Denying the Existence of God

Every action by the progressive liberal left is rooted in an attempt to deny the existence of God which paves the way for promoting the idea that there is no accountability for doing exactly what one feels and allows the leftist elites to promote their own selves to the level of God. 

From the beginning of recorded history, vain leaders have sought to promote themselves as gods to justify their rule over the people. Egypt had its pharaohs, Rome had its living gods, and America has its progressive liberal elites. After all, being a god means never having to answer to the people for your actions. It was far easier for the Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors to lay claim as gods as belief in the Living God was held only by the Jews and Christians who came along later. America’s progressive liberal elite have had the much more daunting task of first proving that God doesn’t exist before being able to claim the status as gods. They have attacked God’s existence from multiple angles in a simultaneous assault involving science, historical revisionism, philosophy, education, and a pernicious campaign to promote the idea that we humans have a right to do what makes us feel good.


Veritas is Latin for truth. America’s Founding Fathers recognized God as the Creator responsible for granting our natural rights and enshrined this belief in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Conservative Americans have held to this belief despite overwhelming pressure from radical progressive liberals who seek to convince us that this belief lacks veracity or truth. The fundamental battle between Good and Evil is waged by Evil attacking the veracity of truth to capture hearts and minds through the power of deception while Good seeks to defend truth. Americans have become aware that certain media outlets have compromised their objectivity to become nothing more than mouthpieces for the radical progressive left. A recent series of exposés has documented that the progressive liberal organization Media Matters has collaborated with the Obama Administration to produce media stories promoting the progressive liberal worldview which were then used verbatim by certain media personalities on MSNBC.

The truth-centered worldview presented in the Bible is under attack and our culture is filled with lies to the point of social insanity. What else explains the attempt to redefine the institution of marriage as being something other than a man and a woman? Or, that employs the power of the state to coerce those who work to support those who refuse to work? And, don’t forget about the insanity of legalized abortion and euthanasia that cheapens life by reducing it to a matter of personal convenience or financial calculation.

Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy concerns our ideas about the nature of the world while ethics concerns our understanding about right and wrong behavior. To see their importance into understanding the progressive liberal worldview, it helps to remember Proverbs 23:7 which says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Philosophy is a quest to discover ultimate reality through scientific means. Many of our institutions of higher learning and all of the Ivy League colleges were founded to promote the discovery of truth through scientific means as a way “to enlarge our understanding of God.” Sadly, they have deviated drastically from this mission and currently promote educational fads that leave their graduates without the knowledge necessary to lead contented lives in search of truth, but rather more malleable to the ideas of the progressive liberal worldview. Without a proper foundation in philosophy to understand the nature of the world, their ethical ability to distinguish between right and wrong behavior is compromised and they are less prepared to resist the subtle suggestions of those opposed to the truth.

The progressive liberals would have us believe that the entire universe exists within a box and nothing exists outside of that box, including God. Carl Sagan summarizes this viewpoint excellently in his introduction to the PBS series The Cosmos when he states “the cosmos is all there is or ever was or ever will be.” In other words, there is no God. These scientists claim to search for truth no matter where it leads, unless it leads to a belief in God. At that point, they deviate from their search for absolute truth to search for their truth that confirms their beliefs.


Anthropology seeks to discover who man is, where he came from, and the meaning and purpose of his existence. The answers to these questions have a direct bearing on larger questions such as why there is evil in the world. The Bible teaches us that we are made in the image of God with a body and soul, while contemporary culture promotes the idea that we are merely material products of mindless forces with no purpose. If the progressive liberals can convince us that we are purely material objects with no soul, they then can more easily deny the existence of God and promote the idea that evil is merely the product of environmental influences that result in a personal choice. We learn from the Bible that man has rebelled against God and fallen from a state of innocence while contemporary culture would have us believe that man is basically good. We have a need for divine grace, redemption, and regeneration, while popular culture holds that self-actualization is the key to happiness.


Theology is the branch of study which seeks to know who God is so we can know ourselves and understand the meaning of our existence in the world. We as conservative Christians know God exists, that His word as documented in the Bible is utterly reliable, and that He has articulated absolute truths in the Bible from which He has commanded us not to deviate. In the Cosmic Battle between Good and Evil, these truths often conflict with the progressive liberal agenda and must be rendered moot to remove them as an obstacle to achieving this agenda. Those who would deny God, point to apparent Biblical inconsistencies as proof of its unreliability and claim that the idea of God is the obstacle to achieving self-actualization by unreasonably denying us the ability to do as we please in order to discover our true selves. Only a firm foundation in theology gained from study of the Bible allows us to refute these lies and silence the claims from the progressive liberals.

Human nature is such that we wish to be in control and do as we please. The progressive liberal faction plays on this facet of human nature in an attempt to convince us that we should turn away from Biblical teachings and embrace the ways of the world. As humans, we long to follow our passions and their allure is difficult to resist without knowledge of God and Biblical truths.


