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Big Data

Never has our liberty been more threatened than with the rise of big data companies which track our every movement and collect vast troves of data detailing our every decision in order to build highly accurate models with the ability … Continue reading

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Manipulating the System

As president, Barack Obama ravaged the Democrat Party to retain his hold on power at the expense of losing over a thousand elected seats during his tenure, and in retirement he’s joining forces with former Attorney General Eric Holder to … Continue reading

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People forego a portion of their liberty to form cooperative societies that allow them to work collectively to advance civilization, but Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to subvert the benefits arising from cooperation through identity politics and plans to continue … Continue reading

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A Great Man

America has been laid waste by ordinary men who call themselves progressive, and so we turn to a great man because we no longer trust ourselves being the ordinary men we are.

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Presidential Power

While the media is busily biased presenting the dire consequences of a Donald Trump presidency and all the power he could wield in rolling back the progressive gains of the Obama administration even as President Obama has constantly lamented his … Continue reading

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We Deplorables

In a stunning display of elitist arrogance, Hillary Clinton revealed her utter disdain for the vast majority of patriotic, hard-working Americans living in what the left euphemistically refer to as “flyover country” by labeling us as deplorables because we dare … Continue reading

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Globalist Defeat

Globalists suffered a major defeat with Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union despite overwhelming government and media support for the Remain campaign including dire predictions from the wealthy elites concerning economic collapse.

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