Sacrificing the Savior

Today we observe Good Friday as the day Jesus our Savior was sacrificed by a corrupt world too blinded by its own ambition to recognize the Savior for which it had so longed. 

Much hatred has been directed towards the Jews since Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on Golgotha in the mistaken belief that it was the Jewish people who were responsible for His condemnation and death. The real culprit in Jesus’ death was a corrupt Jewish leadership so focused on their inward gazing and exclusivity for purity’s sake that they failed to see the greatest miracle of all – the arrival of the Messiah for which the Jewish people had so fervently prayed to deliver them from evil. They were incapable of understanding the bigger picture of Jesus’ ministry, being focused as they were on the hardships of daily living under totalitarian rule from a foreign power.

Jesus spoke of an attitude of love towards one’s enemies and reminded His followers that their enemies walk in darkness ignorant of the light. Jesus’ love for His fellow man was demonstrated in His plea to “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” as He hung dying in absolute agony on the cross. Jesus reminded people of the pure aspects of brotherly love to be shown to everyone and gave a glimpse of the world as it should be in stark opposition as to how it actually was, and still is. Jewish power rested nominally in the hands of the priests who passed judgment on the people and demanded sacrifices on the Temple altar to atone for sins. They were always careful to point to God as the One demanding these sacrifices and carefully explained that they were merely His instruments on earth in an air of false humility. The priests had a good thing going and recognized in Jesus a threat to their comfortable way of life.

During His ministry, Jesus touched many lives through His healing power and the words of love He directed towards those considered as refuse by society. Jesus waded in among sinners to bring them hope and salvation when no Jewish priest would dare go near them for fear of contamination. Jews misunderstood God’s command to remain pure as an example, to mean remain pure as a condition of salvation. They devised numerous rules and regulations to promote this purity and to guide the conduct of the Jewish people in their daily lives while warning them of the consequences of God’s displeasure. The Jews were dependent upon the priests for spiritual guidance, and the priests took full advantage of this dependence.

These Jewish priests were stunned to see Jesus enter Jerusalem to the cheers of the people who welcomed Him as a conquering hero. Jesus tore through the Temple overturning the tables of moneychangers and upsetting the carts of vendors as He exposed the hypocrisy of the priests preying upon a dependent people seeking only righteous favor from God. His condemnation of the priests began to set the people against their corruption and provoked their plan to eliminate Jesus as a threat to their power structure. They strategically placed supporters in the crowd to call for Jesus’ crucifixion to convince the undecided that Jesus was a false prophet and that there was widespread support for His death for blasphemy. The people, being ignorant and easily led, fell for this trap and played right into the hands of the priests by picking up the calls for Jesus’ death and condemning the very One whose arrival they had celebrated just days before. No, the Jews didn’t kill Jesus; rather His death was orchestrated by a corrupt Jewish leadership to protect their power and position and aided by their control over the people made possible by their control of information.

If this all sounds eerily familiar to current events, then you are not alone in such a conclusion. Our government is controlled by an elitist group of progressive liberal socialists bent on implementing their agenda and aided by their control of information to convince an ignorant and easily led people to support their cause. We are told absurd things that conflict with reality and strategically placed supporters in our society echo these statements to convince us that they are the true reality. These supporters are the media mandarins who parrot the party line while the people abandon them in droves as their lies become ever more fantastic and unbelievable. They are the unions who exist in an unholy alliance with politicians who buy their support with taxpayer funds in quid pro quo deals over which ordinary citizens have little say.

The Jewish priests were successful in their plot against Jesus because its speedy execution meant that the Jewish people did not have enough time to sort out the truth and reach their own conclusion. The progressive liberal socialists are seeing their plot unravel as Americans compare reality to the lies they are being told and reach a different conclusion. However, it may still be too late as the progressive liberal elites solidify their grip on power to disenfranchise Americans from a say in their own fate.

The progressives have methodically entrenched themselves in key government positions to aid their takeover. They have targeted elections through their Secretary of States project to place key operatives in charge of state election organizations who can aid their efforts to manipulate election results and blatantly steal elections for their favored candidates. They have long sought to place sympathetic supporters on the Supreme Court to remove the last obstacle to their quest to enact a progressive socialist agenda in America that is antithetical to the Constitution.

They stir the people with talk of injustice and entitlement to the wealth of others as protesters take to the street to demand that which does not belong to them and for which they have not worked. These protesters are easily seduced by envy beyond the point of reason until greed becomes their only thought. The productive become disillusioned and either move elsewhere hoping to stay ahead of the trend until reason surfaces and the people realize their mistake, or turn inward to protect their wealth and place it out of reach.

The world never seeks to build up a righteous man, only false prophets and evildoers. This was illustrated by Jesus’ warning to His followers to “be in the world, but not of the world.” Witness the glee expressed by so many at Tim Tebow being traded from the Denver Broncos to make room for Peyton Manning as if this was some sort of cosmic payback for daring to express his faith in Christ in such a public manner. Tebow led the Broncos to an improbable and unexpected AFC West title in his rookie season, yet his departure from the team was met with celebration by Broncos fans.

Christians continue to be persecuted for their faith around the world while Christianity is continually under attack in America, a country founded upon Christianity. This is no surprise as Jesus warned that His followers would be persecuted as He Himself was persecuted. The road to salvation is rocky and narrow, but it is open to all who would follow Christ. As we observe Good Friday, let us reflect on just how much has remained unchanged in the world since Jesus’ death as we offer thanks for His sacrifice that makes our salvation from this evil world possible.

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