Romney Suffers ObamaCare Wrath

Rick Santorum’s stunning upset sweep in yesterday’s primaries might be attributed to concerns of the ObamaCare mandate to cover contraceptives and Romney’s refusal to distance himself from its predecessor, RomeyCare. 

The Department of Health and Human Services under Kathleen Sebelius created a firestorm last month with its unveiling of ObamaCare rules mandating coverage of contraceptives even for religious organizations opposed to the practice of contraception. The Catholic Church has vowed to fight this mandate tooth and nail, and even the liberal wing of the Catholic Church is aghast at the audacity of the Obama Administration in this mandate. You may recall that it was support from Catholic liberals that pushed ObamaCare across the line in Congress. Now, Catholics and Americans everywhere are getting a full view of the pernicious power of government to mandate acceptance of things many Americans find objectionable. Even Americans not opposed to contraception grasped the fact that their cherished views may be threatened next.

Rick Santorum pulled off a stunning upset yesterday as he swept all three primary contests over Mitt Romney. Romney has consistently pushed the line that he is the inevitable nominee, but Republican voters resistant to this idea have searched for an alternative. In particular, conservatives have resisted Romney due to a variety of factors, with his refusal to disown his signature RomneyCare package passed under his watch as governor of Massachusetts being the most prominent reason. Romney has gone from campaigning on a promise to repeal ObamaCare to the more watered down position of cutting off funding and modifying the ObamaCare package. Voters have noticed this shift, and it has contributed to their unease with Romney as the Republican nominee. Meanwhile, Santorum has been a consistent conservative voice supporting pro-life Catholic-friendly policies who is adamantly opposed to ObamaCare and its pernicious mandates.

The most stunning upset of the day was Colorado where Romney enjoyed a lead in the polls and was expected to win by a comfortable margin. The firestorm created by the HHS contraceptive coverage mandate no doubt weighed on voters’ minds as they looked for a candidate capable of freeing them from this latest government assault on personal liberty. Whether one is a fervent supporter of contraception or an agnostic, all realize that their core belief may be the next to be assaulted by the power of a government mandate. Americans are getting a good look at the sweeping power granted to the government under ObamaCare and they are truly frightened.

Conservatives rallied around Newt Gingrich’s powerful debate performance prior to the South Carolina primary where he tapped into a wide vein of voter anger only to see him disintegrate in Florida. Now voters are seeing Santorum as the consistent conservative choice to oppose Romney’s inevitable nominee narrative. Newt is an excellent orator, but lacks consistency in his presentation. Coupled with his excess personal baggage, Newt’s been a hard sell to many conservative voters. Santorum on the other hand, rushed home to care for his special needs child and reaffirmed his conservative pro-life credentials in the minds of voters. This incident, coupled with the HHS contraception controversy, was a significant indicator for voters searching for consistent conservatism and the conviction to pull America back to its natural center-right position.

Americans have watched as Obama has slowly pushed the country toward the hard radical left and we don’t like what we’ve seen. Obama has damaged American credibility overseas and failed to properly prosecute the wars he inherited. His rush to exit conflicts with which he disagreed has left America once again in a vulnerable position. Obama has been far more interested in consolidating federal government power over Americans at home than protecting American interests abroad. This seems to be a consistent Democrat theme, and even FDR had ten years to consolidate control at home before turning his attention overseas.

Rick Santorum is catching the eye of conservatives desperate for an alternative to Romney, a candidate they have rejected in the past for the same reason that he can’t be completely trusted as a conservative due to his refusal to distance himself from the RomneyCare legislation that served as a blueprint for the despised ObamaCare version at the federal level. It was one thing for RomneyCare to be foisted upon the citizens of Massachusetts, but quite another for it to be imposed on Americans from conservative states in flyover country. One thing is certain; Romney’s inevitable march towards the Republican nomination has been dealt a serious blow by Rick Santorum.

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