Erasing History

The erasing of history is a characteristic of leftist totalitarian dictatorships used to reprogram their people much like computer memory is erased prior to reprogramming, and the intolerant left continues its march to erase American history by attacking Southern heritage with the removal of Confederate monuments scattered across the South.

The left began laying the groundwork for its current attack on history calling for the removal of Confederate monuments several decades ago with the intentional blurring of the history behind the Civil War. The genesis of the Civil War is a complicated subject which has filled multiple volumes seeking to understand the circumstances which led America to war with itself, but those on the left began reducing the conflict to the impossibly simplistic soundbite of it being only about slavery despite the historical revelation that it was a conflict over states’ rights, specifically the right of states to freely separate from the union they had previously freely joined.

The burning question of the day in the decade leading up to the Civil War was, of course, the issue of slavery and whether the United States would continue to condone its existence in a nation founded upon equality and freedom. Several states which depended economically upon slavery sought its continued practice and defended it upon economic grounds seeing its loss as threatening their very way of life. Those in the North were mostly ambivalent about slavery as much northern wealth was derived through the textiles manufactured with the cotton produced in the South through slave labor. There were those who bitterly protested slavery as the inhuman and degrading institution it was and is, and these protesters existed both in the North and the South.

As the country wrestled with the issue of slavery, it was hobbled with politicians lacking the courage to address the slave issue definitively. This resulted in a political stalemate which saw each political party occupying the same portion of the political spectrum. Neither party, Democrat or Whig, was willing to completely abolish slavery, nor were they willing to completely embrace slavery either. Slavery was a divisive topic which stirred deep emotions on both sides, and politicians were fearful of antagonizing the wrath of voters by taking a deliberate stand one way or the other. Congress offered middle-of-the-road solutions such as the Missouri Compromise and the Kansas Nebraska Act which sought to push the decision down to the state level and kick the can down the road.

The Republican Party was born out of this political stalemate when the Whig Party disbanded after refusing to renominate President Millard Fillmore to another term in favor of General Winfield Scott. Formed in 1856, the GOP nominated former Illinois State Senator Abraham Lincoln in 1860 to the consternation of the slave lobby which feared Lincoln would act unilaterally to abolish slavery and jeopardize their economy. Upon Lincoln’s election, several Southern states announced their secession from the Union, followed by several more later when hostilities broke out. Though perhaps unlikely given the passion of the issue and the unfolding of events, a political solution was possible up until the time when South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter as Lincoln had not made a move to abolish slavery and probably would never have done so despite professing his belief that it should be abolished. Lincoln was forced to defend the Union with the attack on Fort Sumter, but would have preferred to find a political solution to the slave issue.

While slavery was certainly the catalyst for the Civil War, the primary issue involved was whether states which had freely joined the Union were free to leave whenever they so desired. The Southern states desired to leave the Union to preserve the institution of slavery, while President Lincoln maintained that once a territory became a state, it was bound to the Union in perpetuity and could not freely leave. The Civil War put to rest the issue of whether states could freely leave the Union they had previously freely joined through the loss of many American lives and the destruction of much wealth. The aftermath of the Civil War is still very much felt throughout the South, and its suffering is designed to remind other states of the incalculable costs of attempting to separate from or impose their will on the federal government.

The left’s campaign to redefine the history surrounding the Civil War has made it impossible to assert the historical truth that the issue of states’ rights was the question it sought to settle and implanted in the minds of Americans the oversimplified notion that it was all about slavery when the slave issue was an ancillary issue. The racial identity politics practiced by the Democrat Party and the regressive movement controlling that party have fanned the flames of racial animosity to the point where not even Dr. King himself could calm the racial divide were he alive today. His notion of a world where color went unseen was quickly hijacked by those surrounding him like Jesse Jackson who turned the Civil Rights struggle into a lucrative racketeering operation shaking down corporations for contributions.

The Democrat Party, responsible for enacting the Jim Crow laws which kept blacks down and which controlled the South for decades erecting obstacles to black participation economically and socially, latched on to black voters in the wake of President Herbert Hoover’s betrayal of blacks following the Great Flood of 1927 when blacks were pressed into work gangs to build levees to stem the flooding of the Mississippi River and Hoover broke his promise to help them when he became president. Democrat Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights bills, and then launched the Great Society to sow government dependence throughout black communities leading to the problems of generational welfare dependence and breakup of families that continues to plague the black community today.

