Obama’s Amway Policy

President Obama and his radical progressive socialist cabal seek to apply the lessons of Amway to the debate over taxation and government revenues. 

Through strange circumstances, I once found myself attending an Amway recruitment meeting full of people desperate for economic salvation in the form of a career promising rich rewards with minimal work investment. Realizing too late exactly what I had gotten myself into, I decided to pay attention to the devices employed by the skillful Amway manipulators to lure their hapless victims into their clutches. One particularly effective technique was to select a person and ask them what they would do with an extra thousand dollars a month. The answers most often centered on paying off bills, but the questioner was well aware that this would never happen and that the answerer would probably continue spending past their ability to repay, just as they were already doing.

Recently, it struck me that President Obama is employing this tactic perfected by Amway and other direct marketers to entice Americans into supporting his tax and spend policies by directing their attention to further soaking the rich in his class warfare strategy. He does this by implying that raising taxes on the rich under the guise of their paying their “fair share” will result in additional revenues that will be used to pay down America’s staggering debt. However, he knows that Congress will continue spending any additional revenue, and correctly realizes that if they had the ability to control their profligate ways, then there would be no need to soak the rich in the first place. Congress is desperate for a revenue fix precisely because it is unable to control its tendency to overspend. If it could, it wouldn’t be desperate for a revenue fix in the first place.

What Obama’s faithful supporters don’t realize is that he plans to redefine what passes for wealthy in this soak-the-rich scheme. Very few people have so much that they actually consider themselves to be rich, and it is much easier for them to imagine others as being rich and therefore, the target of this policy. They will realize much too late that when Obama refers to the “rich,” he’s actually referring to them, and their taxes are the ones slated to rise under his plan. Obama’s genius in furthering the tax-and-spend liberal stereotype has been to spend the money first, then argue that the taxes are necessary to pay off the debt.

Much like the Amway salesman, Obama is asking Americans what they would do with an additional few billion dollars from the wealthy and expecting us to answer that we would pay off the debt. He knows full well that we won’t or we would have already done so. He also knows that this additional revenue will be available for him to spend on expanding government and increasing Americans’ dependence on its services as we slide further along the road to European socialism. Only by honestly admitting that we have a spending problem can we ever hope to break the cycle of debt we have entered into under the Obama Administration. Until that happens, more revenue will only enable us to continue our profligate spending and set us up for an even bigger reckoning down the road.

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One Response to Obama’s Amway Policy

  1. Wascator says:

    This is exactly true: government types cannot obtain authorization from the taxpayers for more taxes, so they have bypassed this little roadblock and just borrowed the money and spent it. Voila! Now the tax increase is inevitable and automatic, requiring no vote approval or really even their participation. And, even better for the pols, they know they won’t even get the blame. The same public that cannot understand the cause of inflation, cannot make the connection between the coming tax increase, whether it be in the form of a massive inflation or whatever form it takes, and the politicians who precipitated it. Beautiful (in a evil sort of way, of course, like a finely-crafted crime).

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