The Stealth Tax

Republicans are flirting with the idea of imposing a VAT on Americans to the delight of radical progressives enamored of the European socialist model of big government. 

The VAT, or value-added tax, is the one component that has made the European socialist big government model possible by generating fantastic sums of revenue to prop up their socialist scheme. The VAT is applied at every level of production as a stealth tax that is hidden from consumers who just assume higher prices are normal. It appeals to supporters as a fair method of raising revenue that eliminates loopholes and negates the class-warfare demagoguery while leaving savings and investment gains untaxed. Republicans supporting a VAT include Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and the last 9 of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan was a VAT.

The VAT appeals to the radical progressive left as a way to generate the necessary revenue to turn America into a European socialist state while allowing them to promote the idea that they are removing income taxes from those on the bottom of the income scale. Liberals get the benefit of appearing to eliminate taxes on the poor while their VAT pulls in the very revenue they require. Liberals are well aware that there are not enough wealthy people in America to finance their big government dreams even if they were taxed at 100%. They have always known that the vast amount of revenue raised by taxes comes from the 99% they champion so brazenly in public. This is the major reason liberals love sales taxes in the first place. They appear fair and everyone pays them despite the fact that they are the most regressive form of taxation. Lower income earners pay a greater proportion of their income in sales taxes for necessities such as gas and groceries than their wealthier counterparts on the income scale.

It is disturbing to see Republicans who profess loyalty to the ideas of conservatism blatantly supporting a tax scheme so integral to the liberal goal of transforming America into a welfare state. Tea Party conservatives are bent on exposing the establishment RINOcrats lurking in the Republican Party. These RINOcrats have abandoned conservatism as unworkable and unwinnable ideas and feel that their duty is to merely slow the inevitable march of radical progressive socialism. Support for a VAT is a clear indicator of those Republicans who have crossed over to the dark RINOcrat side and adopted the establishment position. Far from being flat or fair, imposition of a VAT would speed America along the path to socialism by providing the vast sums of revenue to finance ever more big government welfare solutions.

Conservatives should expose the VAT scheme for what it is and work to drive this socialist idea from serious consideration by Americans. Every VAT in existence began as a small tax that has grown without notice as more revenue was needed. As conservatives are well aware, when it comes to the requirements for liberal socialist schemes to work, more revenue is always needed. Conservatives need to expose this hypocrisy by reminding voters that the radical progressive liberals occupying the Democrat Party are promising to remove income taxes from low income voters but are substituting a much more insidious tax scheme in their place.

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