What Goes Around

Democrat dirty tricks intended to smear Donald Trump are coming back to haunt the DNC and Hillary Clinton as proof is finally uncovered revealing that the DNC and Clinton conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, but the real question is why the media is finally allowing this information to reach the public in the first place.

There was a time in journalism when the news media sought to balance the more negative news readers needed to know with some positive news to uplift readers’ spirits and leave them in a generally better mood. Sure, there was sensationalism, scandal, and salacious crimes all calculated to grab attention and sell papers or attract viewers, but uplifting stories were included because editors knew that all negative news all the time would lead to fewer readers burnt out on constant negative news coverage.

Today’s editors seem to have forgotten this observation as we are constantly bombarded with negative news that has left Americans burnt out on consuming news media. Papers aren’t selling, and viewers are tuning out news broadcasts in search of entertainment to distract them from the constant negativity of the news with which they are constantly bombarded. The rise of Internet news sources is partly responsible for the decline in the consumption of mainstream news as Americans search out more trustworthy sources of information that give them the facts without bias and without telling them how they should feel about the events being reported.

The Internet also allows consumers to choose the ratio of negative and positive news coverage to suit their individual personas. Instead of a steady diet of negative stories, Internet consumers can mix in an appropriate ratio of uplifting stories that balances out their news gathering experience. Perhaps one likes to follow coverage of the latest Islamic terrorist attack with uplifting stories of humans coming to the aid of their fellow man in times of crisis to provide a nice break from the constant barrage of negativity that can lead one to a more depressed mental state.

Candidate Trump highlighted the biased and fake news coverage emanating from the mainstream media and raised awareness of a phenomenon we all suspected existed in a way that forced these mainstream media outlets to out themselves as practitioners. With theirs hands untied, the mainstream media has descended to a level of bias and negativity that has further turned Americans away from their product in droves as ratings fall and papers fail to sell. The invasion of politics into such cherished forms of escape as sports programing has vastly escalated to the horror of Americans unable to find any escape from the leftist bias they so desperately seek to avoid. ESPN saw its ratings begin to fall with lefty outbursts from Keith Olbermann, and even his ouster didn’t stem the ratings falloff as other ESPN personalities picked up the slack. The NFL has seen its ratings plummet this season with the controversy over players protesting by kneeling for the National Anthem. Americans are desperately searching for an escape from the acrimony of politics, yet political acrimony continues to spill over into the few escapes Americans manage to find.

Having decided to unleash and even embrace their political bias in reporting the news, mainstream media outlets have become downright venomous and vindictive towards conservatives with President Trump suffering the slings and arrows of being labeled a white supremacist and Nazi on a daily basis as biased journalists incensed over his defeat of Hillary Clinton embrace their inner snowflake and labor to create even more vile and disgusting ways to smear him. In this, they forget that a wide swath of America voted for Candidate Trump, but they couldn’t care less and think nothing of alienating conservatives whom they care little for anyway and whose opinions are counted as worthless and uninformed as they don’t align with the radical regressive left overwhelmingly represented in the mainstream media.

As the mainstream media fully transitioned to the biased service of the radical regressive left, they moved from slanting stories to cause the consumer to reach a particular conclusion to intentionally hiding news from consumers by not reporting it at all, to creating fake news to confuse and distract consumers from the real underlying issues. Reports of Democrat infighting or scandal are buried in acts of mainstream media collusion and replaced with fake news stories to keep conservatives wary of President Trump and distracted from these Democrat scandals or failures. President Trump’s supporters are media savvy enough to recognize these tricks and smart enough not to bite on them. Getting their news from the Internet allows them to weed out the fake news, and President Trump’s Twitter feeds cut through the mainstream media bias to directly reach Americans with the truth of any given situation and the exposure of fake news lies.

Hillary Clinton has attempted to explain away her spectacular loss to Candidate Trump by first trying to shift the blame onto others be it her campaign staff, former FBI Director James Comey’s attempts to run interference for the Clinton campaign while appearing unbiased, to the invention of a vast right-wing conspiracy involving Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Hillary has blamed everyone for her loss instead of admitting that she was an unlikeable and untrustworthy candidate who would not listen to advice from her husband who was a successful and talented campaigner with sound political advice, or even the seasoned campaign staff surrounding her. The years of scandal surrounding her stretching back to her days in Arkansas with the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, and dubious cattle futures trading to her days as first lady and the myriad scandals surrounding the Clinton White House has left her forever tainted in the minds of Americans who have concluded that no one can be around that much scandal for that long without some or most of it being true.

