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Taxation With Representation

As we celebrate the founding of our country this Fourth of July, let us take a moment to reflect back on the historic struggle undertaken by the Founders against impossible odds to secure our liberty, and let us also contemplate … Continue reading

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Independence Day

This is a particularly poignant 4th of July, coming on the heels of the Supreme Court’s unprecedented decision to find the Affordable Care Act constitutional and grant the federal government unlimited power to tax Americans for existing.

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Resist, Rebel, Revolt

When faced with an arrogant usurpation of the Constitution, Americans must resist, rebel, then revolt to reestablish constitutional adherence by our elected officials. 

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April 19 was the 237th anniversary of the famous “shot heard ‘round the world” fired at Lexington Green when a group of Patriots assembled to confront a contingent of 700 British Regulars intent on seizing military supplies stored at Concord.

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