Political Ambivalence

Americans have become saturated with politics while no candidate has emerged to convince us that they would be able to stop the train wreck Obama has us headed towards. We are distancing ourselves emotionally to prepare for the coming political and economic catastrophes along with the social upheaval these will entail. 

Three years into the Obama Administration, it has become apparent to anyone except the most die-hard progressive liberal that Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents America has ever have the misfortune to endure. His adherence to the same failed Keynesian economic policies that prolonged the Great Depression have dragged down the American economy and demoralized a steadily shrinking workforce. His promotion of technically infeasible green energy schemes as the replacement for America’s petroleum-based energy supply has become laughable as energy prices march upwards and government-financed green energy companies declare bankruptcy from lack of consumer interest. His bowing to foreign leaders, quickness to disengage from foreign obligations, neglect of foreign groups struggling for freedom, and generally poor ability to discern proper courses of action in foreign policy have left America in her weakest foreign policy position since before World War I. Given all of this plus his slavish devotion to radical progressive socialist policies most Americans absolutely reject, it is easy to see why Americans are so worried about the future and why we so desperately search for a conservative alternative who can alter our political course and repair the damage created by his predecessor.

After much struggle, we are left with two likely choices, a third mercurial choice who has his moments but lacks consistency, and a fourth who occupies a libertarian position that ignores the reality of a modern world where dangerous despots seek America’s harm. Of the two main candidates, we can choose the social liberal or the fiscal liberal. The social liberal will slow the creep of government control over our lives, but allow it to progress nonetheless. The fiscal liberal will make a bold stand to stop government control of our lives from a social issues standpoint while continuing the spending that will bring this government control in the form of frighteningly high tax rates. So, we will get government control rapidly by reelecting Barack Obama, more slowly either through government takeover of social issue with Mitt Romney or through government control of the economy with Rick Santorum. What’s not to get excited about?

Americans have long realized the stakes of this election and hoped for a conservative champion to articulate the problems with our current course while describing an alternative path that would lead to prosperity and security. We are left disappointed with the future disaster in full view as the European Union teeters on the brink of economic collapse and unable to defend itself for some time. Greeks are rioting as austerity measures created in a vain attempt to stave off bankruptcy leave its citizens unable to earn a living and the country spiraling faster into an economic black hole. President Obama is convinced that America should follow this failed European economic model and is working to make it a reality as fast as he can. He complains that the Constitution is an outdated document that is preventing him from achieving his policies in a timely manner. He is correct that the Constitution is a stumbling block to his progressive vision for America as it was designed by the Founding Fathers for precisely that purpose.

We’ve become saturated with political intricacies and nuances that add nothing to our understanding of the looming big-picture problems sitting in plain view before us. We’ve grown weary of facing these problems unable to do anything at the moment but worry. Our only chance to actively participate in the political process that ordinarily would promise future relief has once again left us with a selection between the lesser of two evils that will lead to another selection between the lesser of two more evils. We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that disaster looms and all we can do is pray and prepare as best as possible. We know it will be bad, but we hope it won’t be as bad as we imagine. We also hope that everyone will finally suffer enough of a shock that these failed progressive liberal policies will finally die the political death they deserve and never rise again.

Ambivalence is defined as the coexistence of opposing feelings such as love and hate or attraction and repulsion toward an object, person, or idea leading to continual fluctuation in attitudes towards that object, person, or idea and uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow. It is a word that perfectly sums up our attitudes to the political situation we find ourselves in this election. There’s no one to really get excited about, and we’re left with a continual ebb and flow of emotions as we struggle to make a rational choice to minimize the effects of the disaster that awaits us. We grasp at straws in a desperate attempt to rationalize our choices. Bill Clinton wasn’t so bad in his second term, but Obama is a rigid ideologue incapable of the political flexibility Clinton demonstrated. Romney is a businessman who can get the economy restarted, but prosperity will only help to finance the radical progressive agenda. Santorum will fight to roll back government intrusion in our lives and restore Constitutional liberties, but he’ll spend us further into the poor house until our economy collapses and liberty won’t matter so much. These are a synopsis of the reasons we are ambivalent towards this election and our inability to effect meaningful change that would improve our chances at a brighter future.

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One Response to Political Ambivalence

  1. GothicArc says:

    This train wreck is becoming increasingly inevitable; americans who have any clue are perplexed as to how to stop it. Reminds me of my older co-worker’s story that, in his younger days he happened one night upon a highway bridge which was washed out in a storm. He positioned himself to stop oncoming traffic, but no one would stop as they seemed to think he was trying to rob them. They sped on to their doom and he had to watch helplessly.
    We know what is coming; Ray Charles could see it. We know it will hurt a lot of people and we know that the government won’t be able to help them. We also don’t know how to get people to stop.

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