The Pharisees Stand Accused

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct aimed at prominent liberals such as Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken, along with the left being forced to confront Bill Clinton’s past through Juanita Broaddrick’s unrelenting campaign to make the public aware of Clinton raping her when he was Attorney General of Arkansas, has the Pharisees of the left standing accused of the very crimes of which they’ve always so condemned conservatives in mock fits of moral outrage.

Conservatism has always been concerned with preserving traditional values as the bedrock principles upon which America’s success has always depended. Ideas such as upholding the traditional family unit of a man and a woman in a committed relationship as the basis of raising stable, well-adjusted children able to take their place in society as productive adults. Numerous studies, along with millennia of experience, demonstrate the efficacy of this traditional view of the family unit in the transformation of stable children into productive adults. While it is possible for nontraditional family arrangements to produce normal children, the studies and experience demonstrate that more often than not, these nontraditional family arrangements do not produce stable, well-adjusted children, and do not do so to the degree that the traditional family unit does.

Given this data, it would tend to be sensible to promote the traditional family arrangement of a man and woman whenever possible while allowing for nontraditional family arrangements. Instead, the left works tirelessly to intentionally destroy the traditional family arrangement while promoting nontraditional family arrangements as if they were supposed to be the norm and humans had been doing it wrong from the beginning despite the reams of data demonstrating that nontraditional family arrangements tend to be detrimental to the raising of children.

Conservatism promotes the free enterprise system as the economic arrangement most suitable for meeting the needs of humans while consistently raising the standard of living enjoyed by everyone. It was the enthusiastic adoption of the free enterprise economic system which resulted in America’s rise from discovery to the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in history in less than four hundred years. Yet the left, with its hardheaded adherence to socialism and communism, ignores all of the economic progress of the free enterprise system in its fealty to promoting communism as a viable economic system despite its constant failure each time it has been implemented. Venezuela is currently collapsing from its forced adoption of communism under dictatorial tyrant Hugo Chavez with its people fleeing the country to find food despite Venezuela having the largest proven oil reserves in the world.

Blessed by an abundance of natural resources, Venezuela should be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet it is mired in poverty and political turmoil due to the imposition of communism despite its track record of failure all in service to preserving Hugo Chavez’s tyrannical grip on power. His successor, Nicolas Maduro, has attempted to leverage communism to his political benefit, but, unfortunately for him, Venezuela’s economy has come crashing down on his watch from the ravages of communism. Even as Venezuela succumbs to the destructive forces of communism, misguided Americans continue to yearn for socialism and communism to be imposed on America as if the laws of economics can somehow be ignored in a fairy tale fantasy. Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to promote the fiction of communism as a viable economic system to the detriment of his supporters who are too ignorant to realize its destructive power.

Conservatism also promotes traditional Biblical views of morality as being beneficial to the cooperative spirit necessary to allow a society to increase the standard of living to benefit all members of that society. Left to our own devices, humans are selfish individuals interested in promoting their own welfare at the expense of others capable only of the short term thinking which encourages this view of self. This view is elaborated upon extensively in the Bible. However, a long term view allows humans to cooperate with one another to increase the standard of living for all members of the society. It would be impossible for an individual to build a skyscraper with its complex interconnected systems, but a team working cooperatively can do so and raise the standard of living for everyone working and residing in that building.

Humans constantly fighting for self-preservation to the mutual exclusion of others are limited in what they can accomplish as individuals. Family clans bound by blood can accomplish more, but only through the cooperation of a great many can a people with shared experiences and a national identity achieve the advancement in living standards that Americans currently enjoy. The Biblical views of morality make this cooperation possible by providing a guide to how we should treat one another so that we may live peacefully and prosperously. Yet there are those on the left who reject traditional Biblical morality as an encumbrance on their personal freedom instead of recognizing that Biblical morality is the impetus which makes their freedom possible in the first place.

Another important point we’re reminded of by the Bible is the fact that all men fall short of the glory of God. In short, no one is perfect no matter how much they would like to believe they are. Those conservatives promoting traditional Biblical morality who succumb to temptation and stray from Biblical morality suffer from a personal failure experienced by all mankind at one time or another. Their inability to remain true to their moral focus does not invalidate the message of morality nor its benefit to society. Those on the left delight in attacking conservatives who promote traditional Biblical morality yet suffer personal moral failures as if they are unable to practice what they preach to others. The truth is that no one is able to practice a life of perfect moral adherence which is precisely why we are convicted of the need for a Savior. However, just because we are unable to lead perfect lives of moral adherence does not mean that we shouldn’t try or that the message of Biblical morality is wrong. It merely means that despite our best efforts, we are flawed humans who do the best we can, yet still require a Savior to pay the debt of our sins.

Much as the self-righteous Pharisees, the left has delighted in pointing out the moral failures of individual conservatives with the implication that they have no right to promote morality when their moral failures are so prominently made public by these Pharisees and their media accomplices. Jesus pointed out the judgmental attitudes of the Pharisees and their inability to remain morally pure while also pointing out that they used self-serving rules to hide and excuse their moral failures from the people over whom they sat in judgment. The left also uses self-serving rules to excuse their political malfeasance and the media to hide their hypocritical behavior.

