Doing Something

In the wake of tragedies committed by deranged individuals giving vent to their inner evil, a favored refrain from the gun control crowd is the spurious charge that we need to do something, the utterance of which encompasses the twin implications first, that nothing has already been done, and second, that there exists something magical which can be done to eliminate evil.

America is a country founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, and she has always thrived when her people have most closely hewed to these Judeo-Christian principles. It is fashionable among the left these days to show contempt for Christianity, but this contempt is born out of a stubborn ignorance which prevents those on the left disdaining Christianity from attempting to first understand that which they so readily revile. Lefties will eagerly absorb radical communist manifestos so as to be able to spout socialist slang at protests without risking ostracization from the other lefties, but mention picking up a Bible to glean some understanding of Christianity and these same lefties will become apoplectic over the thought.

The Founding Fathers sought the guidance of Divine Providence in wresting their freedom from Great Britain and in establishing the country. Evidence of this is abundant in the founding documents and the multitude of correspondence from that era. In fact, America as we know it would not exist had it not been for a group of religious pilgrims who sought to leave the comforts of Europe to forge a new life in an unexplored wilderness all for the sake of religious freedom. The Pilgrims truly put religious freedom to worship as they please ahead of worldly comforts in traveling to America. No ports existed to receive their ships, no cities existed to greet them, and no shelters awaited their arrival. These Pilgrims rowed to shore and walked out on a new land filled with promise with much work facing them to make it inhabitable. Divine Providence did indeed shine on these Pilgrims, and their humble efforts begat a great nation which far too many of its inhabitants take for granted today.

Recognizing that the rights of man flow ultimately from God, the Founders sought to protect these rights with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In its campaign of slandering the Constitution and confusing the populace, the left has sought to convince Americans that the Constitution grants these rights in opposition to the actuality that the Constitution merely recognizes these rights as already having been granted by God. As a precondition necessary for passage of the Constitution, the Founders agreed to include a collection of ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights to protect the rights of Americans from infringement by the government which was created under the Constitution. This Bill of Rights was passed as a collection of amendments with each addressing protection of a specific right necessary to allow Americans to enjoy the liberty intended by the Founders. The Bill of Rights has remained sacrosanct in American history and for good reason. It is the Bill of Rights which makes America different from every other country by protecting the rights of Americans to freely criticize their government without fear of retribution by those temporarily vested with the power of that government.

Each of the amendments included in the Bill of Rights addresses a specific right flowing directly from God to each American and the protections placed upon that right to secure it from infringement by the government. These rights work in concert, with each right building upon the other to serve as the ultimate guarantee of our liberty. The Founders had intimate experience with infringement of their rights by the British prior to the Revolutionary War, and they sought to secure protection of these rights from the government they were creating with the Constitution. Removal of any of these rights is akin to removal of a leg from a stool with the similar effect of causing that stool to crash to the ground as it becomes unsteady when not fully supported. Likewise, our liberty becomes unsteady and ultimately fails with removal of any of the rights documented in the Bill of Rights.

The Founders sought to maximize American liberty, but intended this liberty to be tempered by personal responsibility. Having the right to do something doesn’t always mean it is the right thing to do. Americans were taught to exercise self-control so as to be able to enjoy their liberty without infringing on the liberty of others. The failure to exercise personal responsibility results in the passage of laws to enforce the behavior this absence of personal responsibility failed to control, and we all lose a small portion of our liberty. Given the passage of enough laws, our liberty begins to resemble an idea more than an actuality.

Guns are interwoven in the formation and history of America necessary as they were for survival and protection. Guns allowed the Pilgrims to hunt food and defend themselves from attack as they struggled to forge an existence in the New World. Guns allowed the colonists to defend themselves from the British when the war for independence came, and it was guns which ultimately secured our victory in that war. Guns made it possible for America to settle the issue of states’ rights in the Civil War, and guns allowed men to protect themselves during the westward expansion which saw America stretch from sea to shining sea. Guns also allowed America to eradicate the scourge of totalitarianism unleashed upon Europe in the last century and curb the totalitarianism of communism until its ultimate demise.

Guns are inanimate objects with neither a will nor ability to inflict harm on their own. They are merely a tool to be used for the good of protection and hunting, or to be used for the evil of homicide to satisfy selfish desires. There are a great many other instruments created by man which also fall into the same category as guns with the same ability to be wielded for good or evil depending on the intentions of their users. The left doesn’t call for their elimination with the intensity it reserves for guns for the left doesn’t fear these other tools as it does guns. While these other instruments have their uses, only guns give man the ability to dramatically increase his defensive posture by allowing him to reach out at incredible distances to nullify a potential threat. Without this ability, the left would be free to infringe upon our rights at their leisure, and their past actions are all too indicative of their desire to do so.

Sadly, Nikolas Cruz succumbed to evil and went on a rampage through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida killing 17 students and faculty before being apprehended by police. As if on cue, the left cranked up their gun control publicity machine using the survivors of the school shooting in a new low for victim exploitation. Student David Hogg has glorified himself in acclaim and celebrity as the left’s new spokesman in their effort to enact gun control as the next step to realizing their dream of totalitarian control of America. Eagerly lapping up the attention bestowed upon him by the left, Hogg has little interest in objectively considering constructive solutions and instead embraces the left’s siren song of gun control despite its failure to ever prevent evil from finding a way to destroy lives. With the most intense gun control ordinances in the country, Chicago continues to be a leader in gun homicides, and gun-free zones, with their advertised implications that the perpetrators of evil will face no opposition, continue attracting those deranged individuals intent on taking lives.