All of the left’s rewriting of history benefited it then and continues to benefit it today. As the left recedes from its high water mark under former President Obama, it does so kicking and screaming while lashing out violently at any American resisting its radical worldview. Conservative voters in America overwhelmingly rejected the radical agenda of the left in 2016, and the left refuses to accept that their collectivist policies are unpopular with voters. The lesson mistakenly gleaned by the left is that bastions of conservatism still existing in America must be broken up for Democrats to reach an electoral plurality. Their assault on these bastions of conservatism began under the Obama administration with the radical social experimentation foisted upon the military to break down morale through official acceptance of homosexuality and the promotion of wasteful environmental programs such as development of expensive biofuel alternatives and elevation of global warming as a primary military threat.

Another bastion of conservatism under attack is the South with its traditionally conservative base. Southerners dumped the Democrat Party quicker than greased lightning when it became apparent the radical regressives had taken over the party and moved it to the far left in opposition to the beliefs and traditions of the South. The solid Democrat South morphed into the solid Republican South in just a few election cycles as Southerners rejected homosexual marriage, open borders, and identity politics in favor of limited government, small business protection, and individual rights. Southerners, having suffered through a Civil War and the heavy hand of federal government oversight known as Reconstruction, naturally don’t like government intrusion or being spied upon. We keep to ourselves and prefer the government to keep its hands off of us.

Having distorted the history behind the Civil War sufficiently so as to distort perception, the left is now coming after Civil War monuments with a vengeance to erase Southern heritage in the hopes of making Southerners a little more compliant. Their campaign is designed to shame Southerners of their heritage by casting the Civil War as a doomed cause with no moral foundation. This would be true if their premise of the Civil War being fought over slavery were the truth, but it is not since the actual reason for hostilities was over the issue of states’ rights.

Americans across the country are alarmed by the increasing power of the federal government and the inability of anyone to challenge its power which has become oppressive to the common citizen. The issue of states’ rights is more pertinent than ever since the states are the only entity capable of challenging the unchecked power of the federal government to run roughshod over us citizens. The left can’t have Southerners identifying the current struggle over states’ rights with the Civil War, so they must erase the real reason behind the Civil War and shame the South into never bringing it up, much like they resort to calling anyone opposed to their agenda a racist to shut down debate. They label any Southerner opposed to removal of Confederate monuments an extremist white separatist instead of the truth that most of us are just ordinary people who don’t want to see the local Confederate monument removed under the false pretenses of the left.

We in the South have been ridiculed, labeled, and misunderstood by Yankees since the Revolutionary War, and there isn’t a dumber person in the world than a damn Yankee trying to tell us what we should believe. It galls us to no end to have these paid agitators come down here to remove monuments they have no clue about all while hiding the fact that after they’re done with us, they intend to move on to monuments of Washington and Jefferson in their quest to erase all of American history. Race relations were doing pretty well in America until Obama was elected and unleashed his communist community organizing mindset on the country. Suddenly, everything wrong with the country was the fault of white people while blacks could do no wrong, and we now have black thugs attacking whites in knock out games and criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown celebrated as black martyrs when most black people would be afraid to encounter them on the street.

The history of the Twentieth Century is rife with examples of communist totalitarian despots burning books, murdering intellectuals, and erasing history to more easily enslave their people. After all, a people which can’t remember a time of ever fighting back for freedom is a lot less likely to begin fighting back since they have no frame of reference of such resistance being successful. So, the left tears down Confederate monuments on the false pretext of eliminating racism while chipping away at the heritage they mistakenly believe is the basis for conservatism in the South, while other Americans nod approvingly not knowing they’ve been misled about the history of the South and not suspecting that the left is coming after them next. The left always goes after the least defensible first in their campaigns of terror. Adolf Hitler first went after the mentally ill and the infirmed before turning his attention to the Jews. Note: Hilter was the leader of the Nation Socialist German Workers Party, better known as the Nazi Party, which was not a far right group as the left would have you believe, but a far left group competing with the communists for the same group of supporters, which is why they hated the communists so much.

By erasing American history, the left has manipulated blacks into supporting the Democrat Party which once violently suppressed them while obfuscating the reason blacks first came to vote Democrat, and obfuscated the actual issues leading to the Civil War to more easily denigrate the South by portraying Southerners as ignorant racists not worthy of understanding or sympathy. Those groups easily denigrated by the left are ostracized and ignored by the majority in a process of divide and conquer politics. When history is erased and forgotten, there no longer exist references to truth and the left is free to rewrite history to suit its particular narrative. We watch Confederate monuments being dismantled while being told they are racist symbols and forgetting the history of failed appeasement which is manipulated by the left to enable the incremental advance of its agenda.

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