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Erasing History

The erasing of history is a characteristic of leftist totalitarian dictatorships used to reprogram their people much like computer memory is erased prior to reprogramming, and the intolerant left continues its march to erase American history by attacking Southern heritage … Continue reading

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I recently visited the Gettysburg battlefield, and the thought kept recurring to me that those who call for a new civil war to solve grievances against the federal government would do well to make their own visit so they could … Continue reading

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Like It Never Happened

Progressives have busied themselves demanding the removal of Confederate flags and war memorials which serves the dual purposes of facilitating their historical revisionism and distracting voters from their destructive racial political agenda.

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Erosion of Independence

As we pause to celebrate Independence Day, let us lament the loss of our liberty at the hands of the collective.

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Abortion’s Maginot Line

Like the impressive French defense system made irrelevant by Germany’s blitzkrieg, the line of defense surrounding partial birth abortion has been made irrelevant by the repulsion of Americans in the conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell of first degree murder. 

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American Liberty

We Americans are being asked to slowly surrender our liberty by the radical progressive liberals whose idea of big government cradle-to-grave beneficence is nothing more than an attractive form of slavery in which elitists run our lives and make all … Continue reading

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