Identity Politics

The regressive adherence to identity politics has progressed to the point where the demands of lefty groups are coming into conflict with one another, and the entire exercise has destroyed the civil discourse of American society as desperate snowflakes become unhinged and lash out violently towards conservatives after having absorbed the identity politics dogma of the Democrats.

America was founded on the premise of maximizing personal liberty to enable its citizens the opportunity to realize their personal aspirations in the most efficient manner possible with the least amount of government interference. This personal liberty was always intended by the Founders to be tempered with personal responsibility, and the intent was always that this arrangement would lessen the need for government encroachment on personal liberty in the form of legislation which robs us of our freedoms. This arrangement worked as intended for much of the nation’s history, but eventually the political class succumbed to the temptation to use government to address nebulous social conditions manipulated by emotional appeals to do something to lessen inequities.

When asked by the disciples why an expensive vial of perfume was not sold to obtain money for the poor instead of being used to anoint His feet, Jesus warned them in Matthew 26:11 that “For ye have the poor always with you, but me ye have not always.” As long as there have been people, there have been some who had more than others and some who did not have enough. And, there have always been those who would exploit inequity for their own benefit by agitating those who had less to be envious of those who had more.

There was a time in America when the Democrat Party identified with the working class and sought to protect their interests against exploitation by the less scrupulous members of the wealthy class. While there are a great many Americans who successfully built fortunes on the honest application of hard work towards innovative ideas, it is also true that some enriched themselves at the expense of others through fraud and chicanery. Humans are complex creatures, and we are reminded by the Bible that all fall short of the glory of God, but we should strive to be ever more like Christ in our dealings with others.

These days, the Democrat Party has embraced the radical regressive left and its destructive identity politics which segregates Americans into different identity groups and then pits these groups against one another in a manipulative scheme to distract us from working together to improve the standard of living for all Americans. In their quest to denounce everything which has made America successful and left us as the world’s lone superpower, these radical regressives reject the idea of American exceptionalism and cast the problems of every other group in its hierarchy as ultimately being the fault of heterosexual white American men.

In their group ranking, white men are placed at the very bottom with Asian men just above followed by Hispanic men and black men. Next come women with white women at the bottom followed by Asian women, Hispanic women, then Black women. Then, they throw sexuality into the mix to place homosexual and transgender members of each group on the top strata of their respective groups, but still in the same order. Victimhood is next applied to reorder the strata of each group, and each successive lefty condition thought worthy of identification and special rights continues to reorder the strata of each group. The one constant in all of this perpetual reordering of social strata is that white heterosexual men are always at the very bottom of the social order as arranged by the left, and every ill suffered by any other group is automatically labeled as the fault of white men.

In the regressive world of the left, white men are the only group to which it is permissible to be prejudiced against without fear of reprisal or condemnation by the left which sets itself up as the moral arbiters of this new social order. There is a certain freedom which comes from always being blamed as wrong or the cause of every ill. When one is always wrong, one ceases to care knowing that they will be judged wrong anyway, so one does as one pleases because the outcome is already preordained. If white men are always racist, then they eventually stop caring and charges of racism lose their power.

Also, the more special conditions the left places upon the social order to reorganize it to their benefit, the more the interests of these myriad groups collide with each other to humorous effect for conservatives. Environmental demands for more windmills collides with animal rights environmental activists witnessing the slaughter of endangered birds being chopped up by these windmills. White gays have clashed with black gays over the issue of determining which group is the most oppressed and deserving of special consideration. The entire identity politics regime becomes an exercise in futility because there is no way to quantitatively measure which group is more oppressed and it is counterproductive to even try.

Human advancement does not happen when humans are fighting over their differences and the hierarchy of special treatment. Human advancement comes when humans work together in a spirit of cooperation dependent upon the emphasis of common interests, objectives, and shared experiences. Contrary to the liberal dogma of diversity, it is not our differences which strengthen America, but our similarities and shared experiences. During a natural disaster, Americans don’t help each other out based on differences, but based upon the shared need of other Americans for help.

By constantly emphasizing the differences between the various segregated groupings into which the radical regressive Democrats have subdivided Americans to create agitation and nurture grievances, these community organizers created in the image of radical leftist Saul Alinsky have so abused the fabric of American society as to leave it worn and frayed. Sure, Democrats have had some electoral success employing identity politics, but at the cost of alienating Americans from each other and diverting attention from more pressing problems which have nothing to do with group differences. Creating robust cybersecurity solutions to protect online commerce benefits all Americans regardless of group identity, but it is an issue which has been woefully under addressed.