In its proper context, scientific inquiry is concerned with the particulars of truth in order to formulate a philosophy concerned with the universals of truth. In other words, knowing how something works gives me insight into why it exists or what its purpose is. Previously, scientific inquiry was concerned with revealing the handiwork of God in order to marvel at His glory. The more we learn from the contemplation of nature, the closer we come to the realization that God exists and that He has revealed Himself through His creations. Along the way, science was hijacked by those who seek to provide a rational explanation for everything that leaves God completely out of the picture. Charles Darwin’s seminal work On the Origin of Species sought to explain man’s existence through the mechanism of evolution. He posited that every living thing in existence evolved from a primordial sludge into the complexity we see before us today. Progressive liberals seized upon this work as a plausible explanation for the world that omits God as the Creator. However, the more we peer into the tiniest of God’s creations and witness the complexity they entail, the more difficult it becomes to deny His existence as the Creator of all the complexity we see before us.

Evolution is an atheistic philosophy that one day will be recognized as one of the greatest scientific frauds ever perpetrated upon mankind. It is as difficult to recognize this possibility today as it was to recognize that beliefs such as the earth being flat or the center of the solar system were in their day. There was a time when the concept of spontaneous generation was held as an absolute fact before scientific investigation proved it to be false. Scientific inquiry has the power to help us understand the particulars of how the world works, but it does not have the power to refute the existence of God.


The present is a thin line on the scale of time converting the future into the past in a constant forward motion. To understand the present, it is absolutely necessary to understand the past. For instance, there was a time when we understood 911 to just be the number 911. Then our understanding changed with new knowledge and 911 came to be known as an emergency code. By adding a slash to create 9/11, our historical experience allows us to recognize the reminder of a tragic day in which we were viciously attacked by terrorists. Without the historical context of learning and experience, we have no way to understand what we experience in the present.

Historical revisionism has been practiced since the beginning to alter our perception of the present. The serpent asked Eve if God really said what He said. By revising history, Satan is able to confuse those without a firm grounding in Biblical truths. So too are the progressive liberals able to confuse Americans without a firm grasp of historical concepts such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and how they work to preserve personal liberty. When God wanted to make a point, He urged His people to “remember” all the things he had done for them so that they would have faith in the things He was about to ask of them. So too should we Americans remember the struggle our Founding Fathers waged for liberty and enshrined in these foundational documents. We have been repeatedly warned not to trade our liberty for the false promise of security, but many have failed to remember this warning as they seek the temporary respite of comfort at the expense of every American’s liberty.

Progressive liberals seek to create a false historical narrative to alter our perception of the present. We are told that labor unions support the interests of blue-collar workers to engender their acceptance when we learn that they actually support the lavish lifestyles of their leadership at the expense of the very workers they purport to empower. We are told that capitalism with its virtues of rewarding self-reliance and hard work is actually evil because there are those who don’t want to work and shouldn’t be penalized for realizing their happiness. We are told that Islam is a peaceful religion despite the words of its very own foundational treatise the Quran explaining it as a religion of conquest and the terrorist actions and ambitions of its adherents. We are told that the economy is finally growing again despite the fact that unemployment numbers are massaged to omit counting those who no longer receive government unemployment assistance because their benefits have been exhausted. We are told that petroleum-based energy is being rapidly depleted and is unsafe so that we must develop alternative less-efficient energy sources at great expense despite the fact that we are continually discovering more petroleum deposits every year and have used petroleum as an energy source for over a century. Finally, we are told that we face extinction from global warming unless we immediately reduce our carbon output at great expense and danger to civilization as we know it based on unreliable scientific claims backed by unscrupulous manipulators masquerading as scientists whose claims have been proven to be false and utterly lacking in scientific merit.

George Orwell observed that “He who controls the past controls the future,” while Karl Marx stated that “A people without a heritage are easily persuaded,” and George Santayana remarked that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The progressive liberals are aware of these observances as must we to thwart their intentions to rewrite our history and manipulate us into supporting their policies that continually prune our liberty to further their control over a free people. They are adherents to the contemporary philosophy of postmodernism which rejects both the revelation and reason of modernism which itself sought to replace God with reason. Taken to its extreme, postmodernism rejects the validity of a larger story such as Christianity and replaces it with the concept that everyone must create their own equally valid story that embodies their self-defined concepts of meaning and significance. This is the way of the world and stands in antithesis to all that God revealed through His word and His Son. Conservatives know that there are absolute truths as revealed by God, and that we are not free to do as we please as the world and progressive liberals would have us believe.


I have borrowed extensively from Focus on the Family’s excellent series The Truth Project. The concepts presented in this series offer a basic understanding of how the progressive liberal worldview has been allowed to overtake our culture and hijack our thinking. Conservatives know that the progressive liberal worldview is wrong, but have been unable to effectively articulate their opposition as we have been kept busy leaping from one fire to the next without a comprehensive rebuttal strategy. I urge everyone to experience The Truth Project as a way to counter liberal lies which have been perniciously thrust upon Americans to confuse our thinking and pave their way to seizing ultimate political power over us as citizens.

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