to improve America. Our jobs are also stressful, and this stress is compounded by the fact that our jobs lack security in these uncertain economic times; an economic uncertainty which Obama’s Keynesian economic policies have exacerbated. The need to fill a 24/7 news cycle means we are constantly reminded of every detail of every vacation that either Obama or his wife take.

His predecessor refused to take vacations, spending his time at the ranch in Crawford, Texas, and preferred to think of his security detail by arranging his schedule to allow them time off with their families. Not so with Obama. Their penchant for the sweet life has them embarking upon separate vacation schedules requiring far more advance planning and security. All of these costs are born by taxpayers weary of watching their indulgence at our expense. Vicarious living is possible only when those indulging in such fantasies believe that the object of their attention has somehow earned the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, but with Obama, reality has intruded to remind Americans that he has been coddled throughout his life by enablers for their nefarious purposes.

Obama has gotten used to better and now seeks a second term to continue indulging at our expense. He abuses the perks of office to travel to swing states and engage in political events under the guise of “official business” that allows him the use of Air Force One. By using the power of the presidency, he saves massive amounts of campaign cash that doesn’t have to be used for travel expenses, security details, and event coordination, but can instead be diverted to political advertising. With this in mind, it is not enough for Republicans to merely match his fundraising to remain competitive. They must raise substantially more funds to offset the natural advantages afforded by incumbency.

Never having worked a day in his life, Obama has not developed a work ethic and prefers to engage in amusements rather than devote himself to the rigors of leading the most powerful nation on earth. He much prefers shooting hoops over statesmanship. Americans have awakened to the fact that their blank slate was not there to project their ideal reality upon, but rather it was and continues to be nothing more than a blank slate. The emperor is naked and his acolytes are realizing this inconvenient truth. Much like cynical Russians who grumbled that the revolution of the people had replaced one set of masters with a much cruder set of masters, those who voted Obama into office are having second thoughts as they watch him feather his nest at taxpayer expense while they slave away in obscurity.

America was founded upon the notion that individual liberty tempered by individual responsibility allowed for the pursuit of happiness with property rights, sound money, and rule of law equally applied to everyone as the cornerstones of this idea. Given these ingredients, one could reap the benefits of hard work to ease their journey through life. Charlatans and cheats seek to shortcut this process to achieve success with minimal effort, and laws seek to protect the innocent from these frauds. Obama has managed to skate his way through life with minimal effort and enjoys a level of success unwarranted by his effort in getting there. Americans are rightly resentful of such out-of-touch behavior by one who has come to assume that he is entitled to such at our expense. We want to see less vacationing and more work. We want to see someone else in office less conspicuous in his consumption and more conspicuous in his work ethic.

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