I would point out that Barack Obama’s election in 2009 has less to do with identity politics and more to do with Obama presenting himself as a blank slate upon which Americans could project their individual fantasies of him as president. Socialist snowflakes could imagine Obama to be a president providing free goodies, while radical regressives could imagine him advancing the regressive agenda, and Americans tired of the racial animus long stirred by the Democrats could imagine him finally bringing racial healing that would put the past behind us. In reality, Obama turned out to be caustic for race relations and interested more in hobnobbing with the one percent on permanent vacation at taxpayer expense, but he did manage to advance the radical regressive agenda much further than even they hoped. Along the way, his administration was marked by constant scandal, and he abused the power of the federal government to harass his political enemies, spy on ordinary Americans, and promote the interests of Shiite Iran to the detriment of Mideast stability.

The election of Donald Trump highlighted the fact that Americans were rejecting the identity politics of the Democrats, but the overwhelming rejection of Hillary Clinton due to being mistrusted by Americans because of her long history of scandal and being a poor political candidate who could not connect with ordinary Americans overshadowed this point. Americans are tuning out mainstream media in part because they are aware of the fake news bias of the media, but also because they are tired of the constant negative news which saps their energy and leaves them despondent. Americans tuned in with vigor during the aftermaths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to watch uplifting stories of Americans coming to the assistance of other Americans. This shift in media consumption should have been a watershed moment for the political class to observe that Americans disgusted with negative biased news will respond to the news when it features positive, uplifting stories.

A nation sick of negativity longs for positive portrayals that reinforce us as a people with shared values, yet the Democrats are doubling down on identity politics. In this, they misread the results of recent elections such as the Virginia governor’s race. Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie not because Virginia voters were rejecting President Trump, but because the failure of the Republican Congress to fulfill promises they’ve made for the past eight years has left Republican voters unenthusiastic about voting. Democrats are turning out because they are united in their hatred of President Trump and motivated to vote. Republicans have watched as Congress, finally under Republican control and able to fulfill the promises they’ve made since 2009, wallow in inaction mired by petty infighting. Republicans who worked hard and voted to return control of Congress to Republicans are left wondering why they bothered. This is why Northam beat Gillespie in Virginia.

What Americans really rejected with the election of President Trump was the establishment notion of having to win at all costs without offering a reason why they had to win other than to prevent the other side from winning. These appeals have especially rang hollow as Americans have come to the realization that the establishment spans both parties and melds both into a party of big government fundamentally opposed to the ideas put forth in the Constitution meant to protect Americans. Republican inability to repeal Obamacare revealed that the Republican establishment was as committed to success of Obamacare as the Democrat establishment. When it came down to it, establishment Republicans might as well just be Democrats for all the difference it has made.

It turns out that establishment Republicans have been practicing their own brand of identity politics all along. Where the Democrats focus on race and sexual orientation, the establishment Republicans focus on moderate and conservative. The establishment Republican leadership has long been openly at war with conservatives, and conservatives’ embrace of Candidate Trump exposed them as willing to support Hillary Clinton against their own nominee rather than accept that conservatives were calling the shots in the nomination process. Conservatives are loathed by the establishment GOP leadership, and Steve Bannon is absolutely correct in his assessment of the situation and his willingness to fight back on behalf of conservatives.

Democrat promotion of identity politics reinforced by tacit establishment Republican endorsement is destroying the social fabric of America. Left unchecked, this destruction of the social fabric will lead to increased fraying of the social order as Americans begin to increasingly ignore the rule of law. The corrupt cover ups protecting the Clintons and Obamas send the message to Americans that there are different rules for those with wealth and powerful political connections. Americans begin to ignore the rule of law figuring that if the rich can get away with it, why then should they be suckers and obey the rules. After law and order break down, then society falls into the chaos of survival of the fittest and anarchy rules.

Anarchy and chaos is a steep price to pay for an electoral strategy which has very little to show in the way of success. It may help keep blacks elected in majority minority districts, and it may be useful as a distraction from the failure of Democrats to produce creative solutions to the complex problems faced by America, but it doesn’t do so well as an actual national electoral strategy. America is still 72.4% white according to the 2010 Census, and alienating such a large bloc of voters is not a recipe for electoral success, regardless of what the pollsters are selling. Identity politics is a destructive force whose downside potential far outweighs any upside potential it may be believed to possess. Americans are signaling that they are tired of identity politics and the destruction it brings to the social fabric, but the political class continues refusing to hear the message.

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