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Unhinged Lefty Anarchists

The traditional spring festival day of celebration occurring on May 1 was appropriated by the communists and socialists in the late 19th century as an International Workers Day commemorating the Haymarket affair in Chicago to ostensibly celebrate workers, but it … Continue reading

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The Next Civil War

Whenever we Southerners come out to defend Confederate monuments as part of our heritage while referring to the Civil War as a conflict over states’ rights, liberals love to bash us over the head with charges of racism and obfuscate … Continue reading

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Doing Something

In the wake of tragedies committed by deranged individuals giving vent to their inner evil, a favored refrain from the gun control crowd is the spurious charge that we need to do something, the utterance of which encompasses the twin … Continue reading

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Coddling Adolescents

This week’s school shooting in Florida has prompted the usual cries for gun control from the lefty communist crowd seeking to disarm Americans to smooth their path to totalitarian control, but the real problem lies in the left’s decades long … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead

Much like the zombies on the popular AMC show, liberal progressives keep incrementally moving forward ignoring any pretense of logic or reason and oblivious of anything other than advancing their agenda of destruction.

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It’s All About Control

The progressive left foolishly believes it can control evil men to prevent them from committing evil while completely ignoring the obvious need for these evil men to control themselves and their own evil impulses.

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Dropping Out

Americans frustrated at being shut out of the political process by tin-eared party leadership, an election process marred by fraud, and a progressive agenda that subverts the Constitution while robbing our liberty and strangling our economy are dropping out of … Continue reading

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