Party Crasher

President Obama’s attempted to remain relevant amid all the hoopla surrounding the Iowa Republican Caucus by holding a teleconference to rally his Hawkeye supporters. Plagued by technical glitches that left viewers with a fuzzy picture, the video feed was a perfect corollary to the fuzzy picture voters got of Obama the first time around in Iowa. 

President Obama comes off looking like he has a bad makeup job in the video and nothing like the telegenic presence he normally displays. Democrat Party operatives planned the teleconference as part of a broader strategy to divert attention from the Iowa Republican Caucus by prominently positioning Obama in attention-getting situations. The operation was recognized for the lame attempt to remain relevant that it was. Attention remained on the Republican Caucus as Democrat operatives took to the airwaves of the MSM and attempted to sabotage their night.

President Obama and his radical progressive socialist supporters occupying the Democrat Party are prepared to fight tooth and nail for a second term, and Republicans would be wise not to underestimate their ability to play dirty. This opportunity may have come off as less than stellar, but they will be better prepared for the next one.

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