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Peace and Goodwill

As we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace this Christmas season, let us reflect for a moment on the price He paid to secure peace for our souls and remember that peace always comes at a cost which … Continue reading

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Calling Out Iran

By refusing to recertify the atrocious Iran nuclear deal, President Trump called out Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism while refusing to be bullied by threats from the Iranian leadership, and he dumped another mess in the lap of Congress … Continue reading

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Musings on the Week of September 23

It has been an interesting week, and I’ve had a few thoughts on the events currently unfolding around the world.

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Short Round

By continuing to naively utilize the diplomatic playbook developed by his grandfather, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un displays a fundamental misunderstanding of President Trump’s disruptive approach to politics and a suicidal ignorance of his resolve to protect America.

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It Was Ransom

The State Department finally confirmed that the $400 million payment to Iran was choreographed as a ransom for the release of four American hostages, to which President Obama merely shrugged nonchalantly, and even though Republicans were right in labeling this … Continue reading

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By withdrawing American leadership around the globe, President Obama has purposely undermined geopolitical stability and created multiple global flashpoints threatening to erupt into war.

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The Iranian Bomb

Despite numerous dire warnings and as entirely expected, the fanatical Iranian regime probably already has a functioning nuclear weapon it is prepared to test at such a time that is most convenient for its propaganda purposes, and we’re doomed to … Continue reading

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