Pence Rocks the House

Friday evening, conservative Indiana Representative Mike Pence electrified the crowd at the Monroe County Republican Women’s Club Dinner annual fundraiser. 

My first reaction upon entering the Fountain Square Ballroom was surprise that there were this many Republicans in Monroe County, Indiana. Some 130 attendees turned out to support the Monroe County Republican Women’s Club in their effort to raise funds for the promotion of Republican causes and candidates in 2012. After enjoying a delicious meal prepared by local company Classic Catering, attendees were treated to a warm up from Indiana State Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb describing the efforts of Indiana Republicans to turn back the tide of President Obama’s destructive agenda in 2012.

Guest Speaker Mike Pence, U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 6th congressional district, thanked the crowd for their support over the years and detailed his plans to continue the conservative efforts of current Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels in his bid to be Indiana’s next governor. Representative Pence detailed how Daniels’ conservative policies had lifted Indiana from its dismal economic shape upon his taking office to its current position as one of the leading state economies in the country. He expounded on the common sense wisdom possessed by Hoosiers and how he has relied on this wisdom to overcome the many challenges he’s faced as a congressman in Washington, D.C.

Mike brought the crowd to its feet several times as he voiced his opposition to items on President Obama’s agenda which are wreaking havoc on our economy and preventing the kind of recovery we know America is capable of achieving. Pence is well known nationally for his conservatism and every indication is that he will make a fine Indiana governor employing his conservatism in the service of Hoosiers. In addition to his conservatism, Mike proved to be a charming speaker with quite a sense of humor as he kept the crowd in stitches with various humorous observations of political life.

Indiana has benefitted tremendously under the conservative leadership of Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence is committed to continuing the conservatism that has served Indiana so well. While our neighbors to the east continue to convict their governors of public corruption to the embarrassment of their populaces, Indiana has managed to lower taxes, shrink government, and pursue economic policies to lure businesses into the state. Indiana is proud to welcome businesses fleeing from the high taxes imposed by Illinois, and stands ready to continue housing their convicted governors at the federal prison facility in Terre Haute. Both Daniels and Pence support the right of Indiana workers to opt out of union membership as a condition of employment. And, both are committed to the completion of I-69 as a transit route supporting the Indiana economy.

Last night’s attendees enjoyed a warm atmosphere of conservative fellowship over a delicious meal and were treated to a rousing speech by a true conservative. It was a pleasure to get to know Mike Pence better in such a setting and hear about his plans as Indiana’s next governor.

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