Millions have been unnecessarily spent on investigations into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign while the media has gone into overdrive promoting it with numerous fake news stories not so much as a way of providing cover for Hillary’s loss but more as a way to attack the legitimacy of the Trump presidency in an effort to discredit him for possible future removal from office. In this, the radical regressive snowflake crowd is hoping to accomplish President Trump’s removal through impeachment, an improbable course of action, or the much more likely scenario of turning enough of President Trump’s cabinet against him to invoke the Twenty Fifth Amendment and have them declare Trump unfit for office. Impatient House Democrats are already flirting with the impeachment route to the consternation of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who has recently moved to tamp down such impertinence.

Hardball investigatory tactics by House committee chairmen interested in getting to the bottom of allegations concerning Russian election interference are starting to bear fruit and the tables are turning on Hillary, the DNC, the biased media, and the radical regressive snowflake crowd. Facing a House subpoena to turn over its donor list and financial records, Fusion GPS, the firm hired to produce the dubious dossier filed with salacious gossip concerning Donald Trump and visits to Russia as a private citizen, realized that it would eventually lose the case to keep its donor records private and rather than risk disclosure of its donor list, Fusion was granted release from the confidentiality agreement made with its client Perkins Coie, the law firm hired by the Clinton campaign to provide opposition research (read dig up dirt) on Candidate Trump, to release its name as the client who paid for production of the dossier.

Suddenly, talk of Russian campaign collusion has turned from the Trump campaign to the Clinton campaign as proof has emerged that it was the Clinton campaign all along who was colluding with the Russians. Like everyone else not tuned into Candidate Trump, the Russians thought Hillary would win and sought to curry favor with her prior to the election. Vladimir Putin saw Hillary as unprincipled and corruptible given her past history surrounded by scandal and her time as Secretary of State selling her access through donations to the Clinton Foundation.

As new details continue to emerge bolstering the fact that it was the Clinton campaign colluding with the Russians and Hillary’s blame tour continues to fall apart, the real question is why the biased news media, so adept at protecting the Clintons by hiding and obfuscating details of their numerous scandals, why now begin to turn on them and throw them under the bus? With their tactics of distraction, why is the media going after the Clintons and sacrificing Hollywood Democrats with revelations of systemic sexual harassment and pedophilia as the narrative on Trump campaign collusion with the Russians breaks down? Media savvy Americans now realize that the media only selectively reports news to distract away from larger scandals it wishes to keep buried. Throwing the Clintons and Hollywood Democrats under the bus is indicative of something very serious the media wishes to keep hidden.

The only thing serious enough for the media to protect by giving up the Clintons and Hollywood sexual predators is the legacy of President Obama. None of the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to fix the primaries for Hillary by shutting out Bernie Sanders, or the Russian collusion, or the amateurish attempts to dig up dirt on Candidate Trump could have happened without former President Obama’s knowledge. All the recent scandals surrounding Hillary since her selection as former President Obama’s Secretary of State had to have happened with Obama’s knowledge and tacit approval. What the left absolutely must protect in order to protect its adherence to identity politics is the legacy of former President Obama. Not even the faintest whiff of scandal can ever be allowed to get near the first black president of the United States or the left’s identity politics approach completely unravels. If Obama is shown to be just another political hack who abused the trust of millions with the appearance of a moral legitimacy which he never held in the first place, then identity politics is revealed to be the scam that it has always been from the start – just another community organizer tactic of agitating groups into demanding nebulous social justice instead of helping them work within the system to realize their aspirations of a better life.

This protection of the Obama legacy is what underpins the numerous attempts to smear President Trump and undermine his legitimacy as president. President Trump is a fighter who will not back down, and the more the media and his enemies come after him, the more he fights back. The smartest thing the radical regressive left could have done would have been to leave President Trump alone. That would mean admitting that Hillary was a terrible candidate to preempt her attempts to lay blame elsewhere so she would just fade from the collective memory as quick as possible. It would also mean stamping out the egregious media bias against President Trump that has turned Americans against the mainstream media to resent him in a more favorable and nonthreatening light while remembering that an attacked President Trump fights back with a vengeance. Sure, let the snowflakes demonstrate all they want because they’ll eventually tire of their futile efforts to change reality and most Americans aren’t paying them any attention anyway.

By attempting to explain away her failures with the creation of the fake Russian collusion narrative, Hillary has set up the vehicle for not only her downfall, but the downfall of the Democrat Party in general. She has also unwittingly dragged the legacy of former President Obama into question as her scandals threaten to tarnish his legacy so sacrosanct in the Democrat Party. By touching this third rail of Democrat Party politics, Hillary has hastened her demise as the media unleashes reports on the Uranium One scandal involving the Russian purchase of American uranium production under her watch as Secretary of State through Russian payments to the Clinton Foundation mired in its own set of scandals. What goes around comes around, and Hillary’s creation of Russian collusion intended to smear the legitimacy of the Trump presidency is coming back to haunt her in a major way.

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