Hogg perpetuates the lies of the left by insisting that something has to be done to prevent future school shootings. This oversimplification of the issue at hand ignores the multitude of things which already have been done. At the local level, there are a number of ordinances against carrying firearms onto school property or discharging firearms in public areas. On the state level, there are laws against murder, assault, assault with intent to kill, using a firearm in the commission of a felony, and numerous other laws against the acts committed by Nikolas Cruz in his school shooting rampage. On the federal level, there exist numerous laws regulating the purchase of firearms with requirements for the completion of paperwork and multiple background checks before the prospective purchaser is allowed to purchase a firearm. None of these checks and steps identified Nikolas Cruz as an imminent danger necessitating in the denial of his ability to lawfully purchase a firearm.

However, what did identify Cruz as a danger were the numerous citizens attempting to alert law enforcement officials from the local sheriff’s office all the way up to the FBI that Cruz was exhibiting bizarre behavior that these citizens thought warranted investigation. This system of citizens providing tips to law enforcement and the national campaign to ‘See Something, Say Something’ were another set of things being done to hopefully prevent a tragedy. The establishment of police to enforce the laws passed by our representatives, and the first responders established to respond to events as they unfold are yet another layer of things being done to prevent the unleashing of evil or mitigate its aftermath.

Despite the narrative of the left, there are numerous things already being done on multiple levels to prevent deranged individuals from unleashing their evil upon the world to cause harm to themselves and to others. By insisting that something be done, the left implies that something actually exists which would prevent evil in the first place. There is, but it isn’t anything that can be done by man. Only the power of God can prevent evil in the world by turning away hatred to change those tempted to do evil into rejecting that evil. The left would have us believe that the siren song of gun control is the thing which will prevent these evil outbursts despite its failure to prevent gun violence everywhere it has been tried. Overwhelming evidence exists that well-armed areas suffer from much less crime than those with strict gun control ordinances.

The 24/7 news cycle with its relentless coverage of events in sickening detail amplifies awareness of these school shootings and encourages us to believe that this is a dire situation which can only be curbed through gun control to remove the possibility that these evil individuals can get their hands on guns in the first place. It wasn’t so long ago that the left, through its media acolytes, warned that gun homicides would decrease if we only instituted rigorous background checks on gun purchasers, or if we only did this or did that. None of the things which the left has held out as the answer to gun violence has made a dent in the homicide rate. The one thing the left pointedly ignores is the removal of God from the public schools and the public square. The left’s relentless campaign against Christianity in America has resulted in a decrease in public morals and an increased disdain for the law.

There was a time in America when it was unthinkable that a school day would begin without a prayer, or that the importance of God in the historical context of America’s founding would not be explored in depth. Christmas was celebrated as the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and Easter was observed as His death and resurrection. School children were taught morals along with reading, writing, and arithmetic as morals were considered just as important in the education of our youth as these other secular subjects. After all, it was reasoned, what good would it do to teach children if they were only going to use this knowledge for evil when they grew up? Along the way, we’ve gone from well-disciplined classrooms of orderly children leading innocent lives to chaotic schools with metal detectors and armed guards who still can’t impose enough order to prevent students from being killed by deranged individuals determined to commit evil. Yet, the left would have us ignore the consequences of removing God from the classrooms, and they would have us focus instead on the strawman of gun control to disguise their role in the degradation of our schools and our society.

The moral rot rending the fabric of our society is the direct result of decades of lefty incrementalism aimed at removing God from the public conscience. The rise of secular humanism with its moral relativism pushed upon us by the left has freed men from the controlling effects of conscience just as it promised, and led to a rise in the unleashing of evil just as its conservative and Christian critics warned. Freeing men from the shame of a guilty conscience has removed any impetus for men to curb their selfish desires. One feeling they are not getting enough attention or the wrong type of attention is more easily tempted to address this perceived imbalance through violent means rather than seeking to undertake the hard work of improving themselves to merit that which they desire. It’s far easier for people to vent their rage at others to get their way, and secular humanism gives them the freedom from a guilty conscience to do just that.

The left seeks gun control as a necessary step towards imposing their totalitarian agenda upon America. Realizing that Americans will never voluntarily surrender their Second Amendment rights, the left seeks to cajole and shame Americans into incrementally surrendering their right to self-protection to the degree where gun control is imposed in every way but in name. The left claims that something must be done while ignoring all that has been done. Numerous laws, organizations, and systems have been erected to regulate firearms and prevent their misuse, yet the left says something must be done as if nothing has already been done. Meanwhile, the left has done much to encourage the violence our society experiences through their incremental removal of Christianity from the public conscience and replacement with the moral ambiguity of secular humanism. When it comes to the misuse of firearms, America is doing something, doing a lot in fact, while the left is also doing something, but not anything constructive.

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