During his campaign, Donald Trump highlighted the media’s bias towards the left for all Americans to see. With this increased awareness of media bias, the left has resorted to outright slander in the production of fake news stories designed to smear conservatives in general and President Trump in particular. Americans have shunned the media in droves as their awareness of media bias and fake news smears has increased their savviness in digesting this biased media landscape. Americans have learned not to believe at first glance everything the media reports and to ignore sensationalized stories as suspect of a deliberate political smear. Americans have learned to wait for all the facts to come out as they eventually do in subsequent reporting by alternative Internet sources pushing back against the fake news of the biased mainstream media.

Not only are Americans becoming more media savvy, but the media itself is adopting new tactics to counter this newfound media savviness on the part of Americans. Instead of publishing one sensationalized news story under the guise of allegations made against their intended target, the media now embarks on a relentless campaign of attack complete with fake witnesses coming forward to allege misdeeds against their intended target. These relentless attacks are intended to drive a wedge between the target and their supporters through the introduction of doubts and misgivings at the implication of so much fake evidence alluding to an actual crime somewhere.

A case in point is that of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and the relentless media attack campaign intended to smear his reputation and result in his defeat. It is noteworthy that this smear campaign has been spearheaded by the establishment GOP and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who has publicly iterated his intention that Roy Moore will not be seated in the Senate. The media has engaged in a campaign of robocalls across Alabama seeking anyone willing to come forward as a victim. Attorney Gloria Allred has paraded out a woman claiming that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was only fourteen. Not mentioned is the fact that Gloria Allred is facing multiple counts of judicial misconduct for false victim promotion, that she refused to flatly deny that her alleged victim is lying, and that the alleged victim’s own stepson has come out in support of Roy Moore while accusing his stepmother of lying and making up the entire incident. Also, the alleged yearbook inscription was made in two different ink shades, that Moore allegedly signed his name as D.A. to imply that he was the district attorney and not the assistant district attorney he actually was (something no assistant DA would ever do cognizant as they are of the district attorney being an elected position), and that it was dated after the alleged victim had appeared in court before Judge Moore in a separate case. Despite all of this evidence and more impugning the allegations against Moore as a fake news smear campaign, prominent establishment Republicans are rushing to judgement against Moore to publicly state their belief in the women coming forward as alleged victims with no proof and exhibiting no judicial restraint presuming innocence until proven guilty. It is as if we learned nothing about media bias and fake news from President Trump!

Recall that Roy Moore was elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and removed from office for pointedly disobeying a judicial order to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments he had placed in the Alabama Supreme Court building. Later, Moore was reelected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and again removed from office for refusing to endorse homosexual marriage as outlined in the Obergefell decision of the SCOTUS. After numerous political campaigns and the opposition research against him involved in those campaigns, it is strangely coincidental that none of these allegations have ever surfaced prior to this Senate election despite the left’s hatred of Moore for opposing their political agenda. To any reasonable observer, this is clearly a case of fake news employed to smear Judge Moore’s reputation and impair his Senate campaign reminiscent of the fake news smear campaign directed at Candidate Trump.

To the consternation of those on the left who have benefited from the biased media shield protecting their misdeeds, this media shield is crumbling as alternative Internet media sources bring their crimes and moral failures to light for all to see. Once terrified into silence by powerful members of the left intent on abusing their power and taking advantage of the vulnerability of those seeking their favor, their numerous enablers, and their media protectors, victims are now speaking out in numbers too large to ignore as merely disgruntled individuals. Lurid tales of sexual abuse by prominent leftists in the movie industry are tarnishing reputations built upon media deception and leading to criminal investigations as the movie industry rushes to exile those it so recently regaled with honors but now revile upon their outing.

The Pharisees of the left stand accused of the very things they reveled in condemning conservatives so vociferously and for so long. Their judgmental attitudes are now turned upon them as their own cohorts on the left turn against them and devour them in service to the leftist cause which they serve. After all, the left can’t continue to demonize conservatives who exhibit moral failures while ignoring similar moral failures by their own. In short, the left is losing the moral high ground which it has prided itself on occupying for so long as the misdeeds of its own members come to light, and it must hang some of its own out to dry in an attempt to reclaim this moral high ground which it never really occupied in the first place. So, a Harvey Weinstein whose boorish behavior was tolerated because he donated generously to Democrats finally reached the point where his campaign donations became less important to Democrats than toleration of his behavior. Likewise, leftist pundits are beginning to demand a reckoning with Bill Clinton’s past mistreatment of women given that Clinton is no longer of value to the left and has become its most famous hanger on.

It is tempting for conservatives to point a vengeful finger at the left and bask in the fact that the shoe is now on the other foot, but, like Jesus reminds us Christians not to offer evil for evil, we conservatives should resist this temptation and demonstrate an understanding that all fall short of moral perfection and are deserving of forgiveness and compassion. This does not mean that criminal behavior such as sexual assault and rape that is coming to light should go unpunished, but that those guilty of such crimes also deserve compassion and not a judgmental attitude implying that the judger is less prone to moral failure than the judged. The only way to reach others is to demonstrate an attitude they do not expect to receive in light of their behavior. Perhaps some of the Pharisees of the left will seek a degree of humility and demonstrate a degree of compassion towards conservatives given their prominent failure to practice the moral rectitude they accuse conservatives of failing to practice. Perhaps not given their history, but it is certain they will not if we conservatives treat them like they’ve always treated us. After all, we are reminded that those who practice evil walk in the dark, and we are the ones who are responsible for bringing the light of Christ to the darkness of the